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Art of Ancient Seers

"Art of Ancient Seers" (2001)

1. Witch
2. Non-Organic World
3. Skepticism
4. Art of Ancient Seers
5. Benefactor's Flight
6. Witch (part 2)
7. Doors of Perception
8. Dark Zone

1. Witch

The sky is getting darker up across the river
And the day is approaching its end
The bridge over the channel is lifted
And the guards mounted at the gates
The procession of monks
Is flowing out of the nearby church.
The people are getting out of their houses
To listen to the quiet chants
The witch! Confess in the liaisons with the Satan
The holy fire will cleanse thy soul!
The scaffold is knocked of dry boards
And the cross is put up with chains hanging down
Brushwood from the neighboring forests
Forms a huge heap.
The human drove gives way to the rattling cart
With a woman inside the iron cage
The bishop is seating on the brocade throne
And sweating under his tight robe.
The witch! Confess in the liaisons with the Satan
The holy fire will cleanse thy soul!
Hey hangman! Set fire to the brushwood!
Burn down this bitch!
The fire tossed up quickly
Tearing off the witches clothes
The body was twitching like a drunken clown
And the yells were amusing the crowd
The skin was bursting and the fat was emittingblack smoke,
It was rising higher and higher
The thunderstorm began
And heavy rain stroke on the roofs.
The witch! Confess in the liaisons with the Satan
The holy fire will cleanse thy soul!

2. Non-Organic World

3. Skepticism

The ruins of old buildings
The bones are crunching under the feet
The abandoned headstones
Are covered with dried up flowers
The place without words
The city is frozen with in the Death s grin
The ancient warriors shadows
Are feasting their funeral among the graves
Burn your candles trying to learn the wisdom of books
Your ego has devoured your freedom
Keep reading! The thoughts of the Ancient Wizards!
But your Skepticism will not let you fly away
Look at the trees and herbs
Their peace can not be disturbed by your fate
And if you decide to drink the poison
It will be only your fault
The stone cross
Will become a full stop in your destiny
You will trade the eternal peace
For the eternal cry for yourself

4. Art of Ancient Seers

The wind is howling
The owl is whining
In the darkness of the night
No way to sleep
The boat floats on the water
Then put the oars into melting wax
Of the river
Time to go
The white fog will hide your motions
The surface will dissolve your reflection
Spirit of the water
Show me your face
Spirits of the wind
Give me the power to soar
To the starry emptiness
Let the river drive me
Black river, black river…
To the point where the bright stars lay into water
To the point where each one finds freedom
Let the wind feel your challenge
Let it send your song to the endless expanse
Dream guardians will meet you at the entrance of the other world
Do not be afraid, give them your hand
The forest will turn into a sad temple
The trees will be walls, the sky will be dome
And you will see
The round dance of the spirits by the fire
…Sad faces, strange tune
A song without words
But are words really important here?
Is there a force that can break this round
Of warriors singing the Moon’s song
Stop and turn around, it’s the end of your path
Here are your starts and those that will accept you
Make your choice, stay here or go away
If you do not want the power of the fire

5. Benefactor's Flight

6. Witch (part 2)

WITCH (Part 2)
Look how the forest is transparent and light
Look how the gray empty horizon is cold
Look how the wind is whirling leaves
Holding the flock of crows in its hand
The Fall will cover mud and hide tracks
With its motley blanket
The tracks that lead to the stones in that meadow
In the century-old thicket
Can you see the two birds hovering
Rising higher and higher to the clouds
Listen to trees echoing to
The voices that are as old as this World
The voices of the ancient sorcerers
Listen to the weeping of the wind
See how the butcher is making the fire
The door is open
The woman in black
Is sitting by the fire near mossy stones
She is calling for me with her endless eyes
And the movements of her lips
Come closer, traveler
Warm yourself by my fire
Look at your life and death
Since you’ve come her anyway
There is no answer in the death
‘Cause it’s just a flight on the winds of destiny
The life is just an instant
Is just a running jump before vast emptiness
The eternity of stars, the endlessness of sky
And the shining of Sun. This is all in your hands
The noise of rain and the breaks of wind
You are one of us and you will hear it all
The witch is drawing a circle on the sand
Summoning those who can not be seen
The witch is dancing on the dark water
Plaiting the rain drops into her hair

7. Doors of Perception

See the Sun going down
The last beam caressing leaves and grasses
See the day burning down
Casting shadows from the roots of trees
Wing that will bring the fogs from the bogs
Is sleeping in the cool and dark branches now
The pale moonshine will wake it up
‘Cause its time is before the day begins
Night …firebrands
Sound …of steps in the grass
Spirits …of the forest are here
Hands …stretching to the fire
It’s as if you really knew
How sad shadows of trees are crying in the night
It’s as if you really understood
What this nightly joy of the spirits may mean
Who are you and what do you have to revive this forest?
Songs of peyote or dance at the crack of dawn?
Something may explode your world forever.
Just listen to the whisper of intent and keep silent
Just keep silent

8. Dark Zone


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