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Filth Catalyst

"Filth Catalyst" (2003)

1. Words Of Flesh
2. Ravaging The Nine Pillars
3. Procession Of The Black Synod
4. Hell Conquerors
5. The Fifth Inquisitor
6. Nox Microcosmica
7. Criminal Deities
8. Narcotic Angel's Terminal Apostasic Sin

1. Words Of Flesh

Believe my lies...

Scream! Babylon, reaching God falling now to the ground
Men bristle upon the earth... hate and fear, God divides...
(Words become flesh)
Words forgotten, never karned, no way out from this cell
Human words, holy will, evil talk may unites...
Flesh become words!

Words of Eden, without end nor time
The world is dead for the closest son of God
Forgive, what cannot even be conceived
Walls do not exist without sight

...And from the dark they rise
Born in sickness
...The serpent tongue reveals
Lit in darkness

To reach the language of her procreator
Her tongues knew not but the cum of her progenitor

"God where are you?", now she says
Nothing but the words of yours', grunts of joy, sights of pain, Jesus lives
Swallowing origins, no words, no flesh bitch, kneeling down, learning Hell
Free or chained, without words, a dead God thrones above a dead world...

2. Ravaging The Nine Pillars

Heretic laughters in distorted senses shred the world in thunderous sounds
Enslaved to the religious bitch from inside cursing all with equal hate
The Devil's kiss before I die to the great sacrament of the Grand Teneh

Rising from the deathlike slumber with pain amid the voices that mean nothing
But reversed words from the womb engraved reeking putrid semen elevation toward the light
The limpid blood of the surrounding stream frees the lumbs enforced with filth
Faeces open deformed visions of reality forever dwelling before morality

Desecrated lineage of vision, penance through senses
The rape that no one fears wastes the essence of sin
The veil of the widow is a cum sudarium
Desecrated lineage of vision, penance through senses

Prophets of vain sights gave relies to all the cross shaded birth of the replica
Holy of holies, rising of kings, greedy of sins, killing and raping
Sado-repentance of the ghastly bitch, and there I stand relieved from purgatory

The brimstone smell fills my lung and the sea gave up the dead
The mocking wrath of the prophets vomiting steel to crush nations
Laseive angels covering the walls, I am the flesh, I am the church of Hell

Apostles mystifying verses load cum into baptismal waters carried by addicted angels
To an heroin cult of relics and idols, symbols to themselves of Baphomet
And I am legion, taking the throne usurped by lethargy divine
Gehenna stands and all will follow to the everlasting laws of the whore womb

From the blood of Ahaziah we mock the Lord that once was
Hosanna Sathanas, I bring the humiliation of Christ
Sheol blessed forehead, I am the abomination of God
The infection iniquity of the ten have raised me from ghost to God

3. Procession Of The Black Synod

The black procession's inexorable strides into the void
The dark, endless void...
So step into the void
Orgiastic mass of the fallen ones liturgical path to the void
The dark, endless void...
So step into the void
The black synod sieges in the hollow flesh seal and key to the void
The dark, endless void...
So step into the void

Secrets of the miracles miscarries the skinless foetus
Carrying his arms in the shape of his own death
Scars deep into her cunt
Litany of limbo uterus usurped
Hallowed path to an unstoppable nothingness

Evangelized through sodomy, obey the synod, I am your God...

The black synod sieges, the black synod judges
The black synod reveals, the black synod is all

Holy gifts of the excrements, delicacies of your God
Erotic fall from grace for the one with understanding
Fertile fester festivity
Incense raped with cum burn between the foul prayers
The burning plague of the self walled-up soul

Evangelized through sodomy, obey the synod, I am your God...

Deformity of belief gambit of your God
Sado-evangelists praise the purity of horrors
Organic blasphemy, semen idolatry
The endless void opens...

4. Hell Conquerors

Blasting the gates to the four defiled streams
Columns of bodies, smoke and ashes, screams of torment
Engines stroke with bodies, spiked wheels spit the flesh
The wall of symbols shakes with our clashing of the ground... the holy
Adharma Taptra!!!

Armoured legions, black congest
Death engines, black congest
Spreading death, legion as one
Spreading death, black fucking multitude...

They whip their truths on your dead thirsty soul
Peace is a bitch raped by it's own will
Worms of eve, Eden decease
Time drunk flesh, genetic evil inheritance

We're the venomous manna of the womb idol mass
Malign interceptors, black tanks, storming menace
A trial before the whore, blessed by Christ
And I wash the human waste, menstrual larvae

Spat from the ribs of Christ the blood fed worms of time
The demon's semen flows from the cunt-shaped wound

Disguised in misery, degenerated, drugged angels
Inspired by cruelty, holy disaster, the end is near

Armoured legions, black congest
Death engines, black congest
Spreading death, legion as one
Spreading death, black fucking multitude...

Hell conquerors, whirlwinds of the night falling disgrace
Hell conquerors, the final season, always riding forth
Hell conquerors, whirlwinds of the night falling disgrace
Hell conquerors, the final season, always riding forth
Reign of the Hell Conquerors

5. The Fifth Inquisitor

Let them all come to me, infamous lethargy
Bestowing the black scourge upon all abominations
The red light of abhorrence shines and turns the vaults into heavens
Cursing from the pool of mutilation we adore the birth of those chosen soulless

Suffering archangel, sacrament of the suicidal door
Bless the whore lust divine, concrete concept of Satan

Rebellions illumination where once stood the eternal light of emptiness
And I call upon all redempters, the grand scourge of revelations
The altar reveals the black bishop, obscene and grotesque pantomime
Holding the dead child with greed, he stands and claims the rights of the flesh

Hear the riders hurt in the three locks of the circle
I am the claws of the filth, prophesising the past
Praying for mercy, receiving the absurd flesh before it's ghastly fecundation
And they all come to me, and answers resounds in nothingness
For the fifth inquisitor has arrived

Decayed tides of glory reappears from remnants of the black plague
And the hollow spirits trapped in carnal memories rebel
Caricatures of angels smile with disgust on the stained glass windows
To offer grotesque understanding to the gathered ones

Here come from the scars of eternal war perverse mihole ian'b
From the once dead now alive one is broken the seventh seat
In rapture his skin become the key to the bottomless pit
Death always comes too late to the ones suffering pain

Angels of sickness blow into each of the horns
Raising the cult of abominations of the read sea
Rising the judge, drinking the vials of revelation
The wine of whoredom reeks the filth that scarves us

Followed by King Abaddon I will destroy the open book
And tear down the voice of the mighty one
As all with admire my arts, the scourge will follows the twice horned lamb
And set my name to total adoration hearing the words spoken by my icons
They drink from the never healing wound upon the purest of my heads

6. Nox Microcosmica

I am the creeping chaos, rampant toward every life form
The devourer of universes raging inside my bowels
Planets are led astray behind me
Entire worlds collide within my sight
I am the ultimate anti-matter that time and space never affect
Astrology have led all wrong as only I can judge and sentence
The parasites of divinities adored for millennia

I am that mighty evil that you fear and long for
Like a fly around waste, like a man around Eve
You crawl before me in obscene dances
I am the murderer, God among man
Flies around my soul and cockroaches in my mouth
For I am the spirit of the hive whose voices sound like one
I am the hidden and permanent chitinal obscenity
The ant that builds tombs around their God

I am the great code of every cell
The scourge offered to all
The passage to the other state
And peace will come through decay

7. Criminal Deities

Aeons born through the prismatic chaos, the path turns in circles around the void
Eternal renewal of the border we seek, sorrow bore whore, we create endlessly
Time doesn't have any barriers to us, limited horizons of infinity merge
Malign signs of dimensions added, sorrow bore whore, phantoms of science

Sin of time, occurs against their God, faith to death, trial and forgiveness
Blinds you need for Hell, the call of the cell times of sin arrives against their God

Criminal deities throne from beyond time the black seraph gods

Worship of abominations, asylum of the unpure
The cult that knows neither, beginning, neither end
Livid perception, cunt polymorphous
Faith in illness, rise arch deicide

Reign of sickness, dead from inside, masters of time, none sees the light
Predictions and lies, pseudo sacroliber, the ninth dimension expurses from the mouth of Christ
Collective mass suicide, guidance through misery
The grand sect of the gods have sealed your faith

Blood of choice, the loss of physical memory
White lines of the holy ghost feel my soul with apathy
Bounds of fire, suspended suicide
Lost in the chess game, rules that condemn in either ways
Eaten again by every time, the muddy crown of victory

8. Narcotic Angel's Terminal Apostasic Sin

Out of the gutter they rise, the rats follow their God
A child without a soul wounded from torn apart archangel glorious wings
Hypnotic purity, kneel attrition makes you closer to your inner God
All born whores before God to serve Satan, with their lips morality confesses the weak
Cunts turned to the master, goat horns profane
All born rats to Satan, follow the sweeter sound of bathing in sin
All born rats before us to reign supreme in Hell forever

Out of the dark flesh they rise, the gods follow the rats
A God bearing a son wounded from torn apart, demons horny body
Impious oblivion, risen from among the weak, the young dealer plays and lead

The pied piper breeds another kind, another blood
With all and without name he stands before the Lord, the grand beast of flesh
Now we see, now we follow the tides of plague
Now we hear, now we lament the sounds of pleasure

And there he stands among the crowd, the horned God sucked by the whore and her son

Dark ceremonial, high whore led mass
All fuck among the dead in the nave of the black cathedral
Communion in filth, blessings from the seminal shrine
Thorns deep into the flesh in the nave of the black cathedral

Shaped without sensed, geometric madness, maze of the living, glory from Hell
Brain distorted, narcotic archangels, betray their God, reversal reverence
Here among the ashes of this world's morality, assembled from filth the rats become lords
A council of foul gods in filth we believe, living under humans from among you now we arise


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