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"Bleak" (2000)

1. Someone's Picture
2. I Shiver
3. Scared
4. Bleak
5. So Close Yet So Far
6. Bruderseele
7. The Wind and the Broken Girl
8. Thoughts by a Weary Man's Side
9. ...and We Fall

1. Someone's Picture

A misty chamber for a broken self
Whose world lies shattered on the floor
He has no friends just a grey-blue chair
His mind is focused on the wall
"desperation and gloominess
nerves are numb...fragments of a fettered sun"
There is someone who stays in the plain house
Like a pale weathered shade behind windows
There is someone who sees cruel pictures
While he walks down the road dead tired
He's waiting there for an end to come
It's so unjust that he can't leave
The aching tune of his solitude
Will always whisper through that night
"a mirror to wonder...words won't save me
flattering darkness...fragments of a fading light"

2. I Shiver

I shiver at the very thought
That you could leave this quiet room
Without a word of hope or a memory
Has it always to end in this way?
If I heard the sound of weary steps
I would think you would never wake again
All through those nights and fretful nightmares
A tightrope walker glided on my tongue

3. Scared

I sleep on a thin drowning rope
To burn inside the fragile sea
I saw you fall many days
My nights were cruel - windless boughs
To you I wrote fevered rhymes
Oppressive sounds inspired me
I am...
...scared of a moment that won't come
...scared of a landscape draped with clouds
...scared of a wilted envelope
...scared of your poem's parting verse

4. Bleak

My mind is bleak and toneless are these walls
Moments are passing by like trains that never stop
I think without a thought but somehow I think after all
The breath of nightly calm would cure my tumbling heart
You'd be frightened if you were here
To embrace my life - has to sear
The shore remains unmoved
By those rousing cries that are flirting with sleep
I've wandered to find
But still, still I'm not there
A journey so infinite
And still, still I'm not there
You'd be frightened if you were here
To encourage - life has to sear

5. So Close Yet So Far

Visit yourself and tell me how you feel
Always I knew what you meant but now I don't know
I see the trembling veil of your soul and tears that never dry...never
Woe is me - sometimes I can't sleep at all
So close - the distance still grows
And sickness, our foe, still blows
I noticed your fragile thoughts and stars that changed their colours
We sat together so far far away
Yesterday I sang a melody of autumn
In your hearse we'll rest tonight
Tränensaat am Seelengrab
Das Leben zerrinnt
Ein Tropfen im Wind
Narbenworte, Bruderpein
Ach! Wer errät mein trübes Sein?
So close...yet so far...yet so far...

6. Bruderseele

Die Stimme ist gebrochen
Noch gestern tönte sie in warmen Wogen
Das Flammenwort entschlafen
Noch gestern berührte es wie Honigwein
Sein Glanz ist längst erloschen
Die Seele müde und unsagbar schwer
Er sah Dein Herz erkalten
Und mit ihm bunte Flammengartenwelten
Dein Licht ward ein Zauberquell
Das stumm im Felsensumpf versiegte
Sein Glanz ist längst erloschen
Die Seele müde und unsagbar schwer
Ich weine seine Tränen
Sein Honigwort soll mich wie Gold durchfließen
Sein Lied wird mich durchtönen
Er ist nicht tot doch Trauer lähmt den Atem
Sein Glanz scheint längst erloschen
Die Seele müde und unsagbar schwer
Es ist des Bruders Seele
Die wehmutsvoll durch meine Worte strömte
Aus schmerzgekröntem Wundengold
Wird einst sein Feuer auferstehen

7. The Wind and the Broken Girl

Your days are sleepy
Worn out and pale
Few clouds will disappear out of the blue
You touch the window pane
The rain feels dry
Your fingers kiss my brow out of the blue
A shade of streetlight
Is watching you
You give me a smile out of the blue
Your eyes tell me your tale of woe
So sad and deep that I can't go
Or do you want me to leave you again?
The grey chords of end
Are sounding nigh
And if they stroke you out of the blue...
I know it's late now
You don't let me in
A chilling butterfly - out of the blue

8. Thoughts by a Weary Man's Side

It won't be darker
Everyone told me
It won't be darker
A flowery phrase
Some friends are leaving
They simply go to sleep
And shaking darkness
Slowly ripening
I saw a weary man
He watched the playground
Where children dreamed of things he used to dream of...
"One says that every sort of human being loses, after reaching
a certain age, his ability to see
The world with amazing eyes. But who can maintain this without the knowledge,
Without the wisdom of infinity? We're still dazzling ourselves with
sparks of ignorance.
I won't go that way!"
I saw the weary man
He turned his heart away from the playground
He looked so sad - as sad as me

9. ...and We Fall

This world will end for a second
And noises all disappear
The sound of lonely raindrops
I'll whisper away your fear
...and we fall, we fall through endless nights
we glide on manifold seas
...and we dream, we dream together now
the boughs are weaving the trees


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