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On The Verge Of Existence

"On The Verge Of Existence" (2003)

1. On The Verge Of Existence
2. We Were Born To Mourn
3. Agonizing (instrumental)
4. Hope
5. Yourself
6. Wedding
7. Outro

1. On The Verge Of Existence

I still see the lightÖ

So far awayÖ

I still wait for somethingÖ

Somebody maybe comesÖ

The sounds are so hollow

But I still hear the songÖ

The hope croons

Some sorrowful melody

Somewhere, far awayÖ

The door in front of me

With the key in my hand

I oldgrew my cold prison

My hindrance is my body

And now onto the ruins

Throwing of the heavy yoke

I paint with my blood

This sorrowful elegy

Somewhere, far away

Far away from meÖ

2. We Were Born To Mourn

Mourning tears

Of Gloomy sky fall

On the blood-soaked

Agonizing Motherland

Eternal marks of our existence

Right of God is to judge

Slowly falls the night

The night maybe falls, for ever

On the bank of dried lake

Sad shadows walk

By the runned dry spring

With tears in the eyes they stand

Flames in the dark night

Would show me the way

But they slowly vanish

In the dense haze

We were born to mourn

To forget the past

To bury the future

To fight the battle

That settled very long ago...

3. Agonizing (instrumental)

4. Hope

In the heart of far away forest

Atop sheer cliffÖ

Cold dark caveÖ

The soundless little birdÖ

You still believes in HerÖ

You cherish Her and She sustains you

You look after Her, She is the only one

But no songs for a long whileÖ

Only deceives, sustaines you!

Rainbow on the cloudy skyÖ

You long waited for thisÖ

You admire its beautiful colours

You old memories loom out.

Pictures, lights, dreams, memories

Bleeding from hundred wounds dying soul

Facts, the lost years

Are hurting and howling!

Prayers, requests, sighs, questions

Road, that brings you around

Each round takes deeper

Each round getting heavier

The rainbow on the sky

Is only a false illusionÖ

The Sun hides behind the hills

Later the Moon follows Her

It passes unnoticed

That they chase the time

Faster and faster

And every night you beleive in

That the Sun rises the dip down again

They take your present like this to the past

To the pastÖ

5. Yourself

I am the force

Which slumbers in your body

Iím the creek

Which swells into a stream

Iím the sunlight

Which gives life

Iím the source

Which slakes your thirsty

But Iím the morbus too

Which defeats your body

And Iím the fire

Which burns down the Earth

But Iím the water too

Which extinguishes the fire

I am the end

And Iím the beginning

I am the memory

You canít forget

Iím the breeze

You canít touch yet

Iím the star

You never can reach

And Iím the apple

You canít taste

But Iím the serpent

Who leads you into sin

And Iím the evil

Who lives in you

But Iím the good to

Who will help you

Iím the Death

And Iím the life

Iím the bird

Which never can fly

Iím the pleasure

And Iím the sorrow

I'm the weapon

Which attacks you!

But Iím the hope

Which sustains you

And Iím the world too

Which gives solace to you

But Iím the devil

Who just plays with you

Iím the God

Who is inside you!!!

6. Wedding

The long-awaited day...

The fate has assigned us to each other

A black veil falls on

To your snow-white body

The blood of our love

Drops to your fresh breast

Your ravishing wreath

Was made of fading flowers


Still itís magnificient


Anyway itís exquisite

The long-awaited day...

The fate has assigned us to each other

Sorrowful willows

Fall on us in a protective way

Itís getting dark!

On the altar of the nature

Our naked body

Our bloodstained love

Deadly Eroticism

Bloody Wedding!

Our writhing body at the wedding night

Our dark soul is lengthening

Weíre tearing into each other furyously

This hurt

Is so ravishing

This hurt

Is so beautiful

Your cold glance...

Your embrace brings Death

Your blood is bleeding on my face

And you want mine

Satanic orgasm

Itís so wonderful

Delicious, Bloody Eroticism

7. Outro


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