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Winter Seed

"Winter Seed" (2005 EP)

1. At the Lands End
2. Morning Sun
3. Treatise nr21
4. Dead Calm
5. No More Pain
6. King of Men

1. At the Lands End

I stand at the lands end,
when the world had to end.
Visions of future repeating the past,
again I had to be the last.

Horizon taking my eye, a journey through the time.
Pictures of us, along centuries, whisper the missing of mine.

Disipline defecting, xxx
xxx, xxx

Tormented are the weak, xxx ones.
No victories shall done, for the ones who feel.

xxx from my ancestors, xxx ones.
xxx the fee, xxx massacre

Within wish of better day, I carried out my pain.
You wished it wasn't for real, but the pain is that I reveal.

Mind, a mirror of the past, that doesn't reflect the future.
Within darkness in my heart, I shall lay beside you.

2. Morning Sun

3. Treatise nr21

Far away, dark side of the moon. On the highest mountain.
My temple reaches the stars, the church of my profundity faith.
Sculptured by scissorman and evil sandman.

Sights and visions descend to my mind, poor stupid mankind,
curses it's own faith, raping your consciousness.
You tremble away as blind, you wish to be embraced by death.
You see no light nor hope, life within' empty darkness.

Cosmic fire will burn one's soul, thoughts of rivers fallen to my mind
As in my dreams.. The spirit and soul unite.
To become as one, my shadow is risen.
I will see to mans end, as my name is mere Logos.

Hurt little angel weeps, carrying the weight of world.
Cry prayers for salvation, I will consider it.

Sun rinses out the pain, flushing away the filth, that stain the seven roses.
Magician shall take middleways place and thus shall set free those planetarian prisoners.
Whose tone is righteous and who are the right way tuned to the work to be done.
Fires close up the shadow, yet not burning it. Veil of fire is prepared.

Thus magicians shall say aloud those words, that unite water and fire..
Into one.

4. Dead Calm

As death awaits you to scream.
As fullmoon expects you to howl.
Fullmoon encircles shadows with a silvery sheen.
Don't want to be a werewolf, until it's time to die.
Don't want to be evil, until the night is dead calm.

The lake of mind is calm.
The rivers of heart are frozen.
The forest of passion is withered
And I can't see if it's dead calm.

As heaven awaits you to fall.
As hell awaits you to rise.
What is this madness and
obscurity, total bewilderment,
scruples of expedients.
The blinded fall by dead calm.

Many mountains have I moved,
Yet many lifes taken,
Still no harm is done,
Until the silent frost..
Until the night turns dead calm.

5. No More Pain

6. King of Men


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