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Hatred Birth

"Hatred Birth" (1989 EP)

1. Destabilized
2. Blundgeoned to Death
3. Hatred Birth
4. In the Wake of Death
5. Unimpressed
6. Infected
7. Mangled Beyond Recognition
8. Toxic Death
9. Death Factories
10. Evangelist

1. Destabilized

Country becomes indipendent
Do they pose a threat?
Covert actions now begins
Not knowing what they'll get
Release the fever
Contaminate w/ hellish excercise
Innocent humans, like ourselves
Become destabilize

2. Blundgeoned to Death

Smashing in your fucking skull, like a ripe fruit
Brain begins to haemorrage, it's breaking at the root
Spitting out pure clots, relief you do not find
Hammer strikes your temple and opens up your mind
Blacken out, death waits to take your corpse
Amazing your alive, after the blows you've absorbed
Violent convulsion, head wounds bleed and clot
They'll soon find you decayed in some secluded spot

3. Hatred Birth

Raped, insaminated, protest does nothing
Hatred, sperm, enter shreded clothing
Abortion is against the law, you must have the child
Act of sexual violence, ruining two lives
Hatred birth...
Unwantend, neglected, child suffers pain
Killing, abusing, thoughts you must refrain
Child reminds you of a night of a violation
Hatred towards the innocent, loathing and repulsion
Hatred birth

4. In the Wake of Death

Nuclear deflageration brings the cmes death
Charred bodies smoulder, once human beings left
Stench of death reaches those still grasping for life
Death and gore finding all trapped in atomic plight

Destruction, children in war
Radiations, reaching even more
Suicide, to avoid dying in hell
Extinction, death's rancid smell

5. Unimpressed

Wear a uniform just
Like the people your against
Your fucked up
No better than anyone else

6. Infected

Served your time
Did your job, not
Seeing future hate
Chemical once used
In war, make you deteriorate
Pledge alliagiance to your killer
Then die in a horrid pain
One of many, like yourself
Begins slowly pain
But your country loves you
Die horribly
Infected w/ slow death
Pain, no relief

7. Mangled Beyond Recognition

Trapped inside the wreck, bleeding from the chest
Contorsions of your face, as you die in pain
Bodies starts to blister, squealing like a pig
Cremated alive, your grave they not dig

8. Toxic Death

Poisenous substances
Enters your flesh
Lethal liquid and blood
Begin to mash

Toxic death

Blood streaming infected
Veins become black
You'd rather die fast
Not a slow grinding
Death...fuck you
Moments from death
You let loose a yell
Your body destroyed
Your soul enters hell

Toxic death

9. Death Factories

Butchery, life planned out for death
Raised for slaughter from the time their granted breath
Live in space, no room for adult growth
Horrible conditions provide food you eat now

10. Evangelist


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