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Mute Boy, Sad Girl

"Mute Boy, Sad Girl" (2002)

1. Mute Boy Sad Girl
2. It Never Felt Like This Before
3. The Nature of Music
4. Can't Save Anyone
5. Kiss My Fear Away
6. I Am Water
7. Cold
8. A Crow on My Shoulder
9. Shells and Butterflies

1. Mute Boy Sad Girl

A mute boy and a sad girl
Have written letters they couldnít read
A mute boy and a sad girl
Have sung together two different songs

ďI didnít tell you that I was really scared
but I just fell deeper without sharing my sorrows.
You couldnít reach me and I couldnít reach you.
We slept on the same ground but we didnít notice anything.Ē

Mute boy Sad girl / Mute girl Sad boy
Mute boy Sad girl flew away like sparks

A mute boy and a sad girl
Their ways have parted - itís better now
A mute boy and a sad girl
Maybe there is a chance to sing one song

ďLove is a queery place and sometimes I wonder why
all our deepest yearnings lead us there
though we know that weíll fail again and againÖĒ

(Eldron, 26.8 2001)

2. It Never Felt Like This Before

You canít hear me speak
Ďcause I am mute
I hide too many things
I need a place to hope
I need your help to hope again

You see a laughing boy
This is not true - only a mirage
I canít conceal my fear
I have to be sincere

There is no way to forget
I broke your heart when I ran away
You didnít know what to do
I was only a stupid boy

When I look back now
I never felt so bad
To know that Iíve hurt you
Is worse than to break
Is worse than everything

Somehow I think my sparks are cold and useless
I play a role in a sad movie scene - a sad movie scene

Iím so afraid of myself
Iím so afraid of being here
I say sorry but itís not enough
Iím so afraid of losing my thoughts

(Eldron, August 2001)

3. The Nature of Music

Music is drifting
On invisable roads
Music is shelter
When your walls are grey again

Say, what do you feel when you listen to
a floating wave of moments
Say, what do you hear when youíre alone
and the party is over

Music is naked
While you sing
Music is a cure
For a futile conversation

(Eldron, 4.10.2001)

4. Can't Save Anyone

I thought it was over but it never will be
Thereís always something left in the air - a blink of you
Too many nights we spent together
Too many secrets we told each other
I wonít forget your look when everything was dead again
for a while, for a minute

Canít save anyone
I have tried to tell you that Iím too sad and scared
Canít save any sun
You have tried to do the same but I wasnít there

Do you remember when we laid on our balcony
The flowing sound of music all around
A perfect easiness
A perfect moment to trust

(Eldron, 31.8.2001)

5. Kiss My Fear Away

A wintry morning
Only me alone
Alone with unmourned thoughts
They couldnít speak anymore

A silent afternoon
Far, I heard your voice
And whispering snow
Fell like an elegy

O calmest sleep - kiss my fear away

A peaceful evening
I was engrossed in self-oblivion
I couldnít weep anymore

A brooding ode to the night
Of raging agony
It was bleak and cold
I couldnít laugh anymore

Those sufferings I have shed for you
Will cry as bleeding memories
I dream to burn this incureable song
But how could I ever live again?

(Eldron, December 1999)

6. I Am Water

There are days I feel as tired as the oldest man
An empty shadow in the park
I am a raindrop swimming on the window pane
Itís always the same dull pain

Iím just here to drown

Before I go to sleep I try to think of something good
A permanent ocean and you

I am water
You only have to dive into me
I am water
My mute heart - a singing wave

Tomorrow is another chance to say nothing again
Someone could find me in the park

Am I just here to drown?

(Eldron, 3.9.2001)

7. Cold

Your back was turned
Curled like an embryo
Take another face
You will be blessed again
I was cold as I mouthed the words
And crawled across the mirror
I wait
Await the next breath
Your name
Like ice into my heart

A shallow grave
A monument for the ruined age
Ice in my eyes
And eyes like ice donít move
Screaming at the moon
Another past time
Your name
Like ice into my heart

Everything as cold as ice
Can no one save you?
Everything as cold as silence
And you will never say a word

Your name like ice into my heart

8. A Crow on My Shoulder

You said Ďhelloí
Your amorous voice - sounding dew
Floating upstairs with a kiss in mind
You found me distant

I was a ghost - invisible boy

You said Ďit is so coldí
And you were right all the time
We slept in a shivering bed
To break at last

I was a ghost - invisible boy

Thereís a crow on my shoulder
And a void in my head
Thereís a crow on my shoulder
I canít love while Iím dead

(Eldron, 10.9.01)

9. Shells and Butterflies

Warm ocean
My feet in the sand
Swirling motion
Round salty water

Tonight Iíll save you

Shells and butterflies
Feel the ocean
Intoxicating photograph
of emotion
A filtered moment

Feel the wide ocean
My voice in the water

(Eldron, 21.9.2001)


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