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Yearning for the Grotesque

"Yearning for the Grotesque" (2003)

1. Wormeaten
2. Devourer of the Dead
3. Pale Red Blood
4. Sick Sick Sex
5. Daddy Stew
6. I Feel Good... Eating Human Flesh
7. Foetivorous Marriage
8. Morbid Chef
9. Cadaver Decapitado
10. Decrepit Sigh

1. Wormeaten

Sunk into a beautiful dream
longer than i've ever been
it is so cool and pleasant
I wish this would never end.

I feel warm and comfortable
even a nice tickling inside of me
Never had this kind of sensations
It's like dreaming with my open eyes.

But something weird is going on
It is so real
For some reason I can't move.
I'm inside a coffin!!

I ignore why I am here
perhaps a catatonic state
My family thought I was dead
For how long have I been here?

Now I know what those ticklers are
and that warm feeling
Worms are nibbling at my entrails
I'm being eaten alive!!

I want to scream but I have no strength
My lungs are completely devoured
I think my only living organ is my brain
perhaps they're saving it for dessert.

I don't know what I did during my life
To deserve such a painful death
My silent screams of agony
are tortured moans, music for the worms.

I can even smell the stench
of my own decomposing organs
My arms and legs have disappeared
Soon my corpse will be no more


Wormeaten...Wormeaten (x3)

2. Devourer of the Dead

Entering the cemetary like a furtive hunter
Hiding in the shadows where nobody can see me
Stalking out the tombs, the most recent ones
The smell of fresh cadavers helps me on my search.

Digging six feet under, working over night
Waiting for a treasure made of flesh and bones
Atrocious desire for decaying corpses
Necrocannibalistic feast right before dawn.

Carrion is my delight
Putrid reek I enjoy
Devourer of the dead (x2)

Coagulated blood, I masticate
Livid sweet eyeballs are my fave
Red meat from the kness, of godly taste
Rotting genitals, what I eat last.

Hacking up the rests to bring them home
There shall be no remains left for the worms.

(solo-Oliver Phillips)

Repeat verses above in reverse order except 1.

3. Pale Red Blood

Liquid of life of great value
Highly curative, bringer of strength
Heals my wounds and keeps me alive
Divine elixir but addictive.

Pale red blood

Unlike a vampire, I hate warm blood
I'm not a sucker, i'm not a leech
I dig fresh blood on a cold chalice
Slowly tasting its subtle flavour.

Pale red blood

It purifies my soul
and makes me feel strong
I believe I am above
of the average human
I don't need to kill
Not even soil my hands
I find it vulgar and crude
Others will do it for me.

Addicted to blood I am, with no remorse
You can call me a modern vampire, I don't care
But I am not a stupid bat or a count
I just want to satisfy my bloody thirst.


repeat verses 1 and 2 in reverse order.

4. Sick Sick Sex

I've always been a quiet guy
An introverted personality
Never had a really close friend
I'm difficult to deal with.

Because of this my sexuality
has always been a utopia
But in my inner self
I felt uncontrollable desires.

I want sex!!
At any cost!!
Penetrating a cadaver
right after disembowelment
Still feeling her warmy blood
in contrast to her cold skin.

Embracing that inert body
Feasting on entrails
Sodomizing all her cavaties
Pure gore insanity.

Sick sick sex... sick!!!!!!

(repeat all)

5. Daddy Stew

When mommy died the family had to continue
Years passed and daddy got a new hot girlfriend
The two sons were not satisfied with the situation
Life at home was getting tensed and unbearable.

The poor girl was a victim
The brothers were tracing a plan to make her life a hell
Submitting her to a psychic torture
until her nerves could not resist and get her leaving home.

And they did succeed; her nerves exploded
But not the way they wanted her to
Then she became a twisted psychopath
Thinking of a way to make them pay.

Cooking a daddy stew.

To celebrate thier dad's birthday she stabbed him
One stab for each year he has lived, namely fourty four
She cut his body off into countless bits and made a stew
Then she served it to the two brothers who ate it well.

(repeat verses 2 and 3)

6. I Feel Good... Eating Human Flesh

Voracity for human flesh
It's something I can't help
Forbidden pleasure not for the weak
I get stronger with every bit.

The vision of a cadaver
Unleashes my atrocious hunger
I devour it with anxiety
I can't resist this delicacy.

"Pleasures for the flesh"
is not just a phrase
It has a meaning for me
I really enjoy that meat.

I feel good.....eating human flesh!!!


I've never felt stronger
Since I eat human meat
Addicted to cannibalism
That's what I am

I feel good....eating human flesh!!!


Human goulash, my favourite dish
And a good female roasted rib
Children's meat is tender and sweet
I'm proud to be an anthropophagus

I feel good....eating human flesh!!!

7. Foetivorous Marriage

The passion for cannibalism was their mutual like
Two twin souls that found a common way
They got married with the aim of procreating
Countless children to satisfy their needs.

Severed child sawn into two
Its micro-brain for a mousse
Its extremeties are like hot-wings
Its intestines are for croquettes.

They had to beget a new child every six months
Time enough to get a tasty foetus
In the meantime they had to feed themselves like normal humans
But every six months they had a gourmet foetus dinner.

Unstoppable yearning
Carnivorous lust
Infanticidal instincts
Foetivorous marriage

(repeat verse 2)

Toasty foetus on a grill of salty, crispy texture
Delicious tender meat from the ribs, tex-mex styled
There was not too much meat on such a small creature
But as always good things, if brief, twice as good.

In their behaviours there couldn't be any criminal act
Since nobody would ever know she was pregnant.

(repeat verse 4)

8. Morbid Chef

Chef in a restaurant
of the highest class
Refined gourmet.

He was responsible
of choosing the food
they had to use

He had a special secret related to meat
He personally was taking care of it.

The restaurant was famous for its meat
People came just to eat its steak tartar
Nobody knew the special touch that this chef
was putting on to achieve such a flavour.

Meat balls, muffled brain, sirloin in sauce, human kebab
Marinaded ribs, hamburgers, bilis cream, tongue stew.

Sadistic mind, perverse menu, morbid chef.

The more people ate
The more often they returned
And they didn't know why.

It was so delicious
that it was really worth
to pay any amount.

Human meat is an addictive drug
Once you've eaten a bit you won't resist anymore.


Meat balls, muffled brain, sirloin in sauce, human kebab
Marinaded ribs, hamburgers, bilis cream, tongue stew.

Sadistic mind, perverse menu, morbid chef.

9. Cadaver Decapitado

Cadaver decapitado

Asesino compulsivo
Sin razón para matar
Era como un deporte
Se tenia que realizar
Buscando una presa con toda frialdad
Pensando una muerte con gran crueldad
Con un hacha en su mano tiene que esperar
Un golpe certero tiene que asestar.

Cadaver decapitado

Atacando por la espalda
Hachazo en la cervical
Cuerpo paralizado
Fácil de rematar
Heridode muerte, sin poder gritar.
Un destino fatal
Casi sin parar, le volvió a asestar.
Con saòa brutal.

Peustos de rodillas
Le iba a ejecutar
De un solo golpe
Le iba a decapitar
Sentia el poder y superioridad que
Le daba su hacha
Sin dejar de jadear, no podía frenar
Su ansia de matar
Peustos de rodillas
Le iba a ejecutar
De un solo golpe
Le iba a decapitar
Sin pensario dos veces se la iba a cortar
Lleno de sangre el disfrutaba
Un sentimiento de felicidad
Tenía su trofeo, era su cabeza!!

Cadaver decapitado.

10. Decrepit Sigh

Darkness surrounds me
In my sorrowful agony
I feel my death is near
And it's corroding my mind.

Tormented thoughts
Invades my head
The final day has come to me
I just have to wait
Laid down on my bed waiting
for my final breath
I have no strength to control
my dismal thoughts of demise.

Certain death
Dark decay
In peace I die
Slowly I rot.

My body is passing away
But my soul still remains
It is just longing for
my last decrepit sigh.

(repeat all verses)



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