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A Night At The Cemetery

"A Night At The Cemetery" (2003 Demo)

1. A Night at the Cemetery
2. Fallen Gods
3. The Reaper
4. Valley of Tears
5. Aldebaran
6. Angel's Last Breath
7. December Falls

1. A Night at the Cemetery

all seems so dark and all seems so strange
thousands of years, past, nothing is changed
here there's no time here there's no pain
calm and peace dance under the rain

moon and clouds are over our stones
looking at us and lighting our bones
old trees sleep all round hear
while black birds fly and you can't hear

grieved stars waver in a blue peaceful sea
mirror of what will be
waiting to fall

I'm a soul, I'm a dead

2. Fallen Gods

try to conquer the universe
to reveal hidden secrets
try to surpass god, slaves of your wild pride…

kill in name of freedom
of what you've never known
by blood and steel, to keep all lands under one…

can't you feel, something is changing
in your corpse, now is purified…

infinite wounds of scythe, will make you as they want…

listen to your fear

3. The Reaper

waiting, watching
the shadow all around me
searching, killing
you won't be able to see
running, reaching
all what will never be

you hear my steps behind you
frail is the light of the moon
tell to god all the truth
you'll see him soon

now the time to die has come
let the hope pass by

4. Valley of Tears

The world is opening before my eyes
time is passing through my life
and I don't know the reason why
I feel so blind

now I can see
heaven is a valley of tears
leave out your fears
and pray for me

remember unconsciously
ride wild in the in wind
so many agonies to kill

5. Aldebaran

hell fire burns
the demons laugh
nightmare's all around
I'm falling in
an endless depth
evil rules my mind

but still I long for life
my glance is light by the stars…

the sun is dying
darkness surrounds the fear
I wish to see
what future hides

6. Angel's Last Breath

Smile of wrath
On my face
I'm corrupted inside
My soul is changing
In an evil one...

Shy nightmares and ghosts of glass
Are the bishops of my insanity
Forgotten myths, gargoyles of sand
Are the witnesses of my frailty

I've lost love for lust
The down of purity now is on

7. December Falls

Hear this pray, carried by sorrow
oh, will you help us, Lady of the time...
I'm an elf, with a human heart,
sentenced by my everlasting life,
oh, help me, before December falls...
oh, help me before December falls...

Hear this pray, carried by hope
oh, will you save us, from the down of time...
I'm a man, who loves an elf,
sentenced by my mortal life,
help me, December is falling...
help me, December is falling...


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