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Divine Empire

"Divine Empire" (1999 EP)

1. Divine Empire
2. Solitude Embracing
3. The Last Despair

1. Divine Empire

I´m flowing silently, far away
Towards the deep sleep day by day
The strong don´t need prayers to survive
Sickness of the weak, I´m not following the blind

Am I going nowhere
An old spirit lost somewhere
Between the dephts of the doomed unions
And the flaming shades of God´s dominion

I don´t know
I don´t know where to go
in this bleak cold nothingness

Standing in the threshold of an everfading bloom
Forever dying visions, unveil to be true
Forgiven guilty, waiting for the end
I´m crying release to the bliss

So it´s time to rest

And the dreams take those tears
Death end´s life cold disappears
Sunset´s release the heaven´s fire
Soul symphonies in Divine Empire

2. Solitude Embracing

With your lies and my delusions
We share our solitude
We run towards your bright horizons
I´m deluded

Staring eyes, now withered and died
Certain kind, emotions that I hold inside
Bleeding hearts, our art´s so proud and strong
While sorrow still sings its endless song

One night for the sweetest time
Morning for the loneliness
Cold arms around your neck
Oh God, there´s no chance to regret

Stay away, I´ll have to pass another day
Unforgiveness, the history of nothingness
The ghosts you follow, hollow and untrue
Wherever you go, I´m there to haunt you

Why do I live for?
In embrace of solitude
Different day, no one by my side
Then I will grieve my delusions

3. The Last Despair


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