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The Ethos Elite

"The Ethos Elite" (2003 EP)

1. The Curse of Soil and Blood
2. Opposing the Pityfilth
3. Liars Bound
4. A Silent Drowning
5. Apostles Of My Vices

1. The Curse of Soil and Blood

You would be of the parasite breed
Who defile this earth
Who crawl and wallow
Impregnate your wombs with greed
Text book herds
To come to follow

See you not the profound imbalance
Uproot your trees
To harvest the fruits
You hold no hope
Through my eyes
I endeavour to exhume
The withered hand
Of justice

And amidst the chaos
Only the honourable of heart
Step forward with grace
To leave their mark

It's a curse
On the hearts of my kind
Faith I have
In the fall of the blind

It seems we are
The vultures of your pain
A monolith drawn forth
From the dark
Synthesized believers
Of demise
Your overgrowth chokes the blooms
With frightful accuracy
And compliance
A fight for stature
Among the maimed
The dwarfed acquire beauty
To overcome their commonplace
This is the cycle of your life
Or have you established
A piece of mind
In order to survive

2. Opposing the Pityfilth

Begin the eradication
Of the bacterial infestation
A frontline batterial assault
To crush the parasite
Forthcoming is the order to
Install a just resolve
Bring resurgence to the balance
With the iron fist of old
For it holds the force worthy to drink
Of the blood drawn
From the stone of war

Unorthodox divisions
Swarm infected authorative figured
Remove those of status
Functionless mass on their knees
Iconoclastic incineration
Of the meek and asinine
A dynamistic regime
To silence apathetic nescience

With stealth and with glory

We demand confirmation of your downfall
Your nihilistic infidelity
To the gift of life defines your cause
Of unfaltering complacence
Devoid of honour, of truth, of heart, of life

We would be the scourge of your earth
Heirarchy of the new world to be born

Come join the burial
Of all that is dogmatic
A re-assessment of principles
To revitalize the spirit
The creation of a new child
A living effigy of scorn
We the scourge of your earth
Heirarchy of the new world to be born

We would be the scourge of your earth
Opposing the pityfilth to incite the rebirth

3. Liars Bound

Please mourn for the effeminate
And indeed the celibate
Of opinion for disdain
But weep do not for the desolate
I will not hold out my hands to you
Bleed some tears to dress these wounds
I hear your cries behind those lies

Can you smell the disorder
Admist the ranks of the humanoid
The depravity of simplicity
No longer appeals to those from within this world
The admirable protector
Of what is seen and what is held
Demands naive participation
A contribution of your-self

Their harmonic state
Those who rise above your graven deceit

Material gain
Pleasure sustained
The mask of a god
But you're empty inside, paper sceptered fool

Numerical warfare ablaze
Consuming all unable to calculate
The equations of prime importance
A freak thought on the path to oblivion
Abdication of logic
Forfeit all values for the crown of profit
Man the throne of induced contentment
Temporary, by no means an achievement

All our trust in you will be bound down
Should your lies be allowed to prevail
One by one we converge with the old
Should control of your fall willfully fail

Purge out responsibility
Amidst a binge of the decadent
So enthralled, you sift the discharge
Eyes pried for reusable value

Upon observing the hardened star of finality
The truthful cause of infliction may be revealed
Acknowledge the crudity of greed and the misuse of power
And in exuberant denial, brand them as faults!

4. A Silent Drowning

As one to infer from receptions
Of a nihilistic yet dormant haze
Transmissions from those who ponder
The ensured entrapment
Of the free to the maze

Oh how they wander the thirsty
Oh how they falter the empty

Their calling begins...

Echoes from the heart of a sophist
Who would sing on his feet
'fore bowing to death
Inclined to embrace the deceivers
As they drown his voice
In the lake of sheer fear
You have witnessed the circle
Of the spineless
Who extinguished the flames
Of heroes gone passed
But those who are drowned in silence
Their screams do wander
Until they are heard

If my heart should beat as anothers
The melodious murder of difference falls
And is choked by fearful control
He must emancipate his voice
That flew too high for their eyes to see
And sang too loud for their hearts to bear

May the transparent
Veil of your conception
Bear you witness to my rebirth
For my spirit did sing
And my voice did soar
But you drowned me in silence
Thus from your conscience
I return with unrest

5. Apostles Of My Vices

Shun the sun in a rage of indifference
I long for peace but cannot find a reason
One eyed perceiver of cold perversions
Elite performance of an ethos so hindered

Heart ripped from a cavity of broken glass
Surely my cries will cripple the universe
Again I stand alone as one
Set to defend and deceive my own demons

Twelve suns have set one moon rises now
Illuminate all concealed doors
Old world gives birth to a child of mercy
For the new to bear in war

Come rape yourselves now
And twist those shards
Come rape yourselves now
Splinters embedded in my naked heart

What have I done to instill this deliverance
Quest for answers beneath the dormant surface
Lifeless degenerates of mass proportion
Crawl their paths laid by the twelve suns arisen

Twelve plus one to overpower

Can you see i've brought you to your knees
Martyr through the eyes of the moulded
No longer you breed for I have enfolded
In my arms of truth and justice
And my grasp grows stronger


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