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The Sentinel Of The Dwarven Gate (Demo 2004)

"The Sentinel Of The Dwarven Gate (Demo 2004)" (2004 Demo)

1. Screams of Steel
2. In the Elvenking's Hall
3. Smaug the Magnificent
4. Screams of Steel (promo video)

1. Screams of Steel

Hands of darkness steal the pale fire,
Chaos descends and claims its ebon crown,
Glamdring’s shadow reflects on the wall,
Burning with rage, remembering the (past) days of glory
Orcrist and glamdring unite!
Drink your old enemies’ life!
Deliver the wounds that never heal!
Bloodstained screams, screams of steel!
A flash in the cold night
A crack in the black sky
And foe-hammer releases his wrathful storm,
Thunders of metal resound in the cavern,
The great goblin’s head lies beside the stony throne
Towards the mountains we go,
Far into the unknown,
Beyond the edge of the wild,
Where the shadows lie!
“Beater and biter” the foul creatures cry,
They will all bow before the two gleaming swords,
Heading towards the heart of the mountain,
Gandalf’s wand guides us to the other side
Crying for blood, screams of steel!
Biting your flesh your darkness is near
Crying for blood Scream of steel

2. In the Elvenking's Hall

The spiders met the sting, they felt its bitter touch,
But now I’ m trapped inside in a web that can’t be cut,
All behind the bars, all except me,
(alone) I must find a way to deceive the Elvenking
Golden ring of secret powers,
Hark my call as time devours,
Our courage and our hope to walk once more
Under sun and over stone
In the Elvenking’ s hall-
My sorrow never sleeps,
Its walls encircle my dreams,
Searching for the starlit gate,
There is no escape!
Lurking in the shadows, waiting for a sign,
Oh I feel so restless, another sleepless night,
Elven magic shuts the gates of this hall,
Only barrels pass through the great trapdoors
The butler and the guard, drinking merrily,
Drowsiness descends and the guard has no keys,
Swift into the barrels, if (our) fortune’s fair tonight,
Soon we will flow under the moonlit sky

3. Smaug the Magnificent

All beware the red dragon’s wrath,
Death for the ones who cross his path
Deep into the tunnel, far from the light of day,
This deadly silence drives me insane
One more step closer to the serpent king,
I feel his hot breath surrounding me
Smaug the magnificent,
Sentinel of the Dwarven gate,
Your armor made of diamonds
Will end your greedy reign
I slip into the ring, but I still feel his gaze,
His crimson eyes are full of rage
He tries to deceive me; he knows I’m not alone,
He sends a wave of flame to make me drown
I’m the fiery god; the mortals fear my breath,
A long time ago this land felt my curse,
A mighty empire turned into dust,
Now who’ll defy my burning wrath?
The door closes behind
As the tyrant strikes in the night
He shatters the rocks with his tail,
He licks the slopes with his flame!
My chest is steel,
My teeth are swords,
My claws are spears,
They will pierce your hopes!
My tail (‘s lash) is thunder,
My wings are (a) storm,
My breath is death,
It will burn your souls!

4. Screams of Steel (promo video)


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