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Ordo Seclorum

"Ordo Seclorum" (2007 Demo)

1. New World Order
2. Insugence
3. Order of the Ages
4. The Eye of Giza

1. New World Order

Secret Societies are controlling power
Hiding their reign, awaiting the hour
One final conflict will expose their goal
Wash this earth clean, and make their journey whole

New World Order
They're watching you
Don't be surprised
When They Come For You
New World Order
The Earth as One
One global power
It will be done

Nuclear War, Famine and Disease
Global Destruction, bring earth to its knees
Globalization, hurricanes and war
One hundred thousand gone, just 3 billion more


2. Insugence

Can you hear?
What stalks the night
Can you see?
The shadows in the light

[Pre chorus]
I have come back to avenge
Tyranny brought on us all
This is the time of the end
When mankind faces its fall

Insurgence flies into the night sky
We are the ones who are avengers
We destroy the night with fire in our eyes
We are the ones who bring damnation

The truth has been hidden
From our eyes
We must fight
New dawns arise

[Pre chorus]


Shoot for the stars
and chase our dreams
of true freedom
True security

[Pre chorus]


3. Order of the Ages

There is something wrong, in the world
Canít you see, what has come?
Can you hear the voices?
Laughing at your struggles
We wait in silence
For the truth to come
But I feel that action
Is something that will not be done

Order of the ages, truth will set us free
For he has blessed this voyage, this monstrosity
See the gods are coming from the hole in the sky
An order of the ages, a life thatís meant to die

Orders and directives
From the presidential cabinet
A state of emergency
Will bring them power
Live in fear all your life
Give them what they need
Freedom isn't free
Live a life in tyranny


Black graves await us
As we all will end our lives
Flames of rebellion
We must stand and fight
Now it is ending
The freedom that you know
The choice is yours
Grab your gun to fight and go

The public wonít stand and fight
For its right to life
It sickens me to see
Their lack of backbone
Stand up and youíll know
What it means to believe
Stand up and youíll see
What it means to be free


4. The Eye of Giza

The pyramids of Giza
Ancient wonders of our world
Created by a civilization
That remains unknown to us

In the eye of Giza, all will fade away
Align with Orion, lead us astray
In the eye of Giza, lays our demise
Because you know, we were destined to die

The same group that holds
The history of our past
Is the same group
That has a price on our heads


I cannot see past this blaze of infinity
The eye of Giza blinds us now, hidden in our lies
The symbol of great societies - are they just in our minds?
Knowledge alone is our saving grace, seek it, and you will find

Now in modern day
The public is kept in the dark
Itís only a theory
Of fictions, falsehoods and lies



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