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Dead Condemnation

"Dead Condemnation" (1991 Demo)

1. The Terms Of Existence
2. The Last Gasp
3. Inside The Soul
4. Live Or Die
5. Death In The Street
6. Fate

1. The Terms Of Existence

The Day Is Running
Before The Night Fright
Before The Temple Ache
The Darkness Return
Memory Disgust
And The Awful Time

To Run Of Destiny
To Skelter Your Face

The Darkness Is Everywhere

The Memory Returns Vievs This Days
The Rins Soil Innocent Blood
Piles Defenceless Of Body People
Eyes Of Live People Looking So Far

Dead Crying
Return When

Destroy The Past
Killing Yourself
To Run Tou Can't
Walk In The Fog

The Darkness

The Limit Of Your Glory Blame
Dead Of Body Term Of Existence

2. The Last Gasp

Fettered Arms Fettered Legs
Lika A Wild Animal Forced Into Cage
The Last Gasp Taken From Life
The Last Moan Uttered To The Throat

The Last Gasp
The Last Cry

The Arms Are Fettered
Eyes Swallen With Blood
Strange Figures
In A Shroud Of Mist

You Hear A Voice Accusing Your Life
You Hear A Voice Crossing Your Life Out

You're Not The First One To Give Life For Others Sins
You're Not The Last To Die Helpless Somewhere

You'll Give Your Life For Others Sins
You'll Die Helpless Somewhere

3. Inside The Soul

Your LIfe, A Long Race With Your Own Fright
Smoke And Ruins, This Is Your Soul Inside

Ill Thoughts, Taking Possesion Of Your Mind
Trembling Hands, Stifling The Deadly Shout

Feel Darkness
A Strange Hand
Cadaverous Smell
Deadly Breth

Stomp Out The Fright
You Or Him
You're Short Of Breth
Still You're Killing

A Clear Aim, In Your Life Now
But First, Someone Had To Die

Inside The Soul!!!

4. Live Or Die

No Reason Given, Thrown In The Thick Fray
To Destroy And Kill Someone You Like
You Were Deprived Of Thoughts Your Conscistence Down Trodden
No Matter Who You Were It's You No More

Dreams Are Fading
Time Is Coming
To LIve Or Die

Fed With Command, Plied With The Others Blood
No Way To Relax, No Chance For A Breathing Space
You Just Went Out Rejoy To Kill Or Be Killed
Hate Is Your High-Light, It Don't Matter For Whom Dreams...

Your Thoughts Are Enslaved, Your Boody All Devoted
No Superflous Questions, If Need Be You'll Die It Can't Be
Important For Whom Or For What Someone Else's Idea,
Yours Only The Life

5. Death In The Street

A Life Inscribded Into The Dark Of A Dirty Street
Deprived Of Hope For Better Times, Looking For Survival
Here Death Stamped You With Her Mark
Before You Were Born To The World
Here Time Between Life And Death Got Blurred

No Bird Will Stray
Not Would A Flower Blossom In Day Light
Dead Stones Are Only Ones Alive
The Night Changes The Looks

Your Time Is Out And Over
Your Life Extinquished

Born To LIve
Living To Die
Dying To LIve

Day By Day You're Punished For Being Alive
Day Before Day Seeking A Way To Survive

The Street Gave You Everything You Had
Today The Street Is Your Own Grave

6. Fate

Eyes Are Burning Terrible
Mouth Are Crying Unknowing
Body Weith To Somewhere
Fingers Hold The Edge

No Living Earth And Dead Of Trees
No Living Sun And Dead Of Wind
No Living People Destiny
Living But Not Living The Time

I Feel The Fire Inside
I Am But I Am Not Here
I Lose Of Myself
I Lose Of Myself

Eyes Are Burning Terrible
Mouth Are Crying Unknowing
Everything Dying Today
To Stand, To Stand For Tomorrow

Body Weight To Somewhere
Despair Make Silence By Crying
Today Everything Is Dying
Fingers Hold The Edge


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