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"Heritage" (2002)

1. The Spirit Born of Freedom
2. Forgotten Name
3. Ancestors' Shadows
4. Awakening
5. Through Time of Memory

1. The Spirit Born of Freedom

Pain of my soul
Is embraced with the roots
Of the Ancient oaks
The abyss of forest dust
The high of heaven's water
Vast oceans of the forest
The look of eagle alone the heaven side
I turned to all this
Sunbeam was fading
Where no one else has been I was
The others left the black back water
Their spirit is dead forever
Let my scream wake up
All those who left in swamps and thickets
Those times has gone
But I'll never have the rest
My soul rather shall like eagle soar
Than be oppressed by shade of sadness.

2. Forgotten Name

After the awakening in the forest
It seemed you're forgotten
This world free and nameless
Is before your thoughts
With greatest power
The visions appearing
You reminding the names
Of every river
Every tree
And every hill
The moment will come
In icy stillness
In the black forest's thicket
You'll hear your name
Forgotten with ages.

3. Ancestors' Shadows

Look! There Gods has rose their throne
Where's our ancestors' dust
In the mist, like in bonfire's smoke
Where all heroes went
Into the shadows land
Those battles I remember
I feel the adversity's approach
I cannot close my eyes
The lightning's light was scarlet
In the midnight
It tore the black clouds
I heard the war horns howl
And storm of moan screamed
In impenetrable darkness
About the battles on my earth
My great spirit soared
And eagered for the battle
To the freedom
Reaching the spirit's freedom
The way of heart to inherit the glory
The times of past eternal call
Only the time set free my flight
And I rushed in the land of shadows
Of mist and sacred fire

4. Awakening

The spirit is awoken by Eternity rays
Icy wind was breathing in the dark
The moon was calling by the cold look
The world was lying spread under the sky
In the sea of rays that swirled
Its golden gleam over soul
The spirit who's house is there
In the deep sky
Wings of gloom has spread over the vale
The mist-like forest gleams
In blind tears of mist
No single ray shall shine
Over the long night
The land shall hoot of thousands alarm bells
The swords-like lightnings
shall cut the night
And mad fire shall burn
Stand up from your knees
Take this sparkle
The look. It is the first look of fire
Your call. That call in the distance
Grows up into the long hum
The hum of free land's birth.

5. Through Time of Memory

Life flows like a violent stream
The world may die with me only
It is in my heart
Bound with rains and dews are my days
Spiteful belief does beats in their hearts
In this world full of lies
With every cell we're mingled
With every feeling
And with every nerve
We're bound
Time rushes to memories
My heart soar and vanishes
On the eternal ways
There's too much fire
The pain burns me through
The scars of earth
Unhealed wounds of Fathers
With the blood and the steel
Eternity overfilled my look.


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