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"Ancestors' Shadows" (2002)

1. On the Eternal Way
2. Under the Cover of Destiny
3. Thunder I Shall Bring
4. Immortality Reached Fire
5. After the Battle
6. The Last Dawn
7. The Call of My Land

1. On the Eternal Way

Fire approaches and there's nowhere to hide, the fiery cross swallowing us
It burns, closing away my skies, the fiery dew dripping from it
Sky is torn apart, and the cross of fire still burns
And our sons is burning in, and rays as nails has been nailed in our souls
How to escape from this blizzard? No escape, and the cross of fire chases after us
A stamp. A knock. The hooves throwing sparkles, the road is all covered with pools
Beated with tears, there's crosses and crucifixes on the eternal road.

2. Under the Cover of Destiny

And your spirit shall be alone, deep sleep in dark forests
Let spirit keeps the silence, you're alone but not forgotten
Death was beside you in your life, death is beside you in your death
Do believe in it's power! Bright night shall look frown
And only shining of the stars will not be dull
I will remind you of your destiny, the thoughts you can't get off
The visions you can't scatter away from your spirit, the sighs of Gods.
The distant wind the roar, the mists on the grey swamps
And shadow keeps its gloom, and misery of death

3. Thunder I Shall Bring

Following the thunder and the flashes of lightning, upon the way that is revealed to them only
Where upon the skythrone, rod rules the law, I came to this land
Where's no light, no dark, no time, steppes and ravines, forest's oceans.
The oak-giants, the fragile birches, the sea is rising to the heaven
Within it's fire burns the flame, my spirit soars over free land
Trembling my chest, proclaim the song of Gods unmeasurable dusk
A shadow of unknown past, the woods open the gates to adepts
Black clouds is gathered in the burning sky, THUNDER!
And blackest gloom the fall, my spirit shool this earth with storm
Sorrows of past and glory of future, grey covered gloom
Dripping light-drops upon my heart.

4. Immortality Reached Fire

Black forest tops has minged with the skies, and only grass trembling scarcely
West gleams with the scarlet afterglow, birds and animals are quiet with fear
Every sound has faded suddenly, no any rustle to hear
Earth's hands has touched to the strings, celestial lyre has uttered a moan
The sounds of beyond is singing now, severe fire burns my soul
The heart is all in sick, the heart is like dried away
River of fire runs through my veins, tears has dried upon the dull glance
The speech has froze on the cold lips, let the heaven's vaults do blast with thunder
The flame alive, burn the abyss!

5. After the Battle

I stood, all surrounded with gloom, there was only black shadows around me
The moon rose over the horizon, and the stars reflected in my eyes
And listening I had a feeling, the earth is choking, the smell of burn
And sweet'n'sour taste of death, the moon reflects bloody gleams
In the quiet of the silence, no solitude shall be
For here are buried forever, those whom one shall not forget
Their souls piercing the skies of black, the icy moon, the sea of bright stars
Fills night with its deadened light, of rays of pain and fire
The time of prophet's visions has filled my spirit
The thoughts that never can get ease, like a blood wasted steel
A wind, the sigh of Stribog, the hill is the name of the fallen
Black mist in the high, the mystery in the dark of the world.

6. The Last Dawn

7. The Call of My Land

I hear the voice, my land is calling me, and that call is enemy's sword in the heart
Murmur of the oaks and moans of the forests, screams of the rivers, and weeping of the streams
And a dumb look of the lakes so green, is bringing the news of my enemies to me.
Black are their clothes, greedy are their beasts-like looks
They have the law of sword, they have the fight of blood
My Land, let me ease your pain, let me give you strength
The forest is embraced with wrathful noise, and I can see the ray of your dawn
With sun it shall gleam on the steel, when it's time for war.


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