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"Astronomy" (1992)

1. Polaris
2. Spirit
3. Beyond The Mirage
4. The Mirage
5. New Day
6. Astronomy
7. Grand Design

1. Polaris

Touch you, need me
Love You, leave Me

You can be on the street
With your heart in your hand
Giving your love to
No one who cares
Feeling Like Nobody's There
But There's Always
A Reason For Love

I can see you've been
Standing in line to conform
To live for yourself
The American dream
But it is not what it seems
And there's always
A reason for love

2. Spirit

So much life to capture with the eye
So much love within the heart
So much friendship reaching out to touch
So many wonder where to start

May I say it in a different way
So that you can hear it
Rearranging the old cliche
So you get the spirit

So much time within the years that pass
Time enough to look around
Still we really never find this place

The artist in me sees the color in you
And only the brightest of colors will do
Like autumn and spring
The change coming through
My very emotions imparted to you

In the spirit

3. Beyond The Mirage

Look inside yourself
At another world
The blood in your veins
The beat of your heart
Without these things
Tell me what we'd be
Without the mysterious gift
We've received from
Beyond the mirage

All that I am is all that I see
All that we are is all we'll be
Beyond the mirage
Is all that we are
And all there's all we can be

Someone out there walks
Alone in the world
Reflecting emotions
Burned in his eyes
Moving to beats and rhythms
Nobody knows
He's moving along
Along and alone

They tell me the eyes are
The window to the soul
But the lights are turned off
And the shades have been drawn
I get the feeling that
There's no one home
But I know that you
Still can be found all alone
From beyond the mirage

4. The Mirage

I've never been good with goodbyes
This time you'll know the reason why
Who knows what I can find
Among the stars up in the sky

If you want to know
The feeling I found
Hardest to let go
Won't be coming
I don't expect for you
To brave the wait for me alone

This time I've got to
Make it on my own

My love for you is all I have to show

I'm leaving the world behind
It's not easy to say goodbye
Who knows what I can find
Among the stars up in the sky

5. New Day

There's a fashion
In The freedom
From the action
Without any reason
The reasons why
The reasons why not
Fade away

With a new day
There's a chance
For a change
With a new day
You should ask for it

I know better
As it changes
As I'm older
It all rearranges

All the people
All the places
All the feeling
On all of the faces

6. Astronomy


Part I. The Dawn

Keyboard solo - Asplund

Part II. The Flight

Solo - Trehuba
Bass Solo - Asplund
Solo - Trehuba

7. Grand Design

You do what you do
Nobody pulls on your strings
Quite like you
You feel that there's nothing
Been left here for you
You do what you do

You say what you say
Regardless the feelings
That stand in your way
Remember the feelings
You felt yesterday
You say what you say

You stand where you stand
You stand all alone or
You stand hand in hand
While you're torching the Earth
While you're saving the land

There's a grand design
We're so far out front
That we're dragging behind
After all isn't time in our mind

There's a grand design


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