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Artimus Pyledriver

"Artimus Pyledriver" (2005)

1. Swamp Devil
2. Dixie Fight Song
3. Ride On
4. Dirt Road White Girl
5. High Life
6. Natural Progression
7. Up The Creek
8. Shaggin' Ass
9. Git Some

1. Swamp Devil

Rollin' down the highway
Crossin' 5 county line
Big block Chevy, Lord can't save me
Gonna have myself a time

Poppin' that switch, hit nitris
Burn an engine on this ride
Fuck doin' 50, passin' 120
Gonna bury that ol' red line


Swamp devil, she a helluva machine
Straight'n curves like the General Lee
Ain't nothin' gonna stop that hellride
On a dark night, ya hear her scream

Well I done tripped out on fuzz rock
Gonna get high as hell
Four on the floor, gimme a little more
Gotta get up outta here

Meet me down in Macon
Gotta a case of homemade wine
Pour me a swig, time to get big
Shit'll make ya go half blind


Three more stops to make, yeah
Johnny law gettin' hot on tail
Lord can't save me
Burnin' up the pavement
Gotta roll on outta here

Ride out in that sunset
Ain't got a goddamn place to be
Ol dog and my woman, gotta get along
Last y'all see of me


2. Dixie Fight Song

I learned to swim in a river
My Daddy taught me to fish
When I get down, I drank that ol' whiskey
Best believe all them fools seein' how I live

I'm grown, and own a new mantra
Sun set another day for me to bleed
I guess I'll keep on a runnin'
Beats the fuck outta watchin'
The hard-headed breed

Well lemme tell ya friends
We're burnin' through the night again
I feel the change, it cant be long

Ahh Hell
The Dixie fight song

3. Ride On

4. Dirt Road White Girl

Done found myself a lady
She treat me just so fine
When I get home at night from workin'
She rub me down, let me unwind


She's my dirt road white girl, roots and all
Come on baby doll, just gimme a call
She's my dirt road white girl, all I need
Down with her man, that's fine with me

Gonna find a way
To make her all mine
Four wheels on my pickup truck
Pumpin' Texas boogie be just fine


5. High Life

Well I feel it on a Friday
Lord its creepin' up deep inside
Now when I think about the high life
And how we lost our mind

It's not the feelin' of a chemical
Oh she still do me real good
It's a beautiful experience
When we hit the woods


Back into the high life
Get back, get back (2x)

Got a cooler and a green bag
A tent built for two
Ol lady and my good friends
Gettin' high in that dew

Way down by the river bank
Catch the action of the day
Everybody feelin' alright
Rollin with the waves


Well wind is a rushin'
Lord, ol sun's goin down
Back into the clearin'
Gonna pass a few around

Got a transistor radio
Gonna be here a while
Raisin hell in the darkness
No one for a country mile


6. Natural Progression

7. Up The Creek

Black water, Lord don't ya scare me
I embrace all the tranquility
Night fishin' under the southern sky
I feel the north wind
I hear the earth sigh

White lightnin', drink of the southern man
Lord knows I never get enough of them
Be hard pressed to find a workin' man
Livin' for his time, well he's goddamned


Gone up the creek
Y'all ain't gonna find me
I be by myself
I live for no one else

My footsteps of vindication, my life bleeds stimulation
My soul, is the driving force, of these limited times
I make this life mine

Feel the water rush, I feel the moon rise
Cast the line, look up into the sky
Isolated from the chains of modern man
Look at your life, son
It's a fuckin' sham


(Repeat 1st verse)

8. Shaggin' Ass

9. Git Some


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