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Ad Interitum Funebrarum

"Ad Interitum Funebrarum" (1996)

1. Enter An Encysted Hibernation
2. Asstrum Argentum
3. La Sorella Di Satana
4. The Serpent´s Lament
5. Horta Funebra
6. Mortuus Infradaemoni
7. Spheram De Tenebras
8. Ad Posthumum
9. Pax Moriendi
10. Umbradiabolous

1. Enter An Encysted Hibernation

The soul of the dead ruler might climb to the sky
drawn their sins suspended on helical tombs
in foreground rises the creepy shape of the unholy ones
larvae's covering waiting for rebirth's sign
enter an encysted hibernation
Empery's necrofarmers cultivate these inseminoids
but what they do with their harvest lifeless
no one knows even if they will see the light of day
immerge their scabbards on glacial calabooses
enter an encysted hibernation
A memmified oval spheroid
emulsify at the archaic towers
beside the vast upper regions
the started the crooked devolution
Evanesce the unfruitful heatless
conservation on encapsulation
glorify their cavernous necrotheism
they will never conquer my astral body.

2. Asstrum Argentum

When you deserve the dark
darkly entety disappear
dissolution of my soul
ritualist evoke the fear
Fearful to oblivion
asstrum ritus scelestum
Ramulous way of the undying
a rapture in taciturn
Argentum vivum
Asstrum Argentum
shade void from death, vertex from kabalistic tree
to serve the wise soul, smash mortal gleaams
insane looking that way, the way you idolize
rejection of the light, idolize the sephirah
Fratres obscuratum
templum microprosopus
tiphereth, geburah, vesod
quod inferius
Fratres noctis
exercitum quem immensa
planities vix caperet
abhominibus consulendum est domini
Descending macaber delights
abismal lucidity show me the presence
I loose the conscience from the past
lordly initiation of golden down
Exordium caeremonia whereby
rase adeptus minor
there is no elixir for death
there is only one way to our immortality

3. La Sorella Di Satana

She's possessed by demoniac ordeal
Lemuria's witch into mysterious lake
she frequently gets angry for blood
atrocities is her cult of love
An ancient statue recovered from
the eerie ritual, a vampyir's nest
she always gave me her frozen skin
plagued by spell, she's the death it self
All she wants is your hand on fear
when she mutates her exceedingly form
is revived the tie of entrails
La Sorella Di Satana
She glares through the blackness
mistress over dead souls
with the void in which she floats
who blesses our chilling zone
La Morte Vivante!!!
Radiant goddess of dead moons
dea triformis of deus azrael
queen of ghosts, controller our harvests
ultimo infierno dei morto vivendi
Unearthy coldness express her eyes
mystifying a funeral of filth
condemned by the king of flames
when she refused to join the light.

4. The Serpent´s Lament

Sear and black wind, pervert until you soul
expeller of wretched matter, expand the real world
funnel inspire the pains, countless dims of subconscious
the sight of ghouls around your space, did you hear the serpent's lament??
The dust impregnated into quiet wind, a smaze of enchanted evening
where sunserves of Legba circle, prepare the nuptial flight
in terra demorto mundi, the men fell silent
the great snake was coming, then there was a petro rite
Wails will despise, on the river of the thorns
flow that joy of death, reveal Damballah's face
anxious for young blood, needless, pins & caves
sinuosity curse at midnight, dance of dolls
The secret of all serpents, not permite the riest
restore their hideous plasma, all spirits descends to earth
corps from exu are in serpentary, penetrate all opened tomb
the sight of ghouls around your space, did you the serpent's lament?
...and then they called softly: Papa Ghede...

5. Horta Funebra

Tu palido rostro en tu sombrio perfil
refleja la lugubre penuria del ser
humano, hacia 1348 hacinabas muertos
por decenas y tu vida era la muerte, arrebatassste la flor de mi vida,
pero aun asi me funesto deseo es adorarte.

In the desolation the whole, scenario, the only sound is the constant
moaning of the wind, overhead the immense sky is hazy black and resurgence
of life is over. La muerte negra, spreads her ehinous wings and descending
against human race, gathering of pale flowers, flowers on black veil,
people sleep in suffering everyday.

Trionfo della morte
as a crack in mankind
thus, completing their cycle
in vitae in morte di horta funebra

No one will deny that bleakness, on symptom of the seventh doomplague
terrestrial calvary mirrored a paradise in debris and sweetmisery regina
matter putrefactio, the hadez followed with her a precious ange with
fluttering dismay, seemed to become an enormous teratoid

Ad interitum funebrarum
Having recaptured the gloomy feeling,
the insight it gave me as appallaing abyss is still
vivid to me until my death.

6. Mortuus Infradaemoni

Nocturnal ancestor
now I'm here
Baka we'll return
I'm starting reborn
Baron Samedi, Houngan of the birth
I deny a bland tomb
here me biometry's sovereign
I'm walking on a sea of pain
now you've got this defunct
spectral alive outside that shroud
I'm stand on this land
I'm a serf and I admire you
I'm undead, don't hate you
I'd like to despise you
wrapping on...
obsequies of insanities
insitu of possible returns
hill of uncontrol repose
point of unlimited reappear
Raw suerb criminel
mundane maitre carrefour
Summoning dias trouforban
recidivist loadiabs
Mortuus Infradaemoni
Washy obsecration
I'm still alive
where they created the zombies
Legba petro, zobop, zobop
shadow of simbi, damballah tak us
damballah protect us, ogu and ague
kulev, kulev-o, bilobilo bilobilo
Raw suerb criminel
mundane maitre carrefour
Summoning dias trouforban
recidivist loadiabs
I'm a serf and I admire you
I'm undead, don't hate you
I'd like to despise you
wrapping on...
obsequies of insanities
insitu of possible returns
hill of uncontrol repose
point of unlimited reappear

7. Spheram De Tenebras

Dweller of denser gloomysphere
I'm the hate and malevolence
lost into congealing breath
sustain the sap of noteless
dryness my petty dream
seemingly I'm into another limb
hearslike instead of divine
I saw my death watch (chorus)
...ego gigno lumen tenebrae
autem naturae mae sunt...
That is why I'm not afraid
but I'm alone, pray for me
Spheram de tenebras
provide dislike the ownlight
glorify my impure gravity
tresspass proven placiedity
I heard the graveyard's blare
debacle of fictive
used to capture your tears
I'm not sad at all
inhabitant of down below
Horridas nostrae mentis purga tenebras
accende lumen sensibus
physique quam aetherium
obscurium per obscurius
macabra naturam
protestatem in corpus
nobis potius terribilis deusmortis
Habentibus symbolum facilis est transitus
in spheram de tenebras

8. Ad Posthumum

Inscious omnium rerum
omnes sciant quorum interest
sumnus est imago mortis
id vos ignorare nolui
Ad vitae aeternam
ad perpetum rei memoriam
major sum quam ut
mancipium sim mei
corporis mors propter
brevitatem vitae
Ad vitae aeternam
ad perpetum rei memoriam
ad infinitum
Nunquam longe potest
abesse nobis opus
in umbris mortuorum
est timor mortis
Ex cathedra dixo
mea umbra vos videtis
vultus est imago amini
ad posthumum.

9. Pax Moriendi

...Mortuum itstum componi corpore, spuiritu et anima,
eumque natura elementorum omnium et obscuritatem
assumisse... egosum qam sum de stirpe
diabolica pro liberatione et dissoultione generis
humani peccato captivati ex transgressione adae, naturam...
we saw in it all the art of dread
splendid procession of grieve
gloam the blank wet without
a grimy kind of dream, we could imagine ourselves
throwing infinitive breavement, if I deserve to die...
I'll die dejected
...In pax moriendi
...non prius conatus misericordia allis commovere quam
misericordia sum ipse captus, per ignaviam magno metu
novis opus est timor mortis... anima mortuus est secretus
iignis nostrae philosophiae, oleum nostrum nostra opus
macabra, sphera quam tenebrarum vocamus, transmutemini...
mother of all miserables, take my deplored soul
deflesh the ephemeral body, collect the bones and limbs
put an end to my penury, mater misericordiae
the ether of somber divinity, nostra gloria est.

10. Umbradiabolous


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