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Paradise Lust

"Paradise Lust" (1999)

1. Birdsong
2. Bumblebee Hair
3. After the Stripshow
4. Ilúvatar
5. Lovelorn
6. Isabella Red

1. Birdsong

Vivid colours and just like others, yet no songs of its kind
The songless bird, flying without distinct destination
Just looking for something... "I want to sing!"

A cry of frustration - that's no song, yet it's all, I'm afraid
Carry on! You'll find it someday - the endless inspiration

Fly higher, follow your kind, they say

"It's not what I want!"

A tearless tragedy - that's what you want?
"Aye, if it be so, then yes. But I'll fly further"
From the dawn of your time you have flied but never sung
Follow us while you can. The dusk draws nearer every day
What if it befalls on us and you still can't sing?

"Then I'll fly by night!" the stubborn one cried and flied on
You'll just get lost! Come back you fool! It hurts us to see you grieve
But the songless bird flew and flew still further...

Vivid colours and just like others, yet no songs of its kind
The songless bird, still flying without destination
Just looking for something... "I want to sing!"

2. Bumblebee Hair

Hey you girl, why don't you look to my face
Why don't you please fly, fly to my world
The unnegative sign, on your lips
Is something I want to feel, and I will be healed

Take my hand, and guide me to your nest
Let me drink your honey, show me the test

You are the queen, and I'm your soldier
That's all I will be, I can't stand no longer
But my mouth is closed, lips tied together
Your bumblebee hair, flying in the air

This won't last forever
You know, that insects don't live too long
Not for forever
I haven't seen it all

Now all that has come to reality
New emotions, the best quality
But still I'm so sad, because after all
Why can't the bees live forever?

3. After the Stripshow

I am the serpent of evening wounds
I live for blood, I swim in the blood

The servant

Forever, living blind

I have seen the horse's eyes and beneath
Been near the beautiness, or have I?

The innocent

I am the memory of the centuries

Suck my powers into your self, seek my jewelry, bite me endlessly
Horror is the space where you wander, hear my words, as I sacrifice my self
Too long I have been in this valley, I know every slope it has
Now it's my time to dive to the river, I need salvation and reincarnation

"Where is the new contest, lead me there, I promise that this time I won't go straight to the finals"

Naked people of time, have a long life
Be happy, and write a book when you die
But be sure, that the chapter 13 does exist
Because without it, you can't exit

It doesn't have to be long
A short will do fine
Just write it with blood
And serpent's tongue

"I walked to there, where the earth ended, and found out, that we are limitless, chained to ground, free, slaves and beautiful at the same time"

4. Ilúvatar

Alone in infinity was the One
The keeper of wisdom

Hear His children's voice
Forever burning fire
He who made the holy ones
Created the World in His thoughts

His song is sung forever
Eternal is His Flame

5. Lovelorn

"I'm the pain of the hollow ground,
I'm the morning mist
I'm the leaves of the autumn time,
I'm the wintersun"

Despair of your heart will feed my needs
I need you now, I need your disbelief
Over the crowd will message of the night hunt for your heart
Will you be mine?

Do you know me? Will you come with me?
Am I the one you've been looking for? Am I real?
Come with me like a stream, dream along, come on
I'll be waiting for you

Do you feel me? Will you abandon me?
Am I the fear you cannot feel?

I'm just the lovelorn girl...

Come with me like a wind, dream along
Forsake your God, forsake yourself...

And at the end I will rule.

6. Isabella Red

Spill your tears, they will turn red
Not to be is to be red, that's it
We got the prison and decor is love
Endless love or pain

Oh, must be pain

Love is your throne, reality
Crush it, crush and Isabella arrives
Love her, bare your soul
For Isabella Red

This time you will lose
No destiny
Isabella calls
Better go...

Go to her sweet red, taste it
There's no time, no end

Life's ending
She's yours
She's smiling

She's Isabella Red


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