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Evil Sorcery

"Evil Sorcery" (2003)

1. Invasion
2. Vortex
3. Break the Fetters
4. Revolution Time
5. Prison for My Soul
6. Autumn
7. Facing the Elements
8. Imagination
9. When Tomorrow Comes
10. Evil Sorcery
11. Abyss of Emptiness
12. Улетай (Bonus Track)

1. Invasion

2. Vortex

You will never come in to my world
Full of blind fury, full of passion
I'm the one who makes your blood run cold
And I follow my own destination

And velocity is my best friend
And swiftness is my second nature
I'm the one who will conquer your land
I will demonstrate my domination

You can scream but you can't be heard
You can run but you cannot escape
I'll be soon you can pray to your Lord
I will bathe you in your hate

Vortex is my name
I'm walking through the land
Vortex is my name
I'll always be the same

I will send you my message by winds
I will send you my message of danger
I will cover you with my black wings
And I'll subject you to erasure

I will send you my message by rains
I will send you my message of sorrow
Can't you feel the blind fear in your veins
I will paralyze you with your horror

3. Break the Fetters

Don't speak about freedom - there is prison here
You are in the evil kingdom its only rule is fear
Now you can see fortune's not by our side
But we've got a great force somewhere inside
Don't speak about justice - there is no justice here
Justice here is money - the money that is not clear
It's time to break out for one freedom cry
Join us and we can try
The time has come for me and you
To break these fetters now
And freedom comes for me and you
Until the end of time

Don't speak about mercy - there is no mercy here
Madness, fear, and horror - just look around it's near
Now you can see we've got nothing to lose
But we've got the power it's what we can use
Don't speak about future we have no future here
If we don't try to break out we will all disappear
It's time to break out for one freedom cry
Join us and we can try

4. Revolution Time

Do you hear the sounds of weapons?
New resistance has begun
We're the pawns in strange intrigues
Pawns in a game we've never won
Watching TV news we've no doubts
'Bout the objectivity
Masters of manipulations
They won't let us be free

Hostages of the empire
We pay too expensive a price
Dreaming 'bout a heaven
We believe in any lies

Revolution time, revolution time
Kill the slave in your own mind
It's revolution time

Politicians race for power
They decide our destiny
Hiding their own real intentions
They give us the false enemy
Don't you think it's a crazy reason
To proceed with this bloody game
Different centuries but the rules
Still remain the same

5. Prison for My Soul

Running through time
I keep my delusions
Days of my life are changing so fast
Visions of darkness infuse my illusions
All I have loved is turning to dust
There is no way to realize
What goes wrong and what goes right
There is no peace in my soul
There is no faith in my heart
I've got tired and I don't want to fly
I am lost in this cruel Universe
And I know I won't find my way home
And the world is a prison for my soul
Day after day my time's running too fast
Facing my life I see nightmares
Innocent dreams are fading in a sinful world
Now I can see that nobody cares

6. Autumn

I can hear the blowing wind under the trees
I can hear the whisper of the falling leaves
I can see the gray clouds flying in the sky
And it seems my life is slowly passing by

Help me now, hear my call, in the night, come to me
Look at me, set me free, set me free, heal my soul

Autumn - cold wind blows
Autumn - the season of tears
Autumn - cold wind blows
Autumn now I'm feeling you breathe
Walking through the forest on a long cold night
I can see the shadows playing in the moonlight
Stripped of all dresses nature quietly sleeps
Waiting for winter with its frozen lips

7. Facing the Elements

8. Imagination

9. When Tomorrow Comes

The end of the world is coming tomorrow
You've just got to take off you mask of doubt
Waiting for the next day I feel no sorrow
Look at this world - this world is mad

Following the unreal happiness
The best of the best have lost their ways
Checking yourself and checking your soul
Life goes on to show all of its sides
Wondering why we are searching for answers
Wondering why we are searching for God
Keeping the faith and keeping the hope
We want to survive on this Earth

We've got in our hands just one more instance
Just one more chance was left here for us
Hide all your fears take them to the bottom
It's time to wake up - you must open your eyes

Something happened with your dreams
Time has stopped now as it seems
Wake your conscience find the truth
When tomorrow comes for you It's COMING!!

10. Evil Sorcery

Welcome to my unconsciousness
Where evil rules the game
Fireworks of emotions
Burn me up in flames
Animal instinct's nature
Takes me down the void
Slaved by an insane obsession
My mind is fading

In my dark world time goes back
And all the white things turn to black
Fear makes me blind - there is darkness inside

Beyond the horizon where I can't see
There Evil's sorcery is awaiting me
Roaming through labyrinths
Of my entangling thoughts
I cannot find a way out
That would give me a hope
Facing the growing madness
I'm losing self-control
It seems to me that evil
Lives inside of all

11. Abyss of Emptiness

12. Улетай (Bonus Track)


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