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Somewhere in the Grey

"Somewhere in the Grey" (2002)

1. Into the Grey
2. Hearts Go Under
3. Seems to Decay
4. The Grey Demonic
5. Falling into Misery
6. Misery's Own..
7. Cloud Ways
8. In the Line of Tragedy
9. A Taste of Wonders

1. Into the Grey

2. Hearts Go Under

Hey, sweet destinal child all has withered on your way the dark fills your days

A colder sun and a paler moon lead you through the days of decay

What about a river that flows against you?

What about a sun that shines not for you?

What about things you don’t reckon with?

What when you are in the line of tragedy?

“Used inside dark walls where no heart can find existence

Under his wings which darkened the sun.

Breathless, time relents someone covering with coma under his wings.

Rapture, it’s within me-a moment becomes forever

No sun where I cry, the corner echoes my shivering breath.

Raping the dove-nailing me upon the wall of sorrows…under his wings

I’m heading for the next spring, a moment of light as he injects me the fall

A moment isolating I won’t talk to the world of this darkest moment in my life

Razors cut me

Father of the sunlight don’t let them see my wounds

It’s he who avoke my demons he’s king of my psyche for I shall be the queen of loss

I was always awaiting the morning and sipped the first rays of light

But now I fear that they will see my broken sight

Needels pierce me

Mother of the moonlight lay your healing glance on my soul”

The curtain falls and and his act is complete, his hunger is stilled

And she lies bleeding where he layed her life in ashes

In this night this house is a dead house all suns to sleep when she sips for light

In these nights she will return to the dead house - penetrated whispers, totured eyes

“It’s within myself that my coming days will have a grey dawn

And how fragile are the paths we walk on, destiny broke my ground and I fall down

Oh how sunken are the dreams within me as all rivers flow against me

And the birds sing of my denial under a paler moon and a darker sun”

Icon of the fall behave when air is short to breathe

When the sun is shining but there’s no light (for you)

Embedded in winter’s shrouds demons intensify your fear

Rising from the ashes which now mark your way

Through the nights of terror-await moon and sun full of fear

Sunforgotten, filled with despair-she’s just a ghost in your eyes

3. Seems to Decay

She seems to decay, this is her way destiny has chosen

Wash last night’s dirt away and run as far as your feet can carry you

From now on you’re a ghost, somehow existing but not really there

One false step into light and they will point at you, the distance to avoid you

Like a fallen star in the nightsky, there is no home and the ground burns below

No matter where you go the shadows appear and somewhere out there is your demon

Oh, how empty you are there is pain in every breath

And all these walls seem so lifeless reflecting greyness-only sleep

Leave the citys radiation mind their noise and their machines

Cause all these walls seem so lifeless

Reflecting greyness-only cold sleep

It hurts you like a rock as somehow rises the memory

The fear in your eyes is the hunters´ strength

“Who is there for me –no one! Can I talk? - Not to anyone!

I leave these grey walls behind me, to shun their eyes piercing me

Out of the city I run searching for shelter but in whose arms?

Into nature´s green flees my sight as at a small lake I arrive

Standing here all alone as I gaze into the water and I know…

Weeping here all alone as I gaze into the water and I know…

That life will never be the same, someone has hollowed me

And faith will no more grow inside my soul-I have a constant fear

Walking through ashes as my life passes

Wounds and fury-all which is left from me

In these grey constructions a soul has no function

My desintegration will bring me closer to death

…Memories poundering…dead dreams… no aim… visions poundering…

…Someone´s fading… in the grey…memories poundering…dead dreams…

…No aim…visions poundering…somewhere in the grey…

Life will never give the promise that you´ll dare in respect

When life ruins life it´s you who´s next to drown

It´s he who´s full of sick dreams lightless all inside nailing you in his world

A world which is full of cold dreams no more suns to rise, instinct is its god

You´re his slave for a moment, slave to all his world, slave in this grey world!

“I see a ghost in the water”

“How it were to feel life again-a sense that will keep me going on

A moment of light to load my soul but I know-I´m bound to decay

Give light to my eyes kill the demons hiding in the night

Solve me from this coma and heal my wounds…I´m still breathing…”

4. The Grey Demonic

“The fragile wings of our existence let me fall down once again

Further into the house of horror that’s where he wants his lady to be

The demon reaches out his hand for me

My breath relents, time seems to stand still”

The visions cut like a knife-torturing is timeless

Post-traumatic-lost-grey’s instruments are working

The sorrow engine now will weave her dreams

“When I sleep, where I weep, what a deep”

Through our ignoration little tyrants rise

Covering our lands with guiltiness

Behind city’s innocent walls somewhere the demons hide

See doors close-in the trap, snap,snap

Can there be salvation when we remain silent

The demon reaches out his hand for her

Breath relents, time seems to stand still

“Let pain be my new form of lust cos’my demon is out of control”

5. Falling into Misery

6. Misery's Own..

“ I shun the light, here they can’t see me

As I rule my own misery

Their world will break me, here I am safe

Here rules no instinct

No wants just needs but unawake

Their world is false

I can’t breathe here

Terror and lies fill the air

I’m misery’s own sleeping behind life

Grey is my colour

I fear their world – somewhere behind life

Deadworld’s martyrium

For all that sleeps in me

I mesmerize then kiss decay

Returning to slumber and I am somehow

Pierced by a darkness within

A grey pulse hollows me

I am misery’s own child

Television’s empty speech

Girl of void avoiding the world – traitor

But are they all like him?

Are there only sick minds?

I cannot believe

For the sake of the planet

Lost-in my chamber of misery

Cold-staring at its walls

My eyes-blue sorrow seas

See me in Atlantis

A whole world ignores that I’m going under

Tearmother put the curtains aside give life a chance

Darkfather release me just for a moment

Then you can again possess me

Through my eyes I see as I look out of the window

Through my eyes I see with solemn hope

Through my eyes I see and my mind becomes clear

Through my eyes I see a sun shining on

A world that is slave to the industry

Where money is the law

Weapons prepared for the next war

Are they to blind to see?

All the new ones join the machinery

Before I adapt their hypocrisy

I’ll better remain in the arms of misery

All my life passes before me in scenes

All my dreams just let them come to me (again)

All I ever was and ever will be

Can this be taken by this moment of darkness?

No! I will start a with shadows in my back)”

7. Cloud Ways

“In my chamber of loneliness

Only tears with me throughout these sad days

And my dreams they are so sunken

Where’s the rescurer to lift my Atlantis

Angelmother take me on your cloud

So high above (I) could sink (so) far without going under

Carry me and my destiny

Far away and up to the sun

See me on the cloud ways

See me drifting cloudways

The drama is that I dread even my dreams

All fulfilment lies in broken glass

Isolation’s walls are getting higher

On and on till they cover the sun

But I will walk my way

Let nothing stand between me and my life

And no matter how icy’s my shell

There will always be something warm working on

And no matter how dark is the sun

There will always be a star shining on”

8. In the Line of Tragedy

Endtime-silence reigns

Someone lost control

Heartless creations-the inner dies

And somewhere dies the soul

Grieftime-no suns to shine

Something lost control

Erie radiation-icy ground

The dawn will never come

Sleeper-your heart goes under

Search for new paths of light

Don’t rest in the line of the fall-strenghless

Weeper-your fears become greater

Oceans of tears-soon to drown

Quit the flock of the dead

The hunt is over but shadows in your back

It’s still breathing in you

No work in the system-the clock allows to sleep

As its arms stand still

Sorrow here is just a source of friction

Mesmerize-no time to hear the weak

The society of function

Never desintegrate by being hurt

“I never sleep at night

Under my bed there lurks a demon

In my dreams the worsest of feelings

Thrown into this world-what are my purposes

Punished in this world for just being me

Help me in these nights

Feel me-all my needs

Be here and lift my soul

For new light to come

Life does not end here

New light will take my fear away

And I will speak about all in my deep

…When I turn to you don’t leave me standing”

9. A Taste of Wonders

“After winter’s hands released me

And I dare to speak about all my world

And all within my soul

Tonight I’ll rise to search for life

Out of the dark into the arms of the sun

As I feel life for new

Tearing all down these houses of cold

To see the garden of light again

Till the end of my days I have to arrange with my fears

Now the hunter’s far but his demons will return

They shall be the ghosts – yes them, not me

Out of the dark into the arms of the sun

And I feel life for shure

Tearing all down these houses of cold

To see the garden of light again

Out of the dark into the arms of the sun

And I feel life so close

Tearing all down these houses of grey

To see the garden of light again

One with the earth and the sunrise

Out of the mouth of demise

Bound to the moon and the stars

They will never reign (again)”



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