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Embalmed In Blood

"Embalmed In Blood" (1992 Demo)

1. Denial (Intro)
2. Unconscious Pleasure
3. Clandestinely Autopsied

1. Denial (Intro)

2. Unconscious Pleasure

A Travel Of Pleasure,
Uncontainable Desire
He Couldn't Resist,
And She Started To Suck
Climax To The Limit,
Control Starts To Miss

Unconscious Of The Danger
Their Minds Are Flying Away
Responsibility And Pleasure
Two Incompatible Terms
The Car Is Going To Crash
There's No Time To React
A Violent Accident, Cut Off Their Lives

Spared Pieces Of Flesh
Totally Calcinated
Nothing Was Recognizable

But Right After The Autopsy
Everything Was Cleared Up
She Died By Asphyx
And His Dick Was Out Of Place

3. Clandestinely Autopsied

Clandestinely Exhumed After Midnight
A Cryptic Autopsy Is Being Performed
The Corpse Is Lied On The Gravestone
Semi-Decomposed And Deformed

Inexpert Hand Starts A Deep Insection
Avulsing The Bowels Full Of Maggots
The Digestive Tract Is Sliced In Sections
Pus Flows From His Open Wounds

Torso Is Mangled, Eyes Are Removed
Gangrened Cavities, Brutally Bursted
Carved Abdomen, Cut In Two

A Repulsive Odour Infects The Air
And Gases Arise From The Effervescing Entrails

Cadaveric Substances Embalm His Flesh
It Has Been Fermenting For Years Of Decay

The Stench Of The Carcass Doesn't Nauseate Him
('Cause) Being A Good Pathologist Is His Dream

Organ By Organ, Meticulously Extirpated
How He Studied
Member By Member, Extremities Are Displaced
Sawed And Hacked

The Corpse Is Now Fully Dismembered
His Guts Extended All Over The Grave
Severed Limbs Piled Up In The Casket
The Ground Strewn With Bits Of Flesh

The "Class" Has Ended Before Daybreak
And He Goes Away Without A Trace
All Rests Are Now Entombed Again
And The Corpse Rests...


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