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Escape From The Agony

"Escape From The Agony" (1994)

1. Suicide
2. Maquina Viva
3. Nomad
4. Red Dawn
5. Venoclisis
7. Misery
8. Rivers of Death
9. National Devastation
10. Introspection

1. Suicide


Problems in my soul
lacerating my mind
in this world
where death and violence
pray all the time
Iím in this suicide
supporting one
of this cranial death
Iím in this suicide
People die!!!
my body is contaminated
of all of this sickness life
in this superfual world
where the money and
power control all minds
economy disaster
disaster of death
is only in my soul
before all this and more
I see my life so down
whatís this shit in my world
iím a crazy man
I hate this carnal life
Stupid ideology I see
Terror infect my voice
Cut this life of me
Iím going to suicide
Walk, walk is my way
in this send of life
personality is my weapon
and some day you lose
theater of pain
conform this society
apparent another thing
that is what you are
but never
part of this society
chaos to eternity
is in this earth
no more fun
in this life
Iím in this suicide
Iím going to suicide.

2. Maquina Viva

We are that animal
that maquina viva
that eats its meat
that drinks its blood
this awaked beast
the unfettered
the stamped brain
with the chaos image
mirage of this body
his metal bones
the one who spraits
with a how
the one who sells
that kills
that lies
weíre that blind being
victim and executioner
of its own brain
we are that who you
of the other side of the
we are a body
thatís born stamped
with a tatood fire sign
numerated by law
in buildings
rests of holocausts
it raises mutilated
from the flames.

3. Nomad

Circle of the Tarot
force of evil
blackness is my destiny
evil is my destiny
pose is your name
play with things
that what your never see
life changes
like your mind
nomad, nomad
souls of death
guts are in my brain
Iíve returned from the dead
everything is dark
the zombies break
my bloody heart
chaos is my destiny
the pose in your destiny
nomad, nomad
life is so easy
like the color of love
sweet heart is my song
my beautiful long hair
my leather clothes
are sweet
girls coming to me
girls make love to me
all the time
Iím a rock star
my destiny is the frame
my destiny is the pose
my glove is black
my mind is black
Iím a son of satan
at school Iím so bad
I hearing ugly music
the way of society sees me
Iím a different kind
sickness disease
poor is your mind
think like jerk
practice what you preach
negative is your flag
always your pretend
to be so interested
talking about mystic placers
when children die
when the war comer up
your problems is your mind
see the world decay
and you do nothing about it.

4. Red Dawn

The massacre in Mexico
revolution was the world
incurable minds, deadly death
government thinks like
destroy the ideology
oppression, insane blood of the
students running free
this was a sea of blood
trauma !!!
trauma make my own way
the massacre in Mexico
revolution was the world
incurable minds, deadly death
government to kill just to die !!!
communism is not the way
but death isnít too
idealist of the youths
shake this government
I donít want to be part
of this society
the evil sign most be die
the world can change
democracy is not real
helbound is it the history
and everything will be done
destroy the ideology
democracy is not real
this world can change
all make may own way
the massacre in Mexico
red dawn

5. Venoclisis

Drugs in your veins
lacerating your mind
turn your soul dead
run free in your mind
blood is not to live
just to die
love to hate
lacerating your mind
with toxic thoughts
jump in this earth
travel with scare
the elastic time
create the agony
all in your veins
the mysteries of the flesh
run in your brain
the drugs of this world
conform all you state
materialism itís all
what I see
in this blood of death
putrefact blood
by the toxic torrent
the humans just to enjoy
the drugs of this world
miserys of this age
is sing of evil
and running in your veins
direct shock to produce
in all my earth
antibiotics must be dead
in the fight for this life
nothing is to live
everything just to die
the hope itís only
in our minds
pain and hate
produced all my state
myserys of this age
running free in my veins
direct shock just to produce
like virus in my flesh
screaming like dead souls


Lucha de clases
por la democracia
en un país podrido
y lleno de egoÖ
gente muriendo de hambre
en un estado físico y mental
es un futuro incierto
para el alma y el cuerpo
del hombre en este país
miserable inmundicia
que atormenta mi alma
la escoria del pueblo
son los gobiernos
que esclavizan el mundo
secreción cerebral
miles de niños mueren
a causa de la guerra
el poder podrido
domina sus mentes
sed de materialismo
rodea sus almas mediocres
cuyo fin es la vanidad
muerte, desolación, ansiedad
muerte, desolación, ansiedad
tristeza, sufre el humano
radio, televisión, gobierno
manipulación de masas
ocultando la realidad
de nuestra muerte violenta
nación muerta de desolación
donde vagan las almas
de las mentes perversas
de este miserable país
lleno de hambruna y tristeza
donde ninguno se atreve a luchar
maldita miseria
enfermedad que rodea el caos
estirpe de víboras
gobiernan mi mundo
de odio y tristeza
en esta explosión de cáncer
que brota como sangre podrida.

7. Misery

You sprout like a spine
you blood like a wound
virus you multiply
youíre sick breath
in the corner of the world
your smellís infection
the place where you live
hurts you like giving birth
as the industry
and the revolution bursted
as taking weapons with
the destiny to die
thatís how itching
bursts in your dirty skin
you mouth is of hunger
rats bite your feet
in the gas station
he finished being a bonze
that for some coins
or ignorance maybe
even though there are others
who think that is for conviction
or maybe it was ignorance
you nail you pure bronze skin
over your cross
the amber light skin
the dark ebony
the dark bearn
the blue Ė white skin
the flame skin
with your name tatood

8. Rivers of Death

Nuclear mind war
emptiness is the sky
corrosion of the faith
by the toxic waste
world with dry sky
extintion of the animals
where the feelings
of death are present
miles of the land
with poor sky
torture of the souls
around this world
the ruins of pain
government for murder
not to save
justice is lost
laws of death
born to dearth
not survive !!!
repulsive world
obscene thoughts
is this chaotic
slaughter house
destruction, annihilate, mutilate
mechanical way of life
make this human machine
fear is on my own
horror, terror, homicide
the silence of the desert
make my flesh so cold
the oceans are red
the crayin of this earth!!

9. National Devastation

Voice of darkness
that slides
in allies, in baltonies and belts
where the misery howls
brain mutilation
national information
itís burning you
itís dragging you
war wind and disease
National Devastation
printing press
where the dirty history
vomits all the slags
raped souls
brain mutilation
and you!!!
sitting there
over the power to finish
to lie
this flack of humanity
brain mutilation
and you!!
Donít want to see
what that power
thatís going to take
you too!, from itís
center it turns around
the giddiness of the abismal
brain mutilation
National Devastation

10. Introspection


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