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Split EP

"Split EP" (1990 Split)

1. Sentenced to Death
2. The Awakening Of
3. Darkest Age
4. Etanolic Intoxication

1. Sentenced to Death

Here I'm sitting in this chair
strapped to it with my fear
Regret is a word I never heard
So, listen to my confession

Place I've burned
People I've killed
To me it don't say nothing

My life I've lived in hatred
A hatred towards mankind
Victims keep on screaming
Vision fills my mind

Living through aggression
Express myself with rage
Never kill for profit
A desire to destroy

Wherever I go I got to kill
Kill all the happiness
Destroy all the life, poeple with joy
And I don't even care

For this I've been punished
For this I've been damned
I see it's not easy to understand
Things that I've done,
always be wrong
So now I say goodbye

2. The Awakening Of

Time has come, we grow
Impatiently we hunger
We open our gleaming eyes
And from your troubles arise

Time has come, I've lost
All I wanted I took at any cost
Everything I loved is gone
Endless greed for wealth and power
For what use, my love of life
has been devoured
I spill a silent tear for
what's to be done

So be it, your existence
shall be mine
Soul departs from body
I will call you servant
and you call me divine
Inverted visions
In your watery eyes
Heed your fathers call
There's no need for any lies.
Time to die...

3. Darkest Age

Watch the Earth bleeding toxic from above
Factories puke out in this overflow
Dying forest, mother nature born to serve than die
All that suffer, leads til' death, our planet fry
A ship sank down, left a trace of oil
The water ran black it began to boil

Slowly I rot away, in this time of decay
It eats my nature from inside

Comes a reek of putrification
Time will tell when I turn the page
Arrives a reek of putrefaction
Time is dark like the darkest age

Into forbidden forest like a megadeathic holocaust
No air to breath, all fresh air is lost
Entombed and forgotten, pray for see tomorrow
Wake up dead, living corpse, exist in megasorrow
Who is the saviour before it's too late
World downfall shall attack with hate

Mother nature cries, scars in her face
Left a sign of death in this toxic trace
Death or dishonour, another life is taken
Megadeathic holocaust god has forsaken

4. Etanolic Intoxication


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