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"Soultech" (2000)

1. Mournful
2. De Immenso
3. Astro-Genetic
4. The Soulflesh Industries
5. One with the Stars
6. This Is Darkness
7. Lake Destiny
8. Stormtossed Centuries

1. Mournful

What holds me here?
A thin embrace and then nothing
To feel means to sink below
Under the surface of what they call living
They love to be in here
But only because they ignore life's shadows
In a time of dying hearts
Can't you see that we've already disappeared?

It has arrived, the darkest of dreams
Coldest light
It had always breathed inside us

2. De Immenso

*It's 1580, mankind is poisoned by the Church and its teaching
but a philosopher named Giordano Bruno fights against the Christian philosophical outlook*

And his vision is complete that universe is an infinity of life
And he rises his thoughts to kiss eternity and feel infinity
Out of his chamber of thoughts-he tells people about his believes
He is convinced that god's son was not the solving one no he was a lying son
A man who blinded the masses and told just lies
To hinder man from thinking-in Bruno's eyes universe means more life than us
So he touches Christ's dogma and wounds the church
To attack this grey monument of dogmatic thought control can mean his death

Spheres surrounding our existence and shaping life
Enigmas totally out of hand and unknown
So he neglects Christ's embodiments and the Christian faith
And spreads his believes to convince mankind
That living is without any bounds and not only on earth a heaven would exist
Live he preaches is even out in cosmos and the Christian view is only made for fools

The stars in his eyes wisdom through his lips and the water of knowledge
Rise to fall and fall to rise - an endless circle
We're a sweet breeze of dust drifting through nowhere - the seas of glimmer
Timeless sons creeping through the ashes of our destruction
What would it mean if the world burnt tonight - a tiny light (in universe)
And mankind was sworn to join death at dawn - a failed project lost

Where to lodge a god in infinity - what is time when our meaning is short
What are our believes - fragments without evidences
What is a theory when the essence is unknown

Church fears his views, the neglect of limits and "god's worldmates"
He despises the messiah and proclaims the blindness of god's son
To fight against Christ's authority will cause his execution - for the infinity of cosmos!
And once again liberty's wings are burnt, one wrong word can take your life
The cross - symbol for a dark age
They cut out the tongues of wisdom and lying prophets summon the masses
Individuality can mean your death - into dark light
Know all what you say but don't say all you know
Blindness makes them follow - to obey means to die


Look up to the stars tonight - the only light which always had shone
Shone down on history - centuries of tragedy and I see their reflections
Dimensions melt - transitory, eternal

3. Astro-Genetic

Tragedies grow here
At the abyss of the soul
Daylight tears the truth
But the night will open its mouth

And forlorn spirits rise
For pleasure and truth they seek
And starlit formations sail
A few travellers search for their origin
Through the nocturnal gates
The cosmos is in move tonight
drifting through the deepest spheres
Rising with the power of thought

the stars :
"We form infinity...forever unifying
We're the suns of the night
Guiding the ever searching"

The salvation for a twisted reality
In which you breath destroying lies
blinding your eyes to make you forget
who you are and taking control
Is to listen to the stars
They're your anthems
Leading you through the perplexion of ways
individual signs giving you powers
and the knowledge to understand

See behind night's curtains
Here is the end of all which is word
Drown in nightside hours
And erase the falseness of day
Day mourners on the rise again
We decolour the lies
The sun we're bound to
Is shining for the night

And as we summon the fires-thoughts bound to magic
Closing our eyes to see far beyond the seen
We're the children of earth dancing with its fires
And lightforgotten sceneries pass before our eyes

Into the arms of the night
The unsolar of feelings rises
The pulse of the storm
Entwining sorrows

Aeons passing my veins-the tales we share are our anthems
Centuries turned to stone in which we engrave our emotions
Nightfall take us away-we're the ones rising from ruins
The philosophies which slip through our lips shall hold us together

4. The Soulflesh Industries

Welcome the new life
A new creation locked inside a human form
A fatal creation of the new gods
Designing the coming elite

The curse of ethics lies in our hands
Denying all the morals which once were untouched

the creator:
"Hey, I am the hand that gave you light
You are the new dawn of our race
The cleaning of flesh there's no need to wait
A new dimension offered by your soul"

"I have seen (in my dreams) a new kind of dawn
A new fulfillment of man you can believe me
You're the one rising all over of all
What has been and will ever be"

A term of numbers changing the elemental
A new life design - a new life born
The perfect flesh created - weakness in decline
A new perfection but more than human

The modern Frankenstein arises
Total control , no compromise
No illness shall ever breath inside
But might this be the illness itself
The new generation divided
One lower - one supreme
A new hierarchy rising
On which conflicts are born

The new intelligence unleashed
Perfection on the throne
Humanity dethroned - defeat of individuality
Will the souls of the future be in the hands of the industry?
Will the new kings of the flesh be produced in the body of machines?
Spin the genetic codes - give programmed life to the world
A man who must not suffer or even has to die
But who can give suffering and death

And the day will come when they're together as one
The human and machine born - an ice age for the soul
But in the name of the future we have to rise and say our "mistakes" goodbye
This is what the vision of the scientist says and so machine and human link

A new industry is on the way
Producing flesh trading with life
Forming a generation - degeneration!
All hail the human capitalism!

vision of the new world:
"I see a world of decay where genetic codes decide men's way
Where they cultivate the perfect body and the soul rests asleep
When a child is not worth living if an illness might breath inside
I see no people hand in hand there-concurrence tears them apart"

"Remember when life was so untouched
We were shaped by our hearts and not designed before birth
Can't you feel the same that we loose ourselves
Come take my hand - no more genetic burdens"

And life is no longer out of hand-the scientist will give you light
But light means money-can we by the sun?

Are we really the crown of wisdom when all we create has power to destroy
And every progress will cause a wave of ruin when we try to weave our own today
Feel nature's power the chilling winds or the floods of immensity
To march against her way will late our soon wipe us all away

Is all living just logic-a combination of terms and substances?
Can all be produced in the glass-the glass of the cold scientist?
What number has your soul which forms the individual
Is all what we want control and the selfishness of some ideologists?

You'll fear their names - the soulflesh industries

Take me far away from the life of pay
When nature was the source of wisdom we were real children of earth
Take me far away from the souls of slay
When life was not in our hands there was a difference
In our domination grows a seed of decay which will kill humanity

Progress means downfall !?

5. One with the Stars

When eyes are closed
and souls entwine
...Out of orders
...Sorrows connect
...Travelling through infinity
...Eternal Voyeurs
...Unbound to flesh

6. This Is Darkness

Welcome to the fall of the century
the creeping hate plays the end-theme
Deadly chanting songs and we were its rhymers
The fading light of all what was holy

And so far we have been, our buildings touched the sun
How deadly they sing as they burst our lands

"For all that lives is holy and no one shall touch life's throne"
Beginning is a purpose but not on blackened lands
Cold monuments of steel only machines we cultivate
Death's architectures are built on our hate

The rain of the ultimate season - we'll all be brothers of decay
This is the end of reason - when It rises to end our lives
Kingdom of frozen emotions - our icons of bleeding stone
Dioramas turned into grey lands - can we return our lies
Flowing blood for the machines which determine our life
Is there a turning back now - open your eyes for the real essence of life
Eyes blind to understanding - we're just tools of the fall
Invoking crimson December - and this was life

Moment of Judgement:
"I'm the final one taking the power of the sun - fire to the universe your heavens shall burn
Over the seven seas I've come to see you on your knees - oceans rise, thunder and ice
I'll cast your land with shades the eclipse is on the wait - no sun for the sunborn darkness to light
And over every hill you'll hear my majestic will - sun so sombre paleness so pure"

There has something happened to this world-all leads to decease
Towards end time we march and let our children weep
The fountain of life is frozen - mirrors reflecting blood
We just leave unlife in our lifetime and by our failing we degenerate

For the next generation a vacant soil and cold resources
May they bring back the life we wasted and destroyed

Speech of Judgement:
"I have risen in the dark of night to make You tremble mankind
I, the light fearer I sense no time see me unbound at midnight
Join me in rejecting the lies or You'll be forlorn
If you won't atone for your sins your world will die"

But to blind to see we darkened our destiny
The sun will swallow a vacant planet
which name will long be forgotten
...and may this tragedy come over the next living
We're death's sons-life decays in us
The ashes we leave are like the air we breath
Grey of machines' dust comes over the world
Ash mother, dark father - wipe us away!

This was the turn of the century
our creeping hate played the end-theme
Death bringing songs have slipped through our lips and
Life's holiness is forever gone

7. Lake Destiny

Here I wait for something
Staring at the calming water which reflects the moon
It's all so pure here
And maybe the water can tell me more
And I sing with the moon, the water and the stars
Embracing my life through my eyes
In this atmosphere life's burdens disappear
Until the dawn will catch me again

In these starlit nights truth is reborn in me
And silence sings its songs of wisdom - solitude gets a new meaning
I just gaze and understand that the search is the aim itself
And I feel my destiny breathing in these depths before me

8. Stormtossed Centuries

"Centuries of breathless sleep
Nether drifting aeons
Dreamlands decayed in me
as life runs coldly down my veins"

...And over the centuries sorrow spreads its wings
We're constructions of the fall fading through the never
In the dying arms of light which embrace us we try to comprehend

There will always be fires to burn
But will there always be a sunrise?
Awaiting the tragedies which travel with the wind
And see destiny unbound

And for so long you travelled with the sun
And your dreams seemed so save

You see the curtains fall and life runs coldly down
You can't control it all - an individual fall
A tragedy slips into your life and burns out your inner
Loss is such a bitter word - but everything has to bleed
It is grey dawn's hour and your heart dries out
We just give mortal signs - before we have to leave
In this stormtossed nights embracing death's embodiments
Tears will wash the lands - over the centuries

Some say destiny is written and behind the stars our real life begins
But now your feelings are broken and the asperity of life you feel
All you loved is forever gone or has been taken away
And many stars you see are already gone it's just their light which still shines

"Mother, I will return to sleep although my heart still speaks
The hunter is on the search again and he is going to steal my dreams,
The last colour of my life - and they once seemed so save"

Lost in time forever in this strange pool of tears
This dark light of never is stealing our sight
As we swim through the never till we disappear
Catch a last drop of power and make you heard

We're bound to the last sun and as it shines our hearts will grow
Until the new ones will capture light
When the sense is found here and the elements are clear
Is that when we'll all know where to go ?
Vagabonds of lonesome let's fight for all our names
Until...together as one - united in death
And together we mourn - lost children always (been) wrong
Up to new life we will descend

We're like lost winds in the night crying through eternity
The tragedies we're born into are called reality
Dark centuries enclose us and what are we still searching for?
Are we what we are or isn't there a little more?
Share your tears with me sweet sufferess of destiny
Life has taken life from you but sorrow is not just for you
We're in the centre of the storm and life might blow new chances
There is so much we have to learn and the least lies in our hands
We're like lost winds in the night crying through eternity
The tragedies we're born into are called reality
Share your tears with me sweet sufferess of destiny
Life has taken life from you and sorrow
....Is stronger than you - no !

Oh, Cassandra don't go
Your individuality shines like the sun

...But she was already in the mouth of the fall
...Bound to decay

"Cold Sleep Mother, My life into your arms
For I shall no more descend"


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