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Encased In Black, This Is Forever

"Encased In Black, This Is Forever" (2000)

1. Silent Years
2. Down Pour
3. Signs of Spring
4. External Bleeding
5. Broken Forever
6. Ravens
7. After The Fall
8. Gardens To Graveyards (The Most Delicate Blossom)
9. Behind The Mask

1. Silent Years

Picking up the pieces of silent years
Expectations of winter arise
Absent thoughts of steps and sights
Dried tears tell a story of blackened skies, of blackened visions
Open wounds cry for attention
Hands bound, eyes clenched as we try to maintain life
Stepping on the cracks of common ground
Trees burn in the memory of the fall
The silhouette of your shadow brings my death
Poison the voice that speaks your name
Fermented blood stains the tiles, and we wash our soiled hands
Aching the words buried under the soil that only cry to die
Expressions of seasons gone to waste
Tides of envy wash away craving for closure when you won't hear my words
Silent years of trying to forget your name
Silent years... and you to blame
Walking into my own demise

2. Down Pour

Lost myself withing the city lights
I could have sworn I saw halos
Angelic visions littering the morning sky
Until the first flash of light
Dark clouds spill out across the sky
Turning it as black as ink
I couldn't believe what I heard in the thunder
Storm spills rain beating my skull like a thousand tiny hammers
Deafening secrets weaved into the thunder
Reveal themselves to me
Truth has become my most bitter possession
A burden I'll hold until my death
I wish it all away
Soaked to the bone
I can feel myself grow old
Drenched in shame
Caught in your down pour
Could you see it
In my eyes
Watching part of us die
Carried away
By the wind
Washed away by the rain

3. Signs of Spring

Glass shatters around its frame
Incomplete structure
That holds no embrace
Eyelids awake wither and die
I feel my insides the same
Trying to regain hold of the face that I once put on
She smiles at me now I dream
Lifeless caress that counts against
Indulging into yesterday
Voluntary replacement of time
The need to escape your dreams
Spring comes and takes me away from here
I no longer stand alone
Caress indulge replace escape

As the light proceeds to darken my room
I dream of tones of joy, tones of forgiveness
Tones of love we strive to forget the past
We tend to move on but I can't
Peering into the street I see trees that grow and I feel tears
That drop never to get up and face another day

4. External Bleeding

Higher ground brings on solution
Pressed for consumption
And released on a bias torch
Frames of mind that soon will die
With broken words held within shattered graces
We strive to gain only to go under
Gasping for air as the tide rolls over
If only I put myself in different shoes with you
Another day to waste away
Guilt swells with anticipation
Pain gives away for a new horizon
We only hold on to just give up
On the life that only drains away our thoughts
Taking away what once was mine
Tearing at the flesh of defeat
Why can't you cope with your thoughts
Why must you drag on with the past
Soon the day will end and a new sun will rise
Self pity is disgusting
Countersteps to reveal the time
Consciousness delayed by fear
Beauty resides in all but one (you)
The episodes of time that enable each one of us to
Move on is what you sacrifice for conversation

5. Broken Forever

6. Ravens

Tear out my heart and feed it to the ravens
Stars that seemed so easy to hold drift further from the touch
I was there to hold your face to mine
Such limbs to prey among my dreams
Choke and claim their ground
Positioned within my deepest fears to come alive and assume my place
Your judgements come and leave their marks
Ambition is nearly a shadow of a dream
Ravens feast on eyes that once saw beauty
No touch can leave its mark on a heart that breaks
I stand motionless where it first began
A new wind blows chimes to summon an end
Flowers arise... bodies descend
Ravens seek decayed... feeding on carrion

7. After The Fall

Dead eyes staring
Straight through me
A seraphim
Torn from grace
I fell to earth today
My back bent under the burden of myself
Broken wings can no longer
Take me away from here
Pushed beneath
Sinking deeper
Carved in granite
Bleeding hands clench jagged stones
Veiling under a blanket of black
This day forever absent of light
Lonely fools build towering walls
In knee deep graves
With whispers of suicide
Under their breath
All angels fall
Is this where the light ends
and darkness begins
Encased in black, this is forever.

8. Gardens To Graveyards (The Most Delicate Blossom)

As the most delicate blossoms wither and die
I lay here empty handed half finished
Until my end
Pale moonlight washes over my body
Aching to leave this place
Promises of forever still hanging heavy in the air
You told me this wouldn't happen
These flowers would never die
Petals fall
She loves me
Petals fall
She loves me not
Gardens to graveyards mocked by the dead
I would've died for you
And you would have let me die
Dragging bones through the wilted petals
Unearthing old ghosts to remind me of what I lost
Open my wrists on the jagged thorns of good intentions and paint the withered petals red.

9. Behind The Mask


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