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Fatal Error

"Fatal Error" (2001 Demo)

1. Instrumental
2. Game
3. Midsummer night dream
4. Punishment
5. Victim
6. ...and called it sorrow
7. Fatal error
8. Close in blindness

1. Instrumental

2. Game

He was playing, playing all the time
The new game really got him
He felt subconsciously that there was more involved
He sensed it but he did not accept the consequences
The ardor of of the game only strengthened his ignorance.
He was plying, playing for a long time
The substance of the game thrilled him
To create an intelligent form of life
To try to reach ist longest existence.
However, the created life was dying easily,
At the top of the civilization blooms
It was destroyed by pandemic diseases.
However, then the work was thriving
The MANKIND was holding the position for a long time
He was proud of having found the trick
- the crative aggresivity!
They coped with diseases hands down
They managed even more
A new entertaining element – wars.
However, he was not able to cope with everything
Wars and madness
Getting out of his control
Passed to a gruesome Armageddon
The vexed GOD swallowed a tear:
„Why? It si just a game…“

3. Midsummer night dream

I awake from dream
In the means of the night
Frighteneed by image
Avoid the death
But i´m not sure,if it´s dream or it´s reality
I´m sitting in the corner
And i can´t move
I want to run away, but lean´t move
Voices attacking me from all directions
The walls are putting near
And i smell the blood
Maybe the dream has come true
The ideas changes into deeds
My hands are stained with the black blood
I awake from dream
I have killed human being
I have blood on my hands
And next to me respose the body
It´s not dream, it´s reality!!

4. Punishment

You, open your eyes
Everywhere see death
The world is comming down
People are powerless
Faith don´t help them
They have nothing
To believe in
The god left them
It´s like a punishment
You, open your eyes
Everywhere see death
Now they have to tolerate pain
People survive from day to day
Fight with death
With nothing to lose
They curse own, faith
It´s like a punishment

5. Victim

Is it several thousand years
What yet died
But to this day his shadows
Accompanies people on every step
Below his in the name of killing
Ourself yourself respectively
In wind remain on feel
Smell his blood
Pick him from throng
A has happened of our victims to
Was ethrones over ours heads
Do we are so
A has happened holy
Bow to his hooves
To us has been grace

6. ...and called it sorrow

I embraced you paralyzed in my arms
And hot tears were running down my cheeks
Fear, hopelessness and emptiness
Suddenly filled my life.
Like shiver runnig down my spine
Like shadows of despair in my mind
The nights of loneliness keep on flashing
And i am still longing for you.
You are gone,
And your soul in my dreams
Keeps on waking up and crying
However, the life in my heart
Is slowly dying
Our happiness has floated away… in pain
Perhaps not everything is lost
However, nothing will ever be forgotten
But now the world in my eyes has changed,
I called it sorrow…

7. Fatal error

A virtuos man dies
He has no fear
His life was interwoven with the belief in GOD,
Now only the paradise is waiting for him
However, his soul is all of a sudden
Torn out from his body by an awful frost,
An ungraspable horrid face
By a malicious look
Is crushing the belief of the saint to dust
The tacit, desperate question
Emanating from the soul growing slowly black
Is answered by the evil-smelling creature of the unreality:
„To err is human,
therefore the mankind lives in error,
You do not leave the life,
You are lead away from it…!“

8. Close in blindness

Welcome in world
Where the fear dominate
You can´t hide
Welcome in world
Where you aren´t alone
But you and your ideas
You are lying
In the empty room
Where is just darkness!
You are living
Just in your fantasy!!
It destoy you
You are drowning
In suicidal ideas
You fing between
Heaven an earth
You live your life
Just in suffering
And without people
You are waiting
Vainly for liberation
Ideas like sickness!!
Penetrate through
Your broken body
You are reserved
Sunlight is changing
Before your eyes
Your ideas will never
See the light


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