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Smoking Black Alien Acid God

"Smoking Black Alien Acid God" (2001 Demo)

1. Smoking Jesus
2. Unblack
3. Alien Utopia
4. Biblical Acid
5. Paingod
6. The Great Satan

1. Smoking Jesus

Jesus got some dusted trees,
And went pretty fucking mad
Went psycho on the Pharisees
And said that he had...

To be...

Inhale to be Most High!
I AM...
Smokin' Jesus!
He's too damn stoned to die!

2. Unblack

See these ancient warriors,
ascending to war up above.
Eyes blackened with death's
heavy blood.

The Dead are gone!

See these rotted dieties,
Infernal Majesty,
as untrue as any god,
as false as Jehovah.

All gods are dead and gone!

See these evil worshippers.
Hear these hymns to sacred murder,
as insincere as any pose.

You do not believe.

Dead and gone.

3. Alien Utopia

Eternal war our state of existence
Maternal whore crushes all resistance
Just by our birth we cut a swath of gore
Right through this earth, putrid to the core

Rape Use Consume
Send planets to their doom
Destroy Ravage Move on
Silence the native song

Identify Analyse Evaluate
Crush Enslave Dominate
Destroy them from the sky
The gods of death they deify

Worship the rapists conquistadores from earth
No resistance can stop the gods of death

4. Biblical Acid

5. Paingod

Billions strapped down,
Screaming in worship throes,
Far beyond
Their highest pain thresholds.

Breath of my Censor
Drink My Blood
Witness My Light
Eat My Flesh
The still-born!

Billions exploited, chewed up, used,
Fucked to death, raped, and abused.
Machine of might and power
Churns out prayers to Pain... god.

6. The Great Satan


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