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The Return of The Satanic Rites

"The Return of The Satanic Rites" (2003)

1. Apokalyptic Raids
2. Ready to Go (To Hell)
3. The Atheist
4. The Way of the Warrior
5. Satanic Slaughter
6. Impaler
7. Emperor's Return
8. Skullkrusher
9. Voyeur

1. Apokalyptic Raids

Masters of Mayhem!

Created in a storm
Born of fire and thunder
Forged in the anvils of fate
We're here to spit our hate

Apokalyptic Raids
(Fire in our eyes...)

This great storm never ends
We play loud loyal crowds
I'm a king with axe
Listen to my command

Apokalyptic Raids
hellhammering your face
We all live in hell
Fuck the human race

Now we three meet again
In thunder, lightning and rain
(Now) the burly is done
And the battle's fought and won!

2. Ready to Go (To Hell)

Ready To Go (To Hell)

Iím breaking all the rules following my will
Iím cursing my soul doing as I feel
Demons, they fly - fly inside my head
I donít care Ďbout what happens, (I want) pleasure till Iím dead, cosí

Iím ready... ready to go to Hell

I am a War Machine, conquering and pillaging
No one will opose my will, everyone believes me
Now the world is mine as I reach for the sky
Grant me wings, Master, morbidly I will fly! And...

Iím ready... ready to go to Hell
Are you ready? Ready to go to Hell

The destiny of my flesh Ė To love the witches by dawn
Blasphemy and desire Ė I was born ready to go!
Iíve turned my back on belief Ė I gave everything for Metal
The ďPleasure to KillĒ Ė The Glory, Power, and The Steel...

(solo: The feeling to be real)

Iím breaking all necks, doing as I feel
No one will opose my will, everyoneís screaming with me!
Gotta Motör that spins and spins and spins inside my fucking Head
I donít want a different life, Iíll live forever in this song, cos...

Iím ready... ready to go to hell
We are you ready... ready to go to hell
Come with me!

3. The Atheist

The Atheist (Banned from eternity)

Donít want any heaven when I die, I want it here and now
I seek a life of knowledge and beauty, and maybe this offends your faith
(So) may the treasures of the Earth be mine, my (only) god is my own conquest
For being what you canít deny, your (eternal) enemy am I

Thereís no life after death
There is no human god
Abandon all your faith
Weíre banned from eternity...

Nihilist, Heretic, Atheist

I am my own creation! Youíve created your messiahs and gods
I live to praise my truth (and please my body), you exist to spread your lies
(You live in) hell in hope of an eternal reward, I make my paradise
Weíre banned from eternity, there is no human god


(solo: Do what you thou wilt)

(Repeat verse I)


4. The Way of the Warrior

Embrace the way of the warrior, it shall make you see
(There's) no other way to face your destiny
Always avenge an offense and be loyal to friends
live by honour and truth and you shall not repent

(The trial by fire:)
Fight, never repent...
Even unarmed or alone!
Shall Honour nd loyalty
Guide thy sword 'till the end...

Always defend the weak ones who cry to you
Follow your heart and you'll be the one who is true
Whene a man's word is worth his weight in gold
Another tale of courage shall be told!

5. Satanic Slaughter

Bodies shattered, savagery is spread
Death glares in the middle of the streets
Waiting for midnight to cut all
Your life is short, your body falls

He will take you!
Assassin, Mutilator, Homicidal - Slaughter!

Slaughter in vain - slaughter in pain
Grim decapitator's horrid domain
Still swinging the axe, all for the Master
I gotta go now, to get another bastard!

(bass solo: In the shadows of the night)

(Repeat verse I)

6. Impaler

Sworn Knight of the Dracul
Ruler of Wallachia
Against the Turks he fought...
A hero in Romania

A King, a Knight
Vlad Tepes, the Impaler...

The impaler from Romania
His headless body (was) buried
Tales of an empty grave
The legend of Dracula, the legend of...

(solo: Superstition and Cruelty)

Confronting mortality
Evoking dark myths
Conjuring ghastly views
(Reflecting) our deepest fears, our fears of...

7. Emperor's Return

The (old) Emperor's Return...
To avange the past sins... Avange the sins...
Decline of the Usurper... Crumble down!
Death becomes the traitor... Kill him (by the word)

"The Return"

"The Emperor's Return...
Or, should I say, the return of his Son?
His noble boils...
Revenge is in his veins!"

The war of blood... shall go on
The Usurper leaves... the war to his descendants!
The (new) Tyrant's better watch... Watch his back...
The (Son of the) Emperor's Returned...

(solo: Like Father, Like Son)

8. Skullkrusher

9. Voyeur

Arriving at home, late at night
In loneliness, suddenly I see a light
Caring not 'bout the neighbourhood,
She undresses, she will take her nightly bath
In the dark, all alone, I watch,
I observe her every move
And her window, it's open wide,
Like her legs and the lips of her cunt

I'm the voyeur, the voyeur, in the night
I'm the voyeur, the voyeur...

I'm getting hot, I have lenses,
That will bring her close to me
With other hand I grab myself,
A thunder strikes, I'm masturbating in rage!

(solo: Perverting the Blues)

Day after day, I follow her,
Weeks go by, my obsession is growing stronger
So beautiful, innocent,
Not suspecting that soon she will be mine...


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