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Black Dust

"Black Dust" (2001 Demo)

1. Guiltless Race
2. The Descent of Man
3. Insane
4. Abandoned Child

1. Guiltless Race

Guiltless race

The cold doesn't bother us
The sun doesn't make us human
We don't feel a thing
We don't give a fuck about you

Your irritating whining
Makes us stronger to kill you all
You think that you can stop us
With your laws and forces

But we aren't what you think
We are god and rule over life
Feelings are for the weak
A feeling for you just makes us sick

Nationalism has driven us
To kill your country and believes
The smell of your rotting
Makes us pride of the fight

Your country that is bleeding
Makes us a hero of humankind
There is something that makes us strong
And that is the justice for all (our justice)

Fearing us is a solution
Standing in our way is an execution

2. The Descent of Man

The descent of man

The peaceful solidarity shall collapse.
Caused by the decline of the species.
The genes of mankind shall deteriorate.
Something has to be done.

There has to be made an end to the fate
that hangs around the natural birth.
Genetic manipulation will stop the decline.
Then we will stand above gods creation.

Creating a superior race.
Killing the weak.
We survive.
No evolution.
Our downfall.

We think that mankind is the final creation
and seeing life as a gift.
This has created a resistance against matter to improve itself.

3. Insane


What makes us more different
Than the neighbour next door
What makes us more different
Than the people who we ignore

Putting ourselves in boxes
Making each other strangers
Putting ourselves in higher positions
Making ourselves gods

Why must we have so many religions
When we are talking about the same god
Why are we fighting each other
When we believe in the same god

Ignoring the man who comes for help
Saying we have enough
Ignoring the man who wants some change
Saying that we are in a rush

Who the fuck do we think we are
What the fuck makes us better
Why are we irritating each other
Why are we enjoying killing each other

Why do I hate a different kind of people
People who have different ideas
Why don't I change myself
So I can enjoy my human life

I'm insane
You all make me insane

Because life is to much frustrated
And people just only irritate
Moaning about there pathetic lives
That is why I want you people all to die

4. Abandoned Child


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