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Shattered Dawnbreak

"Shattered Dawnbreak" (1996 EP)

1. Your Ignorant Ways
2. This Shattered Dawnbreak
3. Moonsymmetry XXI: Empires Ablaze
4. (An Ode To) The Autumnlands

1. Your Ignorant Ways

Your ignorant ways
No place for darkness
Hidden behind the holy wood
True life, is what you deny !

Covered up stories
To feed the "undepraved"
Creating conventions
A way for us to live...

Your printed idols
The holy destiny
I will live my own life
I'd rather be free


2. This Shattered Dawnbreak

In colourwaves... ...neverending streams.
When the stars sleep... ...they come !
Upheaved... ...above the freezing clouds.
I will welcome them !

Children of the dawn, in circles they advance
Bleeding the blue air, a paradise in bloodstreams...

"and together with their fall, I have collapsed by the snow...
Bathing in a godless grave, praying to the moon below...
It was not the darkness I embraced !!!"

This shattered dawnbreak, swathed in morning dust
...coloured the grey horizon... Like the sun...drowning
in my hands. And I did not desire more !

In the azure... ...neverending screams
When the moon awakes... ...they leave
Upheaved... ...below
I will forget them !
I will forget them !

3. Moonsymmetry XXI: Empires Ablaze

And off we flew dissolved in the sky
And we flew invisible, armed with giant wings
and scales like serpents. Elementals were we...

Seven hours, until the crescent dawn. Oh how
sweet this nocturnal flight, through winds of
silken and wisdom gold. With crystal swords we
split the air...
And on we flew...

[Act I: MCMXCV Andromeda flight]

"Come fly with godess of fire and earth
...of storms and sea...Through light the dark"

Behold ! Empires burn for us, our heavens washed
in dew, the turn of the cosmic tides ?
Come and spread thy wings...
...And thus we will fly our hearts entwined

Join with the pulse of universe's blood. Infinity...
reached in the glory of aeons. the
tranquillity of creation everblazing star, and ever
withering heart

...Das Licht....die Seele...woher sind wir gesturtzt ?

Eyes afire, with the flame of light, in hungry blaze
of majesty... And yet so saddened, with lifelorn tears
Oh, crimson stream our hearts downtrod...
Forlorn !

Within light, within soul, how splendid be our fall
What is it that I see in thine eyes ? at the shrieking iron
and flames. Hurled through still heavens ? What quaver
what heart aghast ?
And our names spirals through time

and in the everweaving patterns of universe...
Will we ever be remembered ??

4. (An Ode To) The Autumnlands

Above the silvery lake of a sleepers kingdome we danced... perpetual light, reaching for the waves though never
sharing it's warmth Enstranged from beauty we were part of the sky.
The greeted ones were we, in the hallway of our astral fathers.
In the dephts of the starcrossed sky...
...of aurian light we should be...

Of seasons bygone...

In fathomless dephts we fell, and I cried:

"Nail me on that cross up there...
That thou mayest repent these days...
Weep, my father weep...weep black thy heavens grace

Bleed, my father, bleed.
Bleed red my blessed surrays...
Bleed, my father, bleed
Bleed black my red surrays..."

(and the chanting arose;)

No light pervades the nightly darkness, wherein develleth
a million souls of men. Wake me ! Pray for me !
For too long hath lasted this sunless hour, wherein all
are born, yet blossometh none, nor the moon...

And here my friend, my dream hath ended. I leave thee
with a golden dawn. Oh, long lost sun, For thee this ode,
of yesteryears unsung ! Of all autumnal joys bereaved
I rose the morrow morn...

"Light or our darksome journey here
with days deviding night from night
loud crows, the dawn's harbinger
and wakens up, the sunbeams bright"


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