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"Level" (2001)

1. Two Thousand Years
2. Holy Sodomy
3. The Pagan Sun Rises Again
4. Humanimal Life
5. Necrozone Earth
6. BrutalloRacer
7. Fear Is A Trap
8. Electrocution
9. Level
10. 2000 Yearzz (BroyndZagg remix)

1. Two Thousand Years

Death, destruction, bloody ecstasy!
On lances death-rattling infants
On gallows, showing tongues the priests!
Burned churches of vile god!

Blood, filth, desecrating cross,
On stakes twisting the christians.
Ancient Gods ask for victim,
Furious feast for the ravens!

Jesus wept, his icon throw down,
Virgin Maria in ripping clothes!
Christian fanatics gorging a shit!
Ancient truth, back to life!

Children of the night, pagan hordes,
Cutting necks myrmidons of Christ!
Burning churches and destroying society,
Two thousand years lies and shit!

2. Holy Sodomy

Thirteen men talk about love,
Twelve apostles and Jesus.
Why they together? That is strange!
The holy bible keeps silence about then!
Under night sky like pigs,
They filthy are fucking!
Pour together in perverted orgy,
And Jesus slept with Judas!

Kisses be current by that animals,
Under the leadership of god-dog!
Holiness, love, lambs and Eden,
For christians promised eternal life!
It’s better burning in hell!
Its better being dead than is a Christian!
You love your god Jesus?!
Go and fuck him in the ass!

Me is sorry that him crucified,
Impaled, he will good!
When a symbol of Christ be a stake,
Imagine you, how that fun!
Universal love, brotherhood and filth,
Idle gone talk about god, in the light of the day there are is a holy, night –
Pigs screeching of the anal lust!

Visions! Open your eyes don’t see a dream!
Religions! Fuck a lies turn down supreme!
Jesus! Your ass is tear flowing blood!
Christ! I’m not fear! Fucking god!

Holy sodomy!
Here is a moral!
He is a your god,
Than well you the same!

3. The Pagan Sun Rises Again

Answer me the Slavs, what for you Jewish god,
What for you covered boards
And golden cupolas of churches!
What for you the lying orations,
Why you get like ships!
But born the new wolves
And they tear the christian lambs!
Open your mind people!
Stops listen a shit, take the old knives
And we kill all christians!

Destroy the church kill the priest!
Build the new world!
Over fragments of rotting civilizations,
The pagan sun rises again!

4. Humanimal Life

Saliva flowing out of lusting mouth,
The old goat with a batch of dollars,
Young pretty cat with feeling of disgust in a head,
She happy smile, looking on the money!

The little boy with eyes of hungry wolf,
Looking on the red-checked hares.
Ships going in the flocks and bleat,
Lions with a rotting hearts seat on a throne!

Thorny flowers germinating from stomach…
Ached cripple, rotting alive…
Woman in clothe from skin of hundred men,
She spit on that human,
Who feebleness of she’s fingers...
Gnaw bones, tear throats,
Panic stricken of sandy winds...
Like thyself, reflections of absurdity,
Crazy old mans from childhood!

Ice painted streets of consciousness,
People like of filth animals.
Eternally falling in the irreparable,
Like torch don’t impregnated of oil!

Cold of sold, hearts and minds.
White cold blood doesn’t warm up!
Strange creations under hot sun,
Human race loosing his aspect!

Eating the dish of human brains,
Eating hearts and bodies of people.
He treads under foot his backs,
Backs of the wethers, meat for the master!
Foul pig subdued all, omnivorous creature,
Under the name Rule!
His wife, pitiless viper, almighty bitch
Under the name Money!

5. Necrozone Earth

Living in the biosphere, among creations,
Their mind affects incurable sick!
Toxic traces smoke from chimneys poisoned there,
Slowly, but exactly bring the last hour.

In the bloody wars don’t see the dawn,
Newer is a golden century!
When children murdered own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Human over-stay on that beautiful planet,
Impatience gives up it ruled by cockroaches!
Devising new species and bacteries
Justify a term – crown of creation!

Don’t know obstacles to reached the summit,
Don’t know bound of the owning of the gold!
When children raped own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Arising from the graves souls of ancestors,
Calling for revenge for faults of livings!
Wallow in carnality and prosperity,
Living like pigs in the refuse pits.

Prepare to drink even an alien blood
For living some more one day.
When children forgiven own Mother,
What maybe terribly that?

Self-destruction, death and despair!
Life corruption rules everywhere.
Human dying, fall from a throne!
All crying on Earth-Necrozone!

6. BrutalloRacer

Crippling velocity, meteorite’s dust corrode hull.
Starship journey through over emptiness,
Monsters of time devouring him!
In ash – scattering spacesuit,
Super-natural bacteries corrode skin.
Lighting super-new stars, burned eyes, incinerated flesh!

Scull is grin, body is dead!
Only brain alive, electronic feeding
Alien stars screaming in joy,
Leading to the pilot towards to unknown end!

Forever fastened skeleton to armchair,
Losing in cold space.
Million years in far cosmos.
Native planet it’s long way off, all forget!
Loneliness but not the grief, malicious reason makes work!
Inoculating with computer, becoming comet with living consciousness!

Scull is grin, body is dead! Only brain alive, electronic feeding
Alien stars screaming in joy,
Leading to the pilot towards to unknown end!

Sometimes, pictures of the past arise in morbid imagination!
In brain of dead creature, but no comprehension over schemes!
Not eyes for that weep, not arms for those tears wipe!
Not throat for that screaming…
Scum! Why we that from me!
Ancient ship carrying death,
Message of alien mind for third planet away from sun.
What delight! Your end coming!
Megarocket full of fire, million years in far cosmos.
What for waste forces by invasion?
Always annihilate the one blow!

Scull is grin, body is dead! Only brain alive, spite feeding.
Alien stars screaming in joy,
Leading to the pilot towards to unknown end!

Orbits broken, brutal cataclysm.
Pieces of planets, falling in the sun!
Blow up stars, burning the quasar,
Substance of universe tear with horror!
Hollow nothing! Million miles of solid haze and silence.
When born the new life? Now nobody no one answer!

Scull is grin, body is dead! Still the second brain living.
Alien stars screaming in terror
Lead to the pilot towards to real end!

7. Fear Is A Trap

Dread be stupidly when another –
Born phantoms of uncertainty,

Dread oppositioner to god –
Born the spectral faith!

You fear be alone? Born the pseudo love!
Fear be a dead? Born the paltry life!

Dread looking in the eyes –
Born a going from reality,

Dread a cold pain –
Born an evil drugs!

Fear new knowledge, born affected strictness.
Fear to be impassive – Born a psychic brilliance of eyes!

Dread before crossing threshold
Born the blindest matrixes,

Dread be a personality,
Born the amorphous creatures!

Fear before meaning of life
Take away the last reason!

Fear before flight to nowhere,
Force die at old age!

The dream of mind borning monsters.

Fruit of psycho like a weed,
Grow up into your head!
Fear is a trap!
You like an animal and that kills you!

8. Electrocution

Light! Dead electric! Light! Dead electric!

Call of phone, blue screen of TV,
Slaves of high technologies!
Your brain, rotting from
Electromagnetic emanation!

Voluntary incarceration,
In middle of comfortable rooms.
Reason swimming trough a Net,
Heartbeat in time of electric light!

Sound! Piercing, sibilant sound!

Bursting in the ears, borned to ruin,
Gilded prickly electrodes,
Copper wire entangled zombie scull.
Under the name… How ever don’t important.

Doomed be with opened eyes,
Blind and the same time he can see!
Tremble from the lust,
Center of the delight!

Death! Borned with necrospheme in the heart!

Seating in the cage, across the screen
Phantom of electric schemes.
Fun see of his slaves, like in Zoo!
Cage is open, but not wish to go away,

Here is feed - high voltage!
Stench of burning meet, you habit to that!
Your eyes – drip out a tears of tender emotion!

Like engaging of the plug, your chair – your grave! You lack of will, you almost corpse, spellbound of Alien energy! Last desire – death! Electrocution!

9. Level

10. 2000 Yearzz (BroyndZagg remix)


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