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circle of nature

"circle of nature" (2006)

1. intro
2. my black egg
3. the night
4. the white ball
5. the rotted smell
6. the scourge
7. my revenge
8. 0
9. 14-25
10. a new spirit
11. the phrases of truth

1. intro

Where am IÖ?
ButÖ Who am I?
Am I human?
Yes, but only in appearance! We take of all from the same equal spirit
But land all in different shells to become vegetation, stones, animals or even humans. Theyíve decided me bird for this time.
But who decides?

2. my black egg

Thatís it, itís my turn to hatch.
I have spent well too much time questioning myself on the nothingness of the universe.
My birth in the heights of a tree lets me admire the blue sky,
Drawn of a few white clouds.

Iím still my mothers and my nests prisoner.
The wind brings me so many new things,
Iím impatient to learn how to fly so I can see them all.
Can we speak of novelty when we havenít lived anything yet?

Thatís it, mom arrived holding in her beak a few worms.
Iím very hungry! But muss I eat living beings?
Theyíre me in another and not very different.
I donít have much choice if I want to live.

Time passes and at last I know how toÖ fly.
My mom leaves us, the other birds to.
We are, from now on, free and independent
Like this fresh air that I will now explore.

3. the night

fly finally very far from the tree where I was born.
The trees, the rivers, the mountains and the plains
Pass under me at very high speed.
But now, my wings need some rest.

I will put down my feet in the field.
The big white ball will once again hide
Behind the mountains and everything becomes black.
So black that we can only see two things:
White dots in the sky and another white ball.

This white ball, full like an egg puzzles me.
These rays reassure me and excite me.

Is there an end to this infinite darkness?
Other worlds? Other thoughts?
Or maybe simply
The reflection of animal dreams?

Can we reach these white dots?
I know theyíre very very far, but
I will try anyhow.
Direction: up there!

4. the white ball

I fly, further and further without getting there
The white spots are definitely too far,
But the white ball of the night approaches more and more.

But suddenly, a lack of breath holds me.
I get exited, I fall the other way
While having a magnificent view of our beautiful sphere,

At the last moment I straiten up
And find myself in a different forest
The darkness passes fast this time.
What were these lights in our sphere?

Are we trapped in this sphere by a layer of gas?
Whatís it for? Havenít we got the right to visit?
Therefore itís so nice up there!
Who created all of this?

I continue this little flight.
Passing over the fields I see a weird creature.
Itís standing on two feet, itís covered by textile with a tube that shins
In the hand.
I heard a loud sound coming from it andÖ a piece of metal pierces my
So itís him the human whom we speak so often.
I fade away.

Theyíve decided me wolf for this time.

5. the rotted smell

Thatís it, itís my turn to come out.
I have spent well too much time questioning myself in the nothing less of the universe.
My birth in a forest of fir trees allows me to admire this lovely nature,
Covered of green lush.

My mother left my quite early.
I feel rather independent to live by myself.
We are very small and disappear little by little.
Mom always said that the cause is the human.

I know the forest by heart and I know I shouldnít leave it.
It becomes smaller and smaller, the trees are cut down by iron hands.
Life becomes hard, the game becomes rare.
Everybody fears me and runs away from me.

I talk a lot with the trees,
They are a lot older than us and know plenty about the world.

They know for example that thereís four moments every time.
When the leafs fall, when itís cold, when theyĎre born and
When itís hot.
But the past few years, everything has changed and itís hot when it should be cold.
According to them, this unhealthy smell is the cause.

6. the scourge

After a long discussion with a fir tree,
I decided to follow the origin of the smell to fix the problem.

I walk for days and days threw the forest towards south.
During the day I walk and at night I sleep or look at white dots.

I arrive at last at the end of the forest and notice that
More I advance and more the nature is sad.

Iím out at last, itís horrible.
It stinks, the air is full of grey clouds and the noise breaks my ears.

I advance even still, but this time on a grey road with lines in the middle.
I hear a noise, I look back and I see a very fast red animal.
I doesnít walk, it rolls. Thereís even many, of all the colours.
They scare me!

I continue and arrive in the middle of a giant earth.
I see a biped holding by a string a wolf of a false race.
It doesnít have anymore the same smell, it is smaller and very different.
How is that?

He insults me by threatening me of death.
I canít accept that.
I jump on his neck and bite with all my strength.
The biped run shouting, he irritates me.
I kill him as well as his baby in a shell in height.

7. my revenge

So itís that the human, so itís from him that come these rotten smells and novices?
Iíll revenge my race, Iíll kill them all, Iíve got hate and theyíll suffer my angerÖ

I advance and there I see I whole lots of humans that are walking.
Seeing me, they start running.
I kill them one after the other, some of them succeed to escape, I hound them
Till there death.
My hate rises!

A dozen of young humans walk through the grey road.
I kill them all, I eat the meet of some of them.

The rolling animals try to run over me, but I move away.
They wonít have me like that.

A human in blue follows me since a while ago,
He makes a sound with a little tube.
I will kill him too.
Why isnít he moving?
He points his tube at me andÖ a piece of metal pierces my body.
Is that so the infinite power of the human?
I throw myself at him with my last strength to bite his face.
Like that I would have turned my killer blind.
The humans gather around me to see me die.
ManÖ one dayÖ the nature will eradicate your race.

Theyíve decided me human for this time.

8. 0

Thatís it, itís my turn to come out.
I have spent well too much time questioning myself in the nothing less of the universe.
Iím born in a horrible room with many people around me.
Canít we have a little intimacy with my mother at birth?

Who are these men dressed till the feet,
Producing weird sounds through there mouth?
Mom, protect me from them! Iím scared, I cryÖ
She looks at me laughingÖ I think that she doesnít understand.
Or maybe itís me that doesnít understand?

Itís not that she doesnít understand, itís that she doesnít want to!
Iím weekÖ Mother brings me home.

Itís strange, but thereís always someone with mother, who is it?
They always put me in clothes, wash me everyday!
Iím starting to be fed up of being small, I want to be big!
Time passes and I grow.

9. 14-25

ím in love with a girl in my class.
But she doesnít want to go out with me.
Loveís stupid, itís human and useless.
Adolescent crisis, yeah right!
In any case Iím always right.

Studies are a piece of shit and my parents are assholes.
Life stinks, I canít do anything without asking my mom.

Growing up, I see things differently.
I do studies to win my life and I win my life to live.
Can we say that I live to win my life and do studies?
Itís something like that yes.

Iíve got a wife, a kid, an apartment and a car.
Itís a normal life, but Iíve in fact asked for this life.

Today, Iím coming home late from work.
I had a little fun with the secretary.

Iíll take a shortcut through a small alley,
Or then my wife will figure out that I spend too much time for some work.
But in this small alley, three drunk men, smelly, ugly and unhealthy.
They approach me and ask for my wallet a gun pointed at me.

I give it to them, he shoots me anyhowÖ
I lie on the ground and I see his satisfaction.
I use my last strength to tell him one thing:
Ö Fuck you! Ö

10. a new spirit

11. the phrases of truth


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