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Whispers Of Fire (Demo 2000)

"Whispers Of Fire (Demo 2000)" (2000 Demo)

1. A Morning in Bag End
2. And the Road Goes Ever On...
3. Labyrinth of Darkness
4. A Shadow in the Night
5. Fire from the Sky
6. Dark Clouds
7. The Battle of Five Armies
8. King under the Mountain

1. A Morning in Bag End

2. And the Road Goes Ever On...

Night steals the sun and light conquers the dusk
I bid farewell to my warm and beloved home
Armed with our hopes
We march towards the North
Fourteen riders seek
Seek the hollow halls
Sunlit hills I’m leaving you
Today (my) fate will change its course
If there is return only the bright stars know
The quest has already begun
We set sails for the golden dawn
And the road goes ever on and on
I’m far away yet so near to a new world!
A long time ago a dragon fierce and gold
Stole our brothers’ souls
And looted our homes
Now is the time
For the songs to come true
To claim our forgotten glory
And defy the dragon’s rule
“That’s how they all came to start
Jogging off from the inn one fine morning
Just before May, on laden ponies”

3. Labyrinth of Darkness

Angry is the sky tonight
The storm is raging on
Heavy rain whips our will to carry on
Under a hanging rock I fear what is near
The frozen wind is screaming in my ears!
Many miles separate us from the other side;
Hard is the trail to the North!
Now the days of the blazing sun have gone
Oh, how much I miss my home!
Searching for a place dry and safe
Before destiny shows its cruel face
Blurred dreams surround my mind
A terror breaking loose
I watch my nightmares coming true
Ugly and grim their look
Cold iron in their hands
They are the guardians of this cursed land!
Deep, deep below
They lead us all to a leak dungeon
Where the light has never gone
The master of the cave
Gazes (at us) with hate
A wicked smile
Painful our fate
Let me test the strength of your soul!
Pain! Give me the pleasure to go on!
Bleed! The walls will echo to your cry!
Scream! When my blade will sink into your spine! (x2)

4. A Shadow in the Night

Darkness dresses the skies tonight
The crescent moon sits on its throne
The pale clouds travel from shores unseen
To meet their eternal king
Standing by the running river
Hearing the sad song it whispers
Spirits of the night come close to me and accompany
This moonlit dream I sing
But all now hear my words
Cause a wind from the North
Carries a message of woe and tears
From the Laketown’s folk
Bow to the Silver King and listen to what he says:
Fire and water will become one
And an arrow will dethrone the evil one
Darkness dresses the skies tonight
The river’s song will soon end
The shining stars are mirroring on its water
But a shadow takes their place
Lakemen, beware the dragon’s wrath
Death, for the ones who cross his path… (x2)

5. Fire from the Sky

Darkness dresses the skies tonight
The crescent moon sits on its throne
A huge shadow reflects on the slopes
He’s coming to pillage our homes!
Flying high above
Hatred fills his heart
Blinded by his fury, destruction he seeks for all of us
Fire! Fire from the sky!
Blazing bolts surround Laketown tonight!
Death! Landed at our shores!
Blood slakes the sand of Esgaroth!
Spearing the skies
Revenge in his mind
His terrible curse leaped from his jaws
A hail of arrows meets him in the air
But his scales defy them all
Ooh… old thrush tell me the way to free us from his reign
“Look for the hollow of the left breast as he flies and turns above you!”
Black arrow you’re my last, don’t fail me and follow the moonlit path!
Screaming in pain
Now on the long lake he lays dead
There’s no return to his golden bed
Fall! Fall from the sky!
Your lifeless body will never rise!
Death! Conquered your soul!
Your crimson eyes close forevermore!

6. Dark Clouds

Rumors fill the air
The ravens fly high
The last dragon tyrant is forever dead
Come to me my friend of old, what news do you bring?
Glory to the one who healed the golden curse who ruled our realm
But Thorin now has changed; the riches have seized his heart
Armies march from the North, the storm is close at hand
The storm is close at hand ooh… (x4)
Rumors fill the air, the ravens fly high
Greed in the lonely mountain, the clash will soon…

7. The Battle of Five Armies

… Begin!
Light! Now my way sun of my heart and guide me through the dark
Under the stars is this night my last?
Hark! Goblins and wargs, none shall cross the lane to the beloved south
Join my axe’s dance!
Fury and hate, this is my name
I am the king under the mountain
Flames of steel swathe now my crown
The calling of fate (is) ringing loud!
Cries! Cries of war and fatal pain haunt the blood painted plain
The shade of this mount will be your grave
Quench! My axe’s thirst
Sweet revenge
My cold steel will judge who’ll remain to witness one more dawn

8. King under the Mountain


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