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Demo 06.06.06

"Demo 06.06.06" (2006 Demo)

1. Intro/Next Generation
2. Adaptation
3. Pure
4. Diversion
5. Let Us All Die
6. Outro/The War Never Ends

1. Intro/Next Generation

2. Adaptation

no states no countries
no people stupid monkeys
social defects sluts
social defects crowd

reproduction society construction
production society reconstruction
annihilation society salvation
international integration obligation

degeneration mutual confrontation
perception race domination
illusion united confusion
creation next generation

destroyed human nature
worldwide devastation
army of salvation
god abomination

weapons of disruption
deception and corruption
national proclamation
misery isolation

institutions without meaning
nonfunctional laws
governments of prostitution
no future eternal slavery

unified illusions
freedom conclusion
dissatisfied instincts
wishes for retribution
need of disinformation
human sanity obliteration
reality abstraction
conscience satisfaction
senses deformation
thoughts castration
social adaptation
dead imagination

qualified process
of limbs remove
nothing to choose
nothing to loose
nothing to discuss
nothing to reject
nothing to shoot at
no self respect
no self respect
no point of view
no meaning no reason
no thing you can do
you can open your eyes
and you can see
and all you can see
is that you can bleed

3. Pure

give me more fuel for my hate
load me with aggression and pain
now i am ready to kill not to die
i am ready to fucking survive

i am pure

i am stronger of you i never loose
i know how to live i know what to choose
i know how to win any fight
i know how to win cause i am strong inside

i am pure


my life is not pleasure my life is my game
i am not hopeless i am not insane
i am just watching on you and thinking the kill
see the smile on my face Ė your death is near.
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
no one comes to the father except through me

I am not a criminal, because i am clean
i am pure as god, i am pure like a dream

you will never see me on knees because i am strong
i know Ė to trust is to die, i know faith is wrong
i believe in my knife, i believe in pain
i believe your death is my only way.

i am pure

i have no feelings, i have no remorse
i have no sins i have no gain
i am just doing what have to do the real man

4. Diversion

5. Let Us All Die

spit on myself
shit on you
fuck all
and fuck you

fuck my country
fuck your state
fuck the world
and fuck me dead


let us all die
i donít care
i will take my

let us all die
i donít care
we are dead
in slavery


another disaster
another genocide
prepare your self
we will die

another disaster
one more genocide
fuck me
and let us fucking die

6. Outro/The War Never Ends


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