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Deceased Earth

"Deceased Earth" (2006 Demo)

1. Vision of Exultance
2. Scene of Extinction
3. I - Deceased Earth

1. Vision of Exultance

Realms of red twilight remnants across the tar oceans,
The sky bleeds into the earth crimson light.
Dawn is forever. Airs of lead are ripping through the wind.

Far across the land and stretched into eternity are the doors to the past, into forever, displaced and uncharted, howling past the clouds, roaring sonorous, through the sky, into space, through the galaxy, into your ears.

Hear it...the anger...the wasteland...the future...into days of destruction in aeons.
Awareness has become apparent, in the soul, in your soul. Another journey to past, a distant figure...

Twilight enter, fading the suns glow. Down below the sun, its image, as bright as the nebula, arising. Take hold of this picture, languid memory. The sun melts in its gaze, into the land.

Into the darkness, the nexus to another past. Turbulent earth/disturbing quakes forcing down the mountain of reason. Down, the impossibility of possible and inevitable mankind.

Monotony in the howl, listen to it. The sky turns dark, the sun dies, the moon crumbles, and the image is real. The howling of extinction, the sonorous voice quaking the lands, the voice of beyond. Hear it...

2. Scene of Extinction

Screaming in pain, tears are creating the streams of bodies. An ancient hand pounding the earth, slowly fades...away. The pain of skies, the falling of stars, to pass...

Mass chaos, the earth...left a grey and cold planet. The fallen stars crash in a nuclear haze. The crimson sky and the crimson stream are to pass...exultant...pass all hope. Eyes open, and on the reptile in the clouds, monolith...

Time is dying from existence. Perpetual existences for the ones who dwell and reside in consciousness...see the people; see them falling off the edge of the planet, now dwelling in the sky, floating in the clouds, the crimson sky.

The bodies soar through the wind in a blood haze. The stream of decay flows into the ocean, the stream of bodies/souls. Trapped in the aeons of drowning, the massive wave of demonic life crushes them...I see it.

The air stops moving...the water stops flowing...the bodies and in the death of time, cease...this mystical place. The pulse of the land beats in one monotonous and identical beat.

In the center of the languished land, the hands move. The bodies move, they awaken...they see the atmosphere around them...and so the tears flow on the streams of they sense the futile, eternal future...

Perpetual existence...

3. I - Deceased Earth

This image of resplendent and bleak future stands still in my head. Waiting for the sound of it to come across my ears, I sit in this stream. Waiting for it to drain into the sky...waiting for the carresent flame to take the sky. I feel the moisture in the air and I sense that itís soon time for I see the stream turn floats into the sky turning into lead. Floating into the evening sky, soon night will be upon us. The stars are forming faces in the sky as the sun fades away in Aeons...I sit in the floating stream, gazing at the falling sun. It gazes back at me in a fading light of agony as it crashes into this stream. The stars are beginning to fall, soon crashing into Earth. I see everyone staring at the sky, frightened and scattered...not knowing what fate they will endure...the scene is shaped in the puzzle, the puzzle that will soon be finished in the unknowing minds. Moments of levitation is sensed as the gravity slowly rots back into nothing...But wait...

ďAll that is ruined in this planet will be forever crumbled back into the shapelessness awareness that seizes in the heart of all. Hear your conscious tell you of the things that are at present, your future, the past...But know that it is irreversible. This is the tale of Humanity...Perpetual Existence...Ē

The wind is screaming past this desolate place, now screeching past, no awareness of whatís to come. No more humane noise takes place in this land, just out a pre-celestial face in the sky. Their bodies float in timeless state, the earth stands still as the earth transcends into the alter-reality of what is now taking hold of this dimension. What is this?


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