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"Arcanes" (2003)

1. Anthemon Anthem (Introduction)
2. No Rest No Peace
3. Semen
4. Keep Dying
5. Another I
6. Parody of Man
7. Forgotten (Interlude Instrumentale)
8. Reed
9. Meaningless
10. Never Born Forever Dead
11. Arcanes

1. Anthemon Anthem (Introduction)

2. No Rest No Peace

Scared to death at this new dawn
You have to endure new pains now
Another of your weaknesses to hide
Haunting your days, killing your pride
Find the force to stand what's around you
Face with strength everyday Life's agressions

There is no secret garden to go to
Every hour of light is a million redemptions

Feel with courage the humiliation
Walk straight with an aim to get
Open your conscience to your condition
And think about happiness you never met
And when darkness leaves its den
Far from the stench of men

Most of your fears disintegrate...
But tomorrow is running, running faster than you...

3. Semen

At dusk shall start this sensual ceremony
Two shapes melt in fast synchronized breaths
United by flesh but still quite lonely
When blows the old friendly smell of death

Pact signed for a short flee to ecstasy
Warm embraces and long voluptuous kisses
United by flesh in all serenity
Hypnotising eyes on their smileless faces

For years nature has given birth to millions trees
For years rivers has driven their content peacefully
Tonight two shapes quietly stand on their knees
Ready to a fusion in a wished flesh harmony
No need yet to release the lifefull seeds

It's time to lose control in absolute euphory
Drink at the organic well with lust and greed
and drown with thirst in celestial perversity

Timeless erotic behaviour teasing
The ageless craft of limbs excitation

Two shapes melt in synchronized breaths
Reaching together the gapes of their little death

In warm and wetness lives their passion
When every sigh has its own meaning

At dawn shall stop this sensual ceremony
That moments of grace raised to heavenly

Sweat and Semen soiled, Sigh and Semen united...

4. Keep Dying

All these years of false smiles
All these years of silence
Seven years of held back tears...

At last, beginning of this end.
No more hand, no more arm, no more life.
Seven years of false smiles
Seven years of forced silence.

So, comes this cruel happy moment.
No more will, no more arm but still pain.

I don't think they know what I did for us
I don't think they want to know.
I let life abandon Me, I let death enter Me.

I can't stay, I have to leave
You love me so much to see Me dying.

Why am I still there on this bed ?
Why do I prevent My son from living ?
Whay can't I stop this suffering...

You're wasting by illness, why to live?
You won't be happy anymore.

No one's forcing you to live... Keep dying
Life is useless... Keep dying
I don't think they'll understand... One day.

5. Another I

Another I is dead
Another I is born from somewhere
I'm looking for this place where I'd got no face
Who am I ? Where was I ?

I woke up in the middle of this land
I couldn't feel my hands
Behind me, Future disppeared in the fog
I casted a glance over this place.

It was desolate, gloomy and odourless
Through fields, I walked to find a shelter
I was half way up of an hil when I looms a river

Who am I ? Who was I ?
I'm looking for a place where I recognize myself

Another I is dead, Another I is born from somewhere
I was looking for this place where I'd got this face
Who was he ? Was he dead ?

Suddenly I heard a voice
Coming from nowhere
Who said "Come, cross the river, you will know who you are"
So I crossed, I was fascinated

6. Parody of Man

Even the dead are more alive than me
I'm no human being.

I'm glowing with Lifesickness
Becoming a parody of myself
I'm turning into Meaningless
Slowly, I'm laughing at myself

Even your smiles and kisses can't help me
Past killed me, Future will raise me from the dead
But I don't have present anymore.
Why am I like that ?
Why these sorrows, these tears ?

7. Forgotten (Interlude Instrumentale)

8. Reed

These days, I tried, I tried, I tried
But life kept me next to her, why ?

Like a reed, I fold but don't break
Since these moments, nothing distresses me.
Behind my misanthropic and insensitive wall,
My love is a so beautiful corpse.

Rain and wind remind me your death
But like a reed, I fold but don't break
The river that feeds me is only silence and scorn
That's why I'm so black...

Since these moments nothing distresses me
But like a reed, I fold but don't break

So nobody cares of...
My doubts... My cries... My fears... My pain... My dreams... Me

Yet I realize that, like an oak, I'm tough.

9. Meaningless

Infinity lying in its own ethereal beauty
Universes defying the passage of time
Suns that set with millions years of history
Planets and astral dust at the top of their fame

Earths welcoming all lowest forms of life
Oceans eternally feeding their children with tide
Skies contemplating with serenity the crawling down
Fire remains the fear of ones to keep its crown

Trees teaching the meaning of patience and wisdom
Lakes sharing its goodness with the lucky ones
Mountains holding the secrets of the beginning
Diseases executing the will of nature's kingdom

Abysses revealing the depths of their ages
Rain falling to wash the soils away
Clouds floating in their celestial cages
Sparks at the edge of an alternative way.

10. Never Born Forever Dead

I can feel what you feel and hear all these lies
I don't want to live your sufferings... outside
Pain, fear and despair don't exist here... inside
Your womb, the best place where to grow and die...

Why would you love me, why would you cherish me ?
Why would you give birth to me, to this freak ?

Your womb as a cage, freedom will be death.
I just want to live inside you... forever.

In my dreams, you life, that's why
I want to give birth to you.
You're the jewel of my life.

The jewel won't shine anymore, I'm death
I don't want to see your smiles and feel your kisses.

I just want to die.

In my dreams, you're life, that's why
I want to give birth to you
In my dreams, you're hope, that's why
I want to give birth to you.
You're the jewel of my life.

11. Arcanes

Que devrais-je attendre, comprendre ou entendre ?
Dévoilez-moi les mystères de ce monde !

Impératrices de mornes paysages,
Mère de toute vie, découvrez vos visages !
Du voile ténébreux qui enfreint à vos sens
Révélez vos desseins, et nourrissez mes absences !

Ouvrez mon esprit au savoir absolu,
Pansez ma plaie d'innocence et salissez-moi
Couvrez mes douleurs et dégagez ma vue
Faites de l'ignorance l'ennemie de ma foi !

Laissez entrevoir à mes yeux innocents
La lumière pure de votre virginité
Elle brûle en vos coeurs, elle coule en votre sang
Elle m'attire, mais se meurt dans l'obscurité...

Dissipez le brouillard qui règne en mon âme
Eclaircissez le chemin de ma quintessence
Libérez-moi, détruisez ce corps infâme
Assassinez ma vie et donnez-lui un sens !

Le crépuscule trace par-delà les cieux
Les sources vermeilles d'une nuit nouvelle
Le silence m'emportant, je rejoins les dieux...
...Eux, qui ont su entendre mon appel...

Explore les arcanes de l'éternel savoir
Pour que des ténèbres surgisse le pouvoir...


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