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"Sadiam" (1999 EP)

1. Beloved
2. To Hell
3. Sadiam
4. Home

1. Beloved

2. To Hell

... now my barbaric body
becomes an easy prey
to every wildanimal

and every wind
shall breath in the shadow
of every numbness tree
murmuring and whispering for his hideous sin

julia went down
down down to the ground

to hell and never coming back
to hell, julia went down she'll never return anymore

ablazed and graft down
and yet blossom as spring in its pride
with apples like condemned devil heads

and julia is no more
as she walked out the door
from which she'll never be returning
while she went down

now her soul is scald
in tartaros' streams
and feeds at hell' deadly tree,
beyond lethe, beyond bitterness fruit

demon's dwelling
in iron of hungry flames
her soul is seeking into orcus' sea of flames

julia went down
down down to the ground

3. Sadiam

when you feel like someone to rely on
and you feel like someone

who kissed the snake
ran away hid in the dark
for someone you relied on
who needed to run
for the hidden gun
in vain for the twisted one
in someone
then run

when everything is sad
and you don't know
whether you're alive or dead

cast the dies, burn the old wife,
choose life

4. Home

can you hear a man
hammering his face against the door?
he is to numb
to use his hands

can you see a man
trying to talk with his wife?
but she'll never let him in
"because she is f...... someone else"

i'm coming home

...the man invites her...
welcome to a new machine
welcome to a new beginning

...the wife invites him...
welcome to the final chapter of life
welcome to the final step of me
welcome to a life in hell

still home!!!

why can they never forgive?
why do i feel like a pig?
why is the world so cold?
why can't we greet a new morning?

did you see the man
falling down to the ground?
he was begging on his bleeding knees

did you cry the day
you couldn't feel me?
or are you still a (cynic) bitch
who will never forgive?

... did you ever feel the same sin like i did?...


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