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The Human: Conditioned

"The Human: Conditioned" (2007)

1. Blind Shepherds
2. Cerebral War
3. The Human: Conditioned
4. Morbid Fascination
5. Absolute Zero
6. Wasteland
7. Evolution of the Germ

1. Blind Shepherds

Instigators of the lie and yet a truth still slumbers, hidden deep behind a shroud.
Bred to apathy the flock will follow their blind shepherds.
Fall in line to heed the call of the Piscean way.

Ever the foolish, forging their path to the sky through reverence of obsolete rules.
No matter the outcome they’ll do what it takes to defy the last Jihad.

Power looming, unseen to their eyes. The verses, their pretence, do not justify.

Living ignorant. The wars and bloodshed long forgotten. History written in blood.
Ancient documents erode in time like all things set in stone. Laws of nature usher in the Aquarian age.

Into the unknown, dominant forces collide. The exiled ones embrace the chaos. Whatever the outcome, we’ll do what it takes to survive the last Jihad.

Power growing right before our eyes. Vicious yearning calls on us to fight.

Pandemic wildfires burning to the ground to cleanse their tainted rule and fertilize.

Now living in an overhauled existence. Reality maligned and tables turned.
The smouldering ground lies fertile with new promise. The time has come to rise.

Broken effigies, the symbols of a dictum shattered. Two millennia of deceit.
Reciprocation will be swift and bestowed with pure vengeance.

Shattering dogma, witness the truth with new eyes. The strings of fate hang loose and tangled. Whatever the outcome, only the strong will survive the last Jihad.

2. Cerebral War

In a constant turmoil
Ever searching for a name
To the faces of our psyche

Disconected decomposition
Of the fragments of
A long shattered soul

Vain attempt to reassemble
A centuries old and abandoned reality
But it’s far too late

The flesh absorbs
Multiplying spores
Overthrows control
Fighting a cerebral war

Product of conception
I’ve an immoral objection to this
Sedentary minded destiny

How can we live for the future
In a history that repeats itself

The answers scream
From deep within the void
We call our minds
And, yet again, are ignored


Unforseen and unfulfilled
The dilemas of the past remaining
Burried alive in this organic shell

A war of silent words
Ensues within its confines
But no victory is certain


3. The Human: Conditioned

4. Morbid Fascination

5. Absolute Zero

6. Wasteland

Suck in all the air about you
And claim to be individualistic
No more than the billionth clone
Of a pre-fabricated media drone

(verse 1)
Mass marketed soul in a buyers market
Oblivious to the manipulation of corporate gods
Incestuous breeding of your hate through generations
Shall eventually lead to your downfall

No! We will not show you sympathy
Content to be outside
Your social heirarchy

(verse 2)
And the day will come when the weak shall rise
Above the strong
In a murderous frenzy they rape your world
All governements crumble and your empires will burn
And their children will play in the ashes!

(repeat chorus)

(repeat verse 2)

7. Evolution of the Germ


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