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"Anticipation" (2003)

1. kinder der nacht
2. till I see your face
3. evil in the world
4. the eyes of realitiy
5. blackest day
6. blame
7. song to you
8. anticipation

1. kinder der nacht

Kinder der Nacht eure Herzen sind schwarz,
denn diese Welt hat eure Herzen verbrannt.
...burnt your hearts!
Ihr sehnt euch nach dem Tod
wie Blumen nach dem Sonnenschein.
Seid kalt, des Lebens muede,
keiner hoert euer Schrein.
Sucht einsam, aengstlich, isoliert,
seelisch missbraucht, verzweifelt, depriment,
verbrannt und schwartz, mit Suechten
infiziert nach der Warheit.
...for a new beginning.

Wir waren wir ihr einst blind,
gefangen in der Finsternis.
Nun aber befreit
-through Jesus Christ! Hes the way,
the truth and life.

Ins Land der Dunkelheit bringen wir euch
die Hoffnung des Lebens.
Jesus Christ wants to enter the hell of your pain.
Open your heart and believe and youll be alive
although you die

Mein Herz, einsam, verbrannt, betrogen, erschnitten
- schreit nach Hoffnung.

Jesus-deliver us!

2. till I see your face

I try it every day, I fight with the power of your spirit.
For a short time I can stand, but too fast I fall again.

Too fast the devil finds a hole in my heart to attack me,
it doesnt matter how hard I try it I cant stand.
Your spirit in me is too weak that I can defeat
the sin in my lifetime.

Im a sinner - yours not worthy
Im a sinner - but you forgive me
Im a sinner - the rest of my days
Im a sinner - till I see your face

I have your word that youll forgive me my daily sins
I dont do the good I want to do instead I do the evil
I dont want to do...
...but you forgive me!

3. evil in the world

you hear from fights in Nothern Ireland
of catholics against the protestants
you feel the desperation of parents,
which children get attacked
on their way to school
you see the pictures of the riots
in the streets and the disturbances
of these idiots
you know there will be no peace,
not in 100 years -thats the

you hear that a little girl was missed and
found in the woods, death and raped
you feel hate and rage for this cruelty
you see her smile on a picture in the
news as she it still couldt
you know this onw is only one of many
and it happens all time again


you hear from a suicide, jumping from
the bridge - together in death
hand in hand,
you feel the pain and the sadness of their
friends and they cry thousands of tears
you see the candles on the bridge and
you see the flowers on their graves
you know there will be no peace in heads
and hearts without GOD - thats the

but I know once there will be a time
that fire is coming down from heaven
and its destroying the evil and all
who followed him
and GOD will they throw in the lake
of fire and they will be tormented
day and night - forever and ever!

4. the eyes of realitiy

Why eyes, if they dont see
Why ears, if they dont hear
Why hands, if they dont help
Why a tongue, if it doesnt speak

Sometimes these questions are inside my head
and I look to the world and my heart comes sad.
Is it really so that we cant see
into the true eyes of reality?
...for every child who laughs, theres a child who cries,
day by day, year by year, thats life

Why flowers, if they dont bloom
Why air, if you dont breath
Why sun, if it doesnt shine
Why salt, if it doesnt salt

Sometimes these questions surrounding my mind
and I ask myself: "Why were so blind!"
Or are we just too tired to see into the eyes of reality.

Why hope, if you dont trust
Why life, if you dont live
Why searching, if you dont want to find
Why love, if it doesnt burn

I cant see the pain anymore
or Im just too blind to see behind?
Or Im just too tired to see into the eyes of reality
so Im fading away in my fantasy

5. blackest day

I stood under the dark sky
I saw the moon I began to cry
I screamed to you my Lord: "Oh why? What did you have thought!"
My heart was hurt inside and
it spewed out desperation, hate, rage against the world
and maybe against you my Lord.

I screamed: "Lord you are my last hope! Oh help me you see Im down on my knees.
I need you now more than ever", but you said . NOTHING!
As I laid down in my bed my heart grieft through my tears, so I want no more and
I thought that was the blackest day of my Life!

Now the wound is healed by your spirit, what remains is the scar on my heart!

Now my heart is free, you've take all away my pain, but I know sometimes
new clouds will passing by my sky, my sun, you my GOD.
And than remind me on the blackest day of my life.

6. blame

In this world of aggression
In this world of depression
In this world of sickness
We stand crying
No one help us, no one love us,
No one hold us in his arms like GOD

Day by Day we are blamed by the scorn
Day by Day it can help us no one
But were standing here and living our way
Because were alive save in Gods mercy.

God helps you
God holds you
God cares you
God loves you

7. song to you

This song is for you
Ask yourself where youre came from
Ask yourself what youre living for
Ask yourself where you will go
Can you explain whats the sense of life
Can you explain whats real true love
Do you know is there a god
Do you know what will be after you die

We dont know how you answer
these questions in your life
But we want to answer
these questions on our way
We believe in god and his son jesus christ
He died for me, died for you, that we can find the real life

Dont be silly and believe
All the lies the people say
Look around in their eyes
Do you see all their tears
Can you hear theyre screaming for hope
Can you feel all their fear
But jesus wants to take all their sadness away

We believe in god and his son jesus christ
He arose for me, arose for you, that we can be really free
Free from the death

8. anticipation

"...And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.
The first heaven and the first earth disappeared,
and the sea vanished.
And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down
out of heaven from god, prepared and
ready like a bride dressed to meet her husband.
I heard a loud voice speaking from the throne:
"Now Gods home is with mankind!
And he will live with them, and they shall be his people.
God himself will be with them, and he will be their God.
And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes.
There will be no more death, no more grief or
crying or pain. The old things disappeared!
And now I make all things new!..."


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