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Grim March To Black Eternity

"Grim March To Black Eternity" (2004)

1. Solitude Of The Dead
2. Cold And Eternal
3. Furvus Avernus I
4. Grim March To Black Eternity
5. Furvus Avernus II
6. A Grave For Us
7. A Revelation In Solitude
8. Heralds Of A Dead World
9. The End

1. Solitude Of The Dead

...the lady of the dead has commended me
to be your grim shadow in this travel without return
sit under the porch of…solitude of dead
follow me along the gloomy mortuary passages of desperation
creatures of the night request their tribute
for you to arrive to the hall of human torment
give your blood! Give your skin!
Your carnal end has come
Bells voices intone the funeral symphony
We have arrived to the ancient hall of human torment
Your deformed mutilated silhouettes sob laments of pain
Your spiritual end has come
The lady will take you to the hall of eternal dream
Where cycles of life are consumed by darkness
Enter!…ruinous forms of life
Sink forever in immobile eternal solitude
Solitude of the dead…

2. Cold And Eternal

…behind my eyes
a black space remains where nightmares reign
the inner empire of shadows
a dance to the abyss of silence
the antechamber to cruel reality
the refuge to this worldly hostile empire
the oniric projection with hate, towards life
perishable nightmares of an inevitable dawn
where I just find death, ruin and desperation
under this empty sky, I scorn human feeling
and I shall rest in the enclosure of my gloomy dreams
cold and eternal…

3. Furvus Avernus I

...furbus avernus in caela penetras
formando vela aeternarum tenerbrarum
possessio matris terrae
concubina semenen furbum infundit
turbae gurgitis super, furva caela occidunt...
angeli transigactis palo super suam sacrilegam terram cadunt
plovia sanguinis maria exundat se tingendo ruboris tenebrosi
ardens Luna snae matri verberat sibi iaciendo
ignem ad putridum ventiem oculi furbi averni
in silentio observant...

4. Grim March To Black Eternity

...the bell tower of souls spreads its black call
bells begin to toll their funeral tone
all has already finished
grim march to black eternity
burning fights human miseries
…suffered passions and tormented desires
black horizon of death is our destiny
souls are cold and silent
like deep waters of a lake in cold winter
my lungs breathe the immense void of eternity
cold night fog covers our eyes
eternal night’s whisper calls the spectral chargers
silent carriages of death drawn by their chargers…are coming
they come down the black sky along its funeral path of tears
they have arrived…they open their black doors to us
we fatal human souls come into grim march
it’s the end of all ruinous human life
legions of black carriages close their black doors
they march with the silence of death
to black eternity…to black eternity

5. Furvus Avernus II

...furba bela caeli abcidumt in exercationes defluunt
mortui bibuis devorant
beneficae et creaturae mali a boluptate ululant
exerationes per callem surregunt
quae fibdelem mortem in crystalle covnertit
mutilation crucifixio humanroum suum horizon est
silentium funestium iter sordidae humanaie specici est
immolation finis sacri est
sui cineres mobuum prospectum formant
finis omnis humanae bitae est
initium regalis furbi aberni est
fubrus abernus...

6. A Grave For Us

...we are the kingdom of the dead
where darkness take our cold souls place
the world is a grave for us
from our tormented eyes flow tears of stone
all we have seen and felt is hate and death
moon lights the ominous shadow of humanity
nothing has sense in this ruinous life
black sky is a pantheon for human laments...
in a graveyard of broken statues our cold bodies rest
every statue reflects a pain...
(... pain carved in black stone ..)
pain of... incomprehension
pain of... desperation
pain of... frustration
pain of... intolerance
pain of... hate
pain of... love
pain of... melancholy, pain of... solitude
our bodies of cold broken stone...
...reflect for black eternity
what grim truth has been
of this decadent humanity...

7. A Revelation In Solitude

...all i have felt i have suffered with words
are only emotions of mine.. they little matter
storms of withered and decadent life
desires and sufferings awaken with hate and wounded feelings
... with cold marks of death
oblivion: cover me in cold earth with a tunic of mist forgotten
oblivion: make my emotions melt under the black sky of a moonless night
"to stop pain causes pain" whispers the nocturnal wind
my last tears flow to form a puddle of desperation
where he dark flower of my desires be born... and my hate!
the face of solitude stares at me telling me:
"i invited you to suffer in this sepulchral life
you can come back to the void... eternity i am"

8. Heralds Of A Dead World etime of benegrance falls, slow and sad
dark paths where everlasting hate fights
suffering continues and pain is endless
human flame involves the light of life
heralds of a dead world
make their destiny on their black weapons
the wind of anguish sharpens its hate
blood of wards flows from inert earth
listen to the screams of a meaningless race!
look at your destiny through the raven's eyes
breath takes the throne of life
victory has always been for her
you've just been means for her inexorable victory
you are just greed
you and just hate
you are bengrance and the virus of life...
heralds of a dead world..
condemed to the eternal shadow... heralds of the dead world

9. The End


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