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The Art of Death

"The Art of Death" (1992)

1. Pol Pot
2. Unpure To Christ
3. Confined
4. Delerium Tremens
5. Let The Killing Begin
6. Waste The Good Suffering
7. Warped Progress
8. Maggot Feed
9. Blood Harvest *
10. I Am God - I Am Death
11. Depression
12. Progress Of Suicide
13. Scarred
14. Collapsing In Seizure
15. A Tranquil Place
16. The Art Of Death
17. Parade Of The Morbid
18. Homicidal Cunt
19. Charred Remains
20. Suicidal
21. Winds Of Famine **
22. In Protest Of What **
23. False Front **

1. Pol Pot

Tiranny has risen, begin Pol Pot’s reign
Young die of starvation, club and kill the lame
Herped into communes, ten thousand vast
Stripped of all possessions, stealing the past.

Burn the books of history, abolish the schools
No family or property, live by twistwed views
Do not question Pol Pot or be instantly killed
Insane leader leaves three million dead.

2. Unpure To Christ

Cloak your disguise, guaranteed trust
Denied sinful pleasures, makes perverted lust
Children lost faith in you as you rape their souls
Unsuspected rapist, priest, what you do is foul
What you do is foul
Screaming for redemption, as you pay the price
God choose to condemn you, one umpure to Christ
Communities disease, tumor on it’s heart
In perverted fashion, you and God depart

3. Confined

Confined to die in a chair
Watching others you sit and stare
Raped of movement, lower limbs
Paralize down from your ribs
Television mimic life, you’re forced to watch both
Others walk and run, it is them you loath
Cannot help the way you feel, hatred towards life
Death teases you to call and end your plight

4. Delerium Tremens

Wide awake you bathe in sweat awating unseen horror
Hallucinogenic terrors rip you to your core
Heart may seize from the the hellish strain
Terror assaulting you from visions in your brain

D.T. nightmares haunting you till death
Severe mind games trouble tasting breath
Birth from dependancy, seeming very real
Surrender, death’s what you want to feel

5. Let The Killing Begin

6. Waste The Good Suffering

Do not let him die, he can afford more life
Ignore his screams of pain, ignore his pleading wife
Running a machine that feed life to his veins
Our care is for his money not his cries of pain

7. Warped Progress

Stripped of thought-stripped of pride
Tear out feelings you tried to hide
Feed you drugs to keep you blind
Claim you’re well but they lied
Can’t escape assault on mond
Before they done you’ll want to die, you will break,
The will they take

8. Maggot Feed

Poverty stricken, another day to starve
Mind offers your wits for it to slowly carve
Eating waste to eliminate the pain
Death would be so easy but you still refrain

Food chain deformed, maggots start to feed
Boring through your body, screaming as you bleed
Losing touch with life, corpse corroded blue
Parasites lay eggs and life begins anew.

9. Blood Harvest *

Slaughter for profit, kill for greed
Ignoring extincion, the money unclean
Rest of their lives sripped away, the rich pigs consume
Putting cash in their wallets and a species to their doom
Kill the last of nature, stripping them of their hide
Looking for other resources, whwn the last of this one died

Man brings his death again
The beast must suffer in silence
Man pays God again
Too which there is no sense
What would you do if you lived
Hunted for your pelt?
Never stop to think or care
Of how the fuck they welt

Harvester of blood, whwn will this be seized
What the fucks the difference, between you and the beast

10. I Am God - I Am Death

Peer into my eyes as I slice your fucking throat
Plead with me for life but your chances are remote
Human emotion gone, you see the beast that dwells
I sentence you to death and a thousand living hells
As your life slips away I take your final breath
I am your God… I am your death
“After a while murder isn’t just
a crime for lust or violence, it becomes possession,
you feel the last bit of breath leaving their body,
your looking into their eyes and basically
a person in that situation is God, you posses them,
they shall forever be a part of you”. Ted Bundy

11. Depression

I bring death. I am disease
I bring turmoil, I am pain
Misery I give, I cause hate
I give thoughs of suicide
I eat away your mind pain and hate now come find
I pray upon the lonely weak
It’s death I lead you to seek
I’m agony and tears, combinations of your fears
Ripping through your head, destroing minds
Depair is I, suffer unto me
I am memories of black past

12. Progress Of Suicide

Fucking the earth like you would a dirty whore
Tearing it apart, poisoning the planet’s core
Stripping out its resources leaving barren waste
Feeding upon destruction, loving the rancid taste
As the earth slowly rots and dies
In the name of profit and greed
Value of life diminishes and man becomes a seed
Child of the future inhale the poison breeze
Mother earth’s slowdeath from man’s growing greed
As the earth is ripped to shreds, you forget to realize
To kill, you die yourself… process of suicide

13. Scarred

Plagued by thoughs of the past – Soul bleeds
Life is a door to hell, falling fast – Satan feeds
You can crumble under emotional distress
Death waits
Your mind twists into a fucking mess
Life hates you
Wretched are the ways of the world
Into the pit of pain you’re hurled
Wretched ways of the world Into pit of pain you’re hurled
Answer lies in a gun, reaching for sanity but there is none

14. Collapsing In Seizure

Mind stronger than the body, forces the vital function seized
Collapse in epileptic fit – the mind – no control on it
Realms of the mind still unexplored,
Power of the mind leaves the body floored
Physical strength cannot fight it’s will
Violent spasms, seizure shakes and kill

15. A Tranquil Place

Raging mind cannot be contained,
Strap him down, he must be restrained
Help he needs, a needle will be his counsel,
Drifting off into a mundane hell.
A tranquil peace

16. The Art Of Death

Mutilation…….Bodies torn apart
Decapitation…..Heads haked roughly off
Impalement…...Spikes driven through
Asphixiation….Breath grows so scarce
Drowning……..Liquid explodes the lungs
Burned alive….Human smolders black
Starvation……..Forced to die slowly
Vivisection……Science gains from pain

Death become a masterpiece in the sadist’s mind
To separate the works of death from others of his kind
Dementia show… painting with blood bright
Chaos and mayhem cover the walls,
Excited by the sight of death
Many ways to die but he brings you homicide
Leaves a ghastly scene with the bodies he made die
Paint me a picture of misery and death
Psychotic, excentric minds make a deadly blend.

17. Parade Of The Morbid

Accident sight creates a morbid scene
A spetacle of gore the likes you have never seen
I know how you feel, I have felt it in my veis
Fascinated by the screams of others in their pain
Shredded fleshnapped bones
Scattered betweenpolice cones
Seconds till death – life has ceased
Audience has gathered watching the deceased.

18. Homicidal Cunt

Fucking rancid slut, carries death’s disease
Infecting, polluting all of which she sees
Bringer of the pestilence carries death inside
No warning to her victims, commit slow homicide
Epidemic spreading fast
Bring the silent death
Slowly dying from inside
After having sex
Silence hides the secret
Her demented need
Embrionic stage of death, maturing in her seed
Fuck the bitch, pay the price, agony and pain, like dying twice,
Transferred, from her satisfies, her killing lust
Dying slow from her bite
Agony and hate
Laughter from the whore
Knowing it’s too late
Night of pleasure turns to pain
And an early grave
No cure for her death
You will not be saved

19. Charred Remains

Damned to die in flame, charred and smouldered black
Skin burns, rot and peels, melting off the back
Burnt to a crisp, corpse in disarray
Looks as though the dying were bowing down to pray
Bones burnt black, flesh contorts
Resembling nothing of any sort
Vicious death, no pity spared
Another death, no cares
Why did God choose to punish this child?
Cleansed of all past sins, burning in a pile
Human burned to death, smell the vile flesh
Creamed alive, death now brings her rest.

20. Suicidal

Ripping out my poisoned soul and showing it to me
With a thirst for my own death, everything falls beside me
No though for others or what they think
My emotional well-being now begins to sink
Depression . sorrow and death combine
Suicidal thoughs that plague my mind
Running but nowhere to flee
Death, please come save me
Hanging from a noose my face of death stares down
Pain and guilt relieved as they cut me down
World of hate desatroyed me each and every day
Buried in the world that killed me with the dead I lay

21. Winds Of Famine **

22. In Protest Of What **

23. False Front **


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