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"Infected" (1990)

1. Contamination
2. Awaiting Demise
3. Nuclear Manslaughter
4. Personal Decimation
5. Enslaved In Turmoil
6. Unseen Death
7. Slave to Conformity
8. Redeemed by Confession
9. Cycle of Despair
10. Infected
11. Destabilize
12. Bludgeoned to Death
13. Hatred Birth
14. Mangled Beyond Recognition
15. Unimpressed
16. Toxic Death
17. In The Wake of Death
18. Death Factories (Raised For Slaughter)
19. Evangelist
20. Patricide
21. Ravaged by Disease
22. Malevolent Death Thirst
23. Mr Quint

1. Contamination

Dying inside as the tumor eats thru the bone
Lying down helpless, as slow death alone
Learning of your conditions....expect a slow demise
Death claims your corpse as horror fills your eyes

Cancer spreading, eating away
Death claim, horror decay

Not target for your hate as you decay alive
Pray to your god and he summons you to die
No one can imagine the pain in which you lie
Spending your last days screaming to know why....

2. Awaiting Demise

Lay and hide
Comatose, death approaches that you know
Painful death is real heal,
One emotions being fear
Bullets spray around your head,
Killing those you called friends
Shrapnel punctures to you bones,
Gashes huge, cannot be sewn
Death is calling, it is time,
No mercy here that you find
Surrounded by torture cries
Lie and wait for your demise
Running scared, no where to go,
Shrapnel hits, cheast explodes
Human trash left behind,
Lie in pain waits to die (Repeat)

3. Nuclear Manslaughter

Graves claiming twisted lives
Society impaled by knives
Slaughtering one and all
Death awaits the final fall.

Fell the cold of death's grasp
Buried beneath the burning ash
Man plants destructive seeds
Charred remains is all you'll see
Blood starts to flow from the dying race
Nightmare without end, death finds another face
Man slaughtering himself, death falls from the sky
Millions scream in fear before their burned alive
Earth covered by the dead
Forget the lives you once lead
Burning bodies, putrid smell
Once great earth and dying hell

4. Personal Decimation

Mind torn apart by the thought of dying friends
Cannot cope with death, drives you to end
Victims of your inner self, pray for suicide
Life's own vicious circle calls you out to die
If god exists you'll be punished severely
By his written law you must live in agony
Life is not worth living, you say to yourself
A human life destroyed and saved by choosing death.

5. Enslaved In Turmoil

Bow to your lord, heroin repressed god
Begging for his sting like a fucking dog
Collapsing inside unless he feeds your veins
If you desert him you will go insane
Sweating profusely
Time to get high
You will serve you master
Untill you fucking die

6. Unseen Death

Deadly testing taking place creating genocide
Releasing germs to cause mass death, a clearer way to die
Unseen death is created, return of the black plague
People die from the inside out, screaming in horrid pain

(Repeat First Verse)

Germs warfare,
Man made destruction
Unseen death murder population
Infection war
Away to oblivion
Dying race falls to extinction

Cancer made to kill, deteriorate then die
Screams of the diseased, fuck thier morbid cries
Blame placed upon the once that rule you every day
Contamination setting in and you don't have a say
You don't have a say

(Chorus Twice)

7. Slave to Conformity

Wake up screaming, a nightmare or thought?
Worried about what other think, now you've been caught
Changing your way of life, conformity's taken you
Ones you once criticized, now you joined them too
Slave to conformity
Slave to conformity
Slave to conformity
Slave to their views, trapped within yourself
Don't do what you want, do what they think best
Drown in your new lifestyle, cry a thousand whoas
Fuck youself pity, this is the path you chose.

8. Redeemed by Confession

Hidden behind the safety, of you faith
Desires build along, with greed and hate
Rape, steal, kill, then repent and cower
You will be forgiven, in the booth in an hour
Redeemed by confession, I laugh at your beliefs
Your ministries are ruled
By adulterers and thives

9. Cycle of Despair

Depression, despair, leading to his state
Pleagued with turmoil, it is life you hate
Situation beckons, curse your every breath
Dying slow dayly, long dead before your death.

Emotions drained, hold no will to live
Fear controlled soul, nothing left to give
Life repeats it's course
Brutal as may be
Even though you die each day
Death is worse you'll see...

10. Infected

Served your time
Did your job, not
Seeing future hate
Chemical once used
In war, make you deteriorate
Pledge alliagiance to your killer
Then die in a horrid pain
One of many, like yourself
Begins slowly pain
But your country loves you
Die horribly
Infected w/ slow death
Pain, no relief

11. Destabilize

Country becomes indipendent
Do they pose a threat?
Covert actions now begins
Not knowing what they'll get
Release the fever
Contaminate w/ hellish excercise
Innocent humans, like ourselves
Become destabilize

12. Bludgeoned to Death

Smashing in your fucking skull, like a ripe fruit
Brain begins to haemorrage, it's breaking at the root
Spitting out pure clots, relief you do not find
Hammer strikes your temple and opens up your mind
Blacken out, death waits to take your corpse
Amazing your alive, after the blows you've absorbed
Violent convulsion, head wounds bleed and clot
They'll soon find you decayed in some secluded spot

13. Hatred Birth

Raped, insaminated, protest does nothing
Hatred, sperm, enter shreded clothing
Abortion is against the law, you must have the child
Act of sexual violence, ruining two lives
Hatred birth...
Unwantend, neglected, child suffers pain
Killing, abusing, thoughts you must refrain
Child reminds you of a night of a violation
Hatred towards the innocent, loathing and repulsion
Hatred birth

14. Mangled Beyond Recognition

Trapped inside the wreck, bleeding from the chest
Contorsions of your face, as you die in pain
Bodies starts to blister, squealing like a pig
Cremated alive, your grave they not dig

15. Unimpressed

Wear a uniform just
Like the people your against
Your fucked up
No better than anyone else

16. Toxic Death

Poisenous substances
Enters your flesh
Lethal liquid and blood
Begin to mash

Toxic death

Blood streaming infected
Veins become black
You'd rather die fast
Not a slow grinding
Death...fuck you
Moments from death
You let loose a yell
Your body destroyed
Your soul enters hell

Toxic death

17. In The Wake of Death

Nuclear deflageration brings the cmes death
Charred bodies smoulder, once human beings left
Stench of death reaches those still grasping for life
Death and gore finding all trapped in atomic plight

Destruction, children in war
Radiations, reaching even more
Suicide, to avoid dying in hell
Extinction, death's rancid smell

18. Death Factories (Raised For Slaughter)

Butchery, life planned out for death
Raised for slaughter from the time their granted breath
Live in space, no room for adult growth
Horrible conditions provide food you eat now

19. Evangelist

Feed upon your weakness, your health I do drain
Bringing confort for your sorrow, fucking w/ brain
Sign your life over to me, I see its put to just cause
Kill your family tomorrow, but in me you find no flaws

I don't fucking care if you die, can't you see I
Live and lie? Your money consumes my mind,
Switch the station find another of my kind...

Televangilist pig, invading my fucking home
If I had my way, I'd burn you hide to bone

20. Patricide

Gave you life, you gave him death
Realize the evil that you've done
Righteous man, a good provider
Life taken by his only son
Mother crying, wife for the dead
Maker testing your knife
Deadly sin you'll meet again
Makes his vengeance in the afterlife

You still live
He has died
Fucking death
By patricide

Light goes out, the knife goes in
Killing your own blood and flesh
Stand confused, you stand alone
In blood drenched
Son of torment, son of scorn
Kill without remorse
Violent istinct, need to kill
Father, blood stained corpse


Death comes to all, for him it comes too soon
Knife piercing skin, sends him to his doom
Your one creator down by your side
Hallowed name, father has died

(Repeat first verse)

21. Ravaged by Disease

Above you, below you, in front, behind
Death machines a non stop track
Breathe the poison in the air
Hale painless death, radiation,
Contamination, in water you drink
World diseased, heart will seize
Dying quicker than you think

Mind holds questions, answers not found
Death behind each door, faming death,
Starvation is cold, stand at hades core
Mutilation, abomination, children born deformed
Toxic death, poison war, all foreseen before

Nostradamus prophet fool, predicted
Widespread death, inhuman pleague killing
Life till there's nothing left, acid rain
Fast descends, bring you to your knees
Brother laugh, his killing you!!
World ravaged by disease

22. Malevolent Death Thirst

Twisted cross

Vicious dominance inside the rancid camps
Carloads of human cattle arriving on the ramps
Death awaiting all, the ovens not yet fed
Sick tormented living envying the dead

Torture and demise, jews target of his hate
Victims of malevolence, their saviours comes too late
Digging their own graves for death thats yet to come
Chambers killing most, ovens claiming some

Winds below with a stench of a rotten smell
Chambers deadly function, provide a toxic hell
Race singled out to die upon command
Death strikes at a point of his blood soaked hand!!

Massive graves holding bodies without space
Extermination camps kill at rapid pace
Man who brought his pain dies in piece
Curse of death done but the nightmares never cease

23. Mr Quint


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