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Return to Dust

"Return to Dust" (2006)

1. Firestorm Redemption
2. A Dream of Armageddon
3. Failsafe
4. Fear Itself
5. Lamentations
6. None Escape
7. Sins of the Father
8. Ironclad

1. Firestorm Redemption

I am the offspring of resignation
adopted by the fires of discontent
Optimism becomes an opiate
Survival and glory to the brave
Struggle stirs the human spirit
kept keen on the grindstone of tiol
Pain and fear light the fire
But how high to stoke the flame?


Can the sheep be awakened?
I see signs of life flicker and die
Countless as the stars are our choices
The road has forged before us - now choose
not this time,a new way must be forged
Forged to or from hell - we choose
Salvation just within reach
But how high must we stoke the flames?


The sanctimonius rabble cries louder
Opposotion for its own sake
All caught within this maze
How many wolves are there among us?
If dissipline os born through struggle...
Where is it now ?
Unconcious and buried by apathy
A cleansing firestorm gathers and grows...

The Cloudness nightsky glows at the horizon
But the zenith remains black as pitch
silent flashes like summer lightning
Dawn approaches - the morning
Horned moon rises
This morning will be like no other
Firestorm awaits beneath the skuline
Awaits to consume our timid world
Because it's time to burn again

Thunder sounds a warning
But no one stirs to rise
Silence descends like a funerral shroud
A final chance passes
The firestorm consumes the dead

Burn, Burn, Burn

White phosphorous flames reaching higher
Heaven chokes on the smoke
Mesmerised by the light of their own death
Burning out forever
The dust - borne by the wind...

Slash and burn and slash and burn and
turn to fire...

2. A Dream of Armageddon

As I awaken to this dream
I saw fire rain from the skies
Blasting from the portals of hell
Black clouds descending darkly

The northern hills and valleys
Scorched by armageddon's hand
Blackened hills and valleys
Firestorm consumes all the dead
all the dead...

Black clouds drive across the face of the sun
a Blood-red spirit rising eastward
Chokes on glowing red embers
Freed by the winds of ignorance

War expands like a pool of blood
to cover the earth with crimson
The Gauntlet is smashed into the dirt
And the standard bearer is slaughtered first
Spreading like a fever in the night
Primal hatred infects once righteous souls
a holy war of attrition embraces death
and fear is left to brood in the shadows

The credo is drwoned out by rocket's red glare
Belched from silos frothing smoke
Oh beautiful for spacious skies
That rained down waves of dread
Blackened landscape majesty
Across slash and burned plains
Black wings's firestorm holocaust

Enfulfs all the dead....

3. Failsafe

Burning skies - raining fire
Dowm on the helpless below
Hell has come - storming legions
Iron eagles - angels of death

Searing wings - roar as thunder
Burning the life right out of the night
Heavens above - slaughtered outright
Reducinf bodies to ashes and dust

No more tomorrows - sunrise on a dead world
Burning the shadows right into the walls
Paying the price in self sacrifice

Final breath - ends in fire
Fallout snows its seeds of death
Darkened skies - deadly quiet
Nuclear winter settles its frost
Pitiful end - human folly
Centuries of work now scattered to dust
Victor defeated - final chapter
Closing the book and set it alight

Failsafe - cannot be recalled
Flee to nowhere - death consumes all
Return to the earth from which you crawled
Return to darkness - return to dust

4. Fear Itself

I bleed as a wound ripped in my flesh
Slash destiny into each arm...
With blood, with fire
Dead blood flows from my veins
(My blood feeds the firestorm)
And withstands the spreading blaze

Before the harvest of souls
Death whets his gleaming scythe
The sound of stone on steel
And sparks as lightning across the sky
Fear not you righteous ones
Though Death is always the winner
He is also easily appeased...
Never fear the night
Never fear the darkness

My breath scorches like desert winds
Far above the reek and stench
Time will come to pay - hell won't be enough
Desire feeds the leaping flames

Firestorm - smoke rises to the sky
Entrenched bodies - frozen, charred stumps
Screaming in silence as echoes fade
The light of peace glows dying red

The civilized veneer is drawn like a curtain
Drawn for the next act of blasphemy
And falls when the course is crimson drenched

5. Lamentations

Few know the true lined face of mars
To charge across the desolation
Bayonets fixed for close quorter...
Sawbacks gleam red perspiration
Who among us would dare...
Dare to walk the killing fields ?
The heather that drank the blood of our fathers
And bled from trenches...slashed...

By what authority are we granted peace ?
Over dead bodies of the more worthy
More worthy than we
Like the moth, we serve the light blindly
Ever colliding with another servent
Capitulation, resignation

The rot seeps everywhere
Unstemmed tide of ruin
Entropy gathers and engulfs instead

Few know the true lined face of mars
But the lessons of the learned
Drawn from killing and burning fields
Offer a tourniquet to staunch the flow
But we'd rather stand and bleat
Flashes of the storm our only light

Perhaps it's time to burn again

6. None Escape

7. Sins of the Father

8. Ironclad

We've survived a firestorm of derision
And now their weaknes is revealed
The hydra called modernity has failed
And wether or not the flock understands...
The blood of our fathers must be justified
Justified at all costs
This faul, faul world ridden with apathy
has lost its place in all things

I am as the serpent's crest
Ouroborous and Regal at once
The world at the center of my coil
My tail consumed, leaves me hungry for more

Finding courage in the spheres
Horizons dark as ever before
Once you come this way
You'll never wish to return
The path is of fire and lit by pain
Stark truths are their own reward
Dreams and illusions shatter like glass
Sans sympathy for its own sake

I am as the serpent's crest
Ouroborous and Regal at once
The world at the center of my coil
Sans sympathy for its own sake

From nothingness to nothingness
Black clouds parting for the dawn
From far beyond the voices still sound
Made wretched by the distance we've come
I've lived to fight another day
The day of infaamy - declaration of war


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