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Dead Electric Nightmares

"Dead Electric Nightmares" (2002)

1. Black Heavy Cat
2. Metaphysical Electric
3. New God Rising
4. Martyr of Life
5. A Perfect Light
6. Watching, Falling, Breathing
7. Two Dice and a Silent Disguise
8. Causa Sui
9. Jack
10. Chains of God

1. Black Heavy Cat

Imagine the complications in our useless lifes
and the frustrations we're building
within our selfless tries
We’re consumed within our mediocre tears
and our minds are fucked for several years
You live you learn, so they say
But the lesson you have been told
remains the same every single day

But whenever you go out
destiny is at your back
sticks to you like a black heavy cat

We’re trying to make sense of absurd things
Bearing our burden on heavy wings
Gather all our joys and sorrows
but life is still completely shallow

We’re reaching out to cease the day
and climb the highest tree in big dismay
What drives us to improve?
What drives us to go on?

I don’t know
'cause tomorrow we'll be gone

Solo: Vestergaard
Solo: Broberg

2. Metaphysical Electric

Silently flew away
Away from sun, moon and big dismay
Away from earth and all the stupid people
Away from thoughts and all evil
Away from fruitless tries
Away from all the feeble lies

Round and round repeating in your head
Haunting memories nauseating your heart
Remembering the creeping pain of loss
Putting on a false smile
Trying to be the happy man you're not
Remembering the creeping pain of loss

Silently flew away
with the memory of a reckoning day
All life you have run from failure
Looked in every corner
for a friendly saviour
that could save just one day
and make your pain go away

Blessed are the sick, blessed are we

Solo: Vestergaard

Silently flew away
against the metaphysical spectre
Against a causa sui god
you believe will make you
completely electric

3. New God Rising

Greatest species on Mother Earth
were you and I
I greeted hallucinations
and you truly survived

I seek meaning of life

I walked wind and fire

We created a world so fertile
that we someday could feed
our forthcoming children
and later watch them bleed

I was fragile and naive
and comfortably numb present

I pinned a dead faith
to a lifeless yellow blessing
Forced the highest dignity
through a self-hand-made divinity
Who was Untouchable and mighty as a king
but weak as my sex and my sin

I was enlightened by fear
Capture of solemn tears
Endeavour of infinity
Devoted to philosophy

Solo: Broberg

I crushed the ancient mirror
and created a new one
Manufactured my own God machine
based on mortal men philosophies
Pinned my life to this God machine
and killed the artificial one
Now everyone I knew is gone

Solo: Vestergaard

4. Martyr of Life

You nauseate by your mediocre life
Gasping for breath like a dying child
Lowering your head from the heaviness
of the stone that has kept you
from your selfishness

You stumble down the path of discontent
Claw dirt with your trembling hands
Light a cigar with a golden Zippo
while you run like hell
against the gallows
Gallows of God

So have a cigar
You're soon going so far
Drink up your wine
You'll be just fine boy
You´re a martyr of life
walking through the gallows of God

Solo: Broberg

You cause yourself to flee along the misery
Perishing in frustrations beyond infinity
Numb emotions flooding through your soul
Death and freedom
is your everlasting goal

So over your shoulder
you throw your heavy cross
You're a martyr of life
walking through the gallows of God

5. A Perfect Light

Beyond the metaphysical spectre

there was perfect light
Only light, there was no hint of darkness
Nor was this moment ever in the past
Nor could it ever be. Outside time
It simply was. Perfect. Eternal. Pure

The Universe spun, and so did we
Not as beings but as monads in a reverie

In gravity's grip, no circle was pure
No being was being, yet by being we were
Eternal, forever an instant of light's electricity

We were stars, sea seed, galaxies, quarks
Nano things shining on some starlit sea
For eons or seconds we were exactly the same
Existence's essence could be nothing than less
All were rapidly burning through nothingness

All were
The same were
All were the same
eternally around you, within me
Was only light

Solo: Broberg

6. Watching, Falling, Breathing

Watch me
I´m falling
Into the deep
Into the sea

See me
I´m breathing
Perfect breathing
Beneath the sea

There´s no way
out of this deep

There´s no way
out of this sea

There is no hope
for you or me
So I just want
to be beneath the sea

So don´t pull me out
Don´t release me
As my soul shall forever
swim beneath this sea

7. Two Dice and a Silent Disguise

Solo: Vestergaard

Do we know him well
Can he truly tell
Can he say he knows my name
Does he know who to blame

Can he see behind his mask
Does he know his task
Does he fear the life he leads

Will he walk where I do not know
A place I'd like to see and show
To view the world far and wide
A place where he can replace his long lost life

Do we see the thousand tears
he has shed through all his troubled years
The times that he was left alone
Never to see what he had been shown

Is all he has enough to last
or will he need two dice to cast
Does he love what life denies
Will life succeed his selfless tries
Or will he fall into a new disguise
Beyond this cold life

Solo: Broberg/Vestergaard

8. Causa Sui

We were the avengers of life
The men without heads
Playing with ourselves
like marionettes

We were lost in streams
Lost inside an electric dream
Believed we were ego causa sui
Another God, another plastic machine

We questioned the existence
of other beside being ourselves
Believed everything comes from nothing
and that nothing comes from everything

We saw our faces
painted in neon colours
A few electrified colours
A few electrified faces

Only scratched down, painted down
on transparent flesh

We were the avengers of life
The men without heads
Playing with ourselves
like stupid marionettes

We were infants
Still bleeding in our mother's womb
Black eyed kings
Dead, cursed and doomed

We saw our flesh as spots
inside the misty dark of our brain
And we believed that the perception
only happened inside our heads

9. Jack

Hey little girl
I would like to show you
my photo collection
Here I stand with Jack in my hand

You were perfect little girl
So perfect

Hey yellow girl
Here I stand in
With a stupid sun in my hand

My love to you were too strong
And since you're no more
I have brought this gun
Soon I´ll put it to my head
Pull the trigger
Then I´m dead

Hey black girl
Here I sit on my bed
with wild staring eyes
Pretending I´m already dead

Hey little girl
Will you miss me like I miss you
when you see the photo
of my blood painted room

10. Chains of God

Like a cosmic Venus veiled in white
carried upon intergalactic light
You carried your golden wings and fiery eyes
ever afloat in dark eternal skies


Like a comet racing in the sky
You're moving faster than light
You're encircling your lucky star
And moon and sun are light years away

Pull him out of the air crash
Pull him out of the chains of God
before it's too late


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