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Promo 2006

"Promo 2006" (2006 EP)

1. Sleeping Sickness
2. Advocate Cannibalism
3. Disassociative Amnesia
4. Beyond the Cemetery (Cannibal Corpse cover)

1. Sleeping Sickness

Parasite invasion
sick carrier away
unstable mind
night replaces day

Tortures carrier away
insensitive mind
cruel, noxious
fascinating but hates

The material does billet
furiosity under the skin
embodies the anguish
ecstasizes me

dementia follows
stuck to the hollow skin

Rushes you
distorted sanity
cannot stand it

Disease uncoupled
by nature's hand

Survival cause
for reinfection
mental condition
on drugs and toxins
rot peeled eyes

Shroud dimmed vision
reversed diurnal rhythm
bladder control loss after
consciousness goes faster

Waiting for the right time
to see through the eye
while the parasite
becomes the view through the lie


2. Advocate Cannibalism

Overgrown society
there is no place for you
bastard humanity
the rolling mass

Thousand notions
fallen thoughts
blinded believers
insane adherers

Everywhere famine

Trodden by poverty
between anguishes
merges the abyss

We eat each other
or they eat us
cannibal society
banishes the poverty

The skin splits
as the hungry teeth
deeply bit into
and mangle the bone
the recessing infield
abundantly gets everyone

Cannibal society
banishes the poverty

The raw meat is the life
The sweet blood invigorates us

3. Disassociative Amnesia

Eight hour shift - like every day
I go home - they think I care
family that I don't know - relatives to whome I don't relate

In my mind it dwells, it speaks
it hides, lurking unperceived
in my mind it dissipates
while this mind fissions and breaks

Absurd hunger for human flesh
dwells within us all
oppressed by my daily routines
waiting for the fall
of the oppressor
the civil "me"

Sleeping after a hard day's night - awoken by my family
his John Smith they bother - but millenia old beast in me
hacking at their screaming bodies
i'm my beast no longer me
unnamed ones under my knife
their grievous yell I cannot hear

My mind has given me amnesty
I can't recall my brutal acts
creatures longing for blood and sex
hate and life, love and death

When mind turns to negative
We kill off our relatives
by this time we are blind
unnamed ones under our knives

Wanting is the point of life
like moths near flames we live our lives

4. Beyond the Cemetery (Cannibal Corpse cover)

Nude and violated I raped the life from her body
Lying dead the insects bite her pale skin
My marks of torture
Left on my daughter
Body badly beaten
I remember
My ropes and chains
bruised her arms and legs
I wiped her blood on my face
her tender body I disgraced
Slow strangulation
her neck twisted and broken
Abdominal lacerations
Blood pouring from
Control of the mind
feelings left behind
dreaming inner hate
I create an alternate state of the grave
Scared to death
homicidal premonitions
horror fills you
As your soul is ripped from you
Dreaming my dream of death
I cast the spell
Intertwine your mind with mine
Dreams become reality
Enhancing the imagination
Murder is my infatuation
Killing off generations
Families torn to pieces
but the one they love
Possessed by another
My pleasure is to murder
Entering your dreams
through my spell they will bleed
Night after night
Reoccurring killings
Someone wake me
from this nightmare
I've become my darkest fear
Awaken to the sight
of your hacked up family
their spirits are trapped
beyond the cemetery
Bodies rotting, but I'm not sleeping
Scream you're not dreaming
Someone wake me
form this nightmare
I've become my darkest fear
Came to life in my mind
A world of darkness forever sleeping in this coffin
Eternally dreaming......


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