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Frozen Tears

"Frozen Tears" (2005 Demo)

1. Intro
2. O.D.E
3. Headless
4. Dubios Hero
5. The Enemy
6. Horsemen
7. Slave of Nobody
8. Lonely
9. Tears in the Snow
10. Friends
11. Wenn der Igel schreit Bonus/Päddass

1. Intro

2. O.D.E

My blind mind searchs
a sense in my life
He finds it when
I look in your eyes

I’ve made my final decision
You are my chosen one

You are there if noone’s there
Your presence makes me feel secure
If I’m caught in my dark thoughts
You rescue me and heal my soul

Words can’t describe
what you mean to me
Even I am disable to
So I write this ode for you

3. Headless

You confuse me
No clear thought
Beautiful stupidity
Just we and noone else

Headless I am
Restless I run
Come right to you
In your embrace

Dependence on you
I do everything
To feel your warmth
I run, I run, I run

I need you
I want you
I need you
Right with me

I want you
I like you
I want you so
Come to me

I love you like
Noone else
I need you
I need your embrace

I search you
I need you
I want you
Only you

I want you
I love you
I do this
Just for you

I love you like
Noone else
I need you
I need your embrace

4. Dubios Hero

You see me, I see you
You hurt her, my sweet Darling
I take revenge, be careful

I see the smile in your face
I will destroy this feeling

Come to me you bastard
You feel strong with your stupidity
You are wrong, you are nothing

You are a dubios hero!

5. The Enemy

The way you’ve chosen
Is obviously the wrong
By destroying everything
The world yon’t become a better one

You are the enemy
I want not holocaust
I stop you and
I’ll find the right solution

You give on your airs
Feel like a sovereign
But god you are not
Although you think you are

Being calm won’t change the situation
I’ve to force me to be cruel
Because that’s the only way
To stop you and your holocaust

6. Horsemen

Sun, clouds, trees
Confusion around my head
Rain, thunder, snow
Ravens before my eyes

Who is coming straight to me?
Who is riding on the horse?

The final walk
Right in the shadow
Behind the black
Eternal oblivion

Compulsion to dream
Seeking refuge in the dark
Holwing with the wolves
Shadowland has arrived

The rider on the horse
A mirror of myself
Who has mercy with me?
Welcome to an endless dream

I am riding on the horse

7. Slave of Nobody

I won’t move
I won’t come
I do nothing
I stay here

I’m no slave of anybody
You can’t force me to do what you want
I am strong, I can resist you
You can try but you will fail

I’m free, no slave of you Never!

I am strong
You will fail
Try your best
Try to success

I feel nothing
No pain
You are
You’re a fool

8. Lonely

Looking down on me
I ask me once again
Is that me or
Who is this?

Searching an answer
Suppression in my task
Never can be win
Will I?

Where are you when I cried

The mirror who’s me
Somebody I don’t know
Is it me, standing there
Throwing my life away

Can I do it
Is there something to throw
Sense was never there
Not for me, not for you

Falling down
In an endless hole
Can you see a ground
Will I arrive?

Passed by
You ignored me
Running away
Never turned around

I would do the same
I beg for you
Don’t leave me

9. Tears in the Snow

A cold winter night
A voice is right behind the door
I go to the Threshold
Open the door to see the voice

Snow is falling from the sky
Tears are falling from her eyes
Snow is falling on the earth
Tears are falling in her lap

A lady's sitting on the earth
A lake of tears around her lap
"Come my girl, come to me
Come in my embrace

Lady I will save your soul
You need not to go back
You can stay here in my house"

Drying her tears
Warming her body
But in my heart
The rage is blazing

10. Friends

A sad childhood
I had nothing
No friends
No joy

I want friends
Just best friends

But then came he
suddenly it changed
We were
As thick as thieves

We are friends
Just best friends

A tragic night
Destroyed his live
He’s taken from the earth
Destroyed my live

We were friends
Just best friends
Now he's dead

11. Wenn der Igel schreit Bonus/Päddass


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