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The Eyes of the Beast

"The Eyes of the Beast" (2000)

1. The Eyes of the Beast
2. And Winter Will Rise...
3. Secret of Eternal Forests
4. The Solstice
5. The Light of Blood and Pain
6. Days of Darkness
7. Damnation of Silence

1. The Eyes of the Beast

The beast dies in the Ancient wood
And the sight fades,
And the snow it just seems,
The silence is darker in the pine wood
It's the meaning of tree, revealed by Beast.
The beast is the world,
Where the breathe of the forests is light
Dying, he can't comprehend the rhanges,
Staying in the world where he was
This winter air will not be stranger for him
And the snow locks merge
To the pines' out lines
A meloncholly for freezing wind fills the heart
With greif for the past:
Screams of the raven in the empty wood
And silence with autumnal downpours,
And low fog on the swamps,
Death in the Eyes Of The Beast
Dark blue twillight.
Wolf's pupils in fire through the fog,
As burned oaks in the dead grumble,
And in the torned rhops, The winter
Without enlightenment, expectation, pain
Will finish a rhange in to other nature
Behind the memory side
And infinte weariness

2. And Winter Will Rise...

Celestial light is squeezed
In January darkness, and the horor is naked,
They look at the eagle aimed in snow,
And the silence is nuded,
The strongholds in the rags,
The broken vault's in fire
As ghost, the trunk choped up and black.
The Son of Land,
Take the ashes and the burnt wood,
The vault raised his night torch.
The vault is protected
For ancient times 'battlefields.
You'll not meet the warrior more majestic
And formidable than the oak's shade.
In distant fires ,with scourages, with neigh,
Approaching darkness turns lillac.
The ravens scream above the dead hill.
Hands of the cold ride a fast horse.
The storm, the sun is in black waters.
The lake? Its breast of mine. It is dead.
Above the forest sea the winter rises.

3. Secret of Eternal Forests

Oh, symbol of the Ancient Wood!
Huge sarcofage,
Where time buried the past glory!
Passed so heavy way.
To the source of wisdom of past centuries
Bow knees before you,
With whole soul absorbed your power,
And dark, and glory!
Silence, the memory of past centuries!
Devastation and night!
I see, I see this power,
All is dim before her.
Where fell the heroes -
To storm the green of wood,
Where rustled wings of eagle -
Turned the black raven.
So this forest, century trees,
Thicking hills and blackened stones -
A sole, what remained to us?
The near echo hoots, from depth of woods.
Spread a real voice to devote:
"We are imperious above the hearts of giants,
The masters and geniuses of Earth!
We still keep our power and glory,
Not all magic that is hidden
in us has disappeared,
Not all the visions, secrets and legends,
Not all remembrances, that have covered
Us by a tenacious and hidden attire,
And the unearthly glory fills heart!"

4. The Solstice

Summer buried a corpse of Spring
The eye will not touch anymore
Neither to gloomy wave nor to linen of
Smelting shine. And tree without life.
Rumble of subterranean battle
And smell of decay.
The wintering dwelling for so many warriors
Is you our heart.
The thought, which torment of my past,
Blind and singe a black sun.
Oaks, power of silence, autumn of existence.
Under a foot bloodless metals.
The cover of throwing Spring.
And only freezing heaven, his transparent.
The sea smoothness with funeral moon.
Domain of secret sun.
Beyond the interlacement of flesh - darkness.
The roots is motionless, as the bodies,
Raising of silence,
And broad open the eyes.
The leaden vault is bleeding
Of raven scream.
Blood and dew,
Convulsive shine of earth light.

5. The Light of Blood and Pain

The light pierces my eyes
The horns' blow, fluid bronze blade
The calling scream. The other worlds'
Birds speak to us.
Spread out, the light of fire,
The light of the sacrifice. And
the lungs inhale the smoke
In a corporal form -
Like an eagle divided in half
I am, alive.
And as that eagle I am living, Gods!
Will I be the whole one or divided for You?
Whistle of winter storm,
And summer squall in tops of the oak.
Wind, let your Sons
Roam in the steppe
But for my Sons it destined to see
The red Crimson light of sunset
That is blood and pain of my Land.

6. Days of Darkness

The body absorbed by the strange sound.
The light is closed in the sky vault hopelessly,
Gloomy weight, rumble, sun shine,
In our entrails. The winter light
Can't light the spring.
And silence. And the wood whisper.
The sun disappeared and
Went behind the wood,
Suddenly eclipsed with improse flame
It's own shine.
And twilight cuted up as sword.
They are as blood as ideal water.
The trees look blindly to water desert.
Of own fate. The dark oak stands
Awaiting as if the whole world suffused
With only instant of the awaiting.
It may be the light eating the forests.
And burning the branches of the iron winters.
It may be winter twilight wind
The black arrows' fire taking away.
Then the eyes open for all.
As if they ran see circling of the stars.
The sky, the water, the atmosphere water.
The fate of the light,
Confused with darkness eternally.

7. Damnation of Silence

The waters of river stormy aspire to sea,
The foamy waves of dark-purple color
Under crimson eye of sun.
Along the shore from lilies
Comes vague murmur,
Similar to the noise of underground waters.
They sigh, The border of their domains is horrible, black wood.
Primeval trees eternal swing
With mighty noise and rumble.
And from their peaks depart upward
Fall the drops of dew.
The grey clouds eternal aspire on west,
Beyond fiery wall of horizon.
But not a wind on heavens.
Was night, and was fall the rain;
And, falling, that was rain, but
Fall, that was blood.
And momentary, through the transparent deadly mist,
A purple moon rose.
The cliff illuminated with the light of the moon.
Was grey, dead and high.
And writting appeared on stone: "Desolation".
Then the elements was cursed
With damnation of violence
And a terrible storm burst on heavens.
Heaven darkened of rage of the tempest,
Water of river foamed from torment,
And lilies was shrilly screamed.
The trees break down under press of wind,
Thunder was rolling and lightning was throw.
And cliff was concussed to foundation.
Over endless desert impend
The damnation of silence.
From senses, peculiar all,
Remain the only one: the endless horror spreaded
Over all surface of Earth.
And shadow of sound can not be heard.
And writting changed, It was saying: "Silence".


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