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"Soul Departure" (2007 Demo)

1. Soul Departure
2. A Shattered Halo
3. Wrath of the Tyrant (Emperor cover)
4. Solitude in Eternal Sleep

1. Soul Departure

Pressure so Intense
Halucinations that rot the eyes and brain
Sounds so deafining
Senses pushed beyond their extremes
Departure of the soul, instincts die
Die so painfully
Muscles lose control
As the soul is violently torn from the body

So unimaginable
The Painful process of dying
Suffering of the mortal concious
Beyond belief!

No words of this world
Can illustrate such a warped experiance
As the soul departs from the body
Departure of the soul, instincts die
so painfully
The will to live strong,
But powerless before the touch
.... of death

2. A Shattered Halo

Slowly the blood freezes to ice
As I seek to exist beyond sound and sight
The mortal wounds so deep
Enlightment within an eternal sleep
I stand void of fear
Awaiting the realm of ecsasty

The wolves, they howl
The moon glows within
My fate writen into my very genes
Of which lies beyond the stars
to which i'm bound eternally
Tears fill my eyes
As I escape a world so enslaved

I pass away...
For nothing but dark could set me free
Riding the storms of hell
Where only the strong spiritually dwell

3. Wrath of the Tyrant (Emperor cover)

As the wolf the wolves bark at the moon the seventh time
As the moon cast its shadow twoards the cliff's edge
As the woods are crying their hym to the almighty one

The darkness consumes the happiness
At the witching hours he'll come forth
and cry the hames of the chosen ones
He will raise his voice of doom

He will carry the dust of the fallen warriors
He bear the fires of hell in his eyes
He will walk among his souls tonight
He will carry the seventh golden sword

...and bear the sign of evil

Hell on earth, death and destruction
The fullmoon shines, and the angel whines
The moment of Armageddon is here
The ancient masters are back

He is the wind, he is the storm
He is the woods, he is the roots
Nobody will escape the wrath of the tyrant
Forver the beast shall wander the Earth

4. Solitude in Eternal Sleep

I wandered through a wood so deep
I prayed to here forever sleep
The only god who heard my cries
Was the one beyond my eyes

Snow fell from the burning trees
Weeping flooded the boiling seas

The Earth died
The Angels fell
No life, no death
Nor Heaven nor Hell


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